New Interview with James Kottak Former Drummer for the Scorpions!
3/2/2018 by Frank Hill

After over 21 years of being the drummer with hard rock royalty in the German band the Scorpions and Kingdom Come before that, James Kottak took a much needed breather to rest, relax, and get clean and sober. Now, his passion and energy are revived and he is gearing up with a new album in the works as well as a line-up of projects with plenty of help from his rock and roll entourage of friends and previous bandmates.

Maximum Metal writer, Joanne Laroche, caught up with James during his busy schedule working on his new album that is being crowdfunded through a campaign with Pledgemusic Kottak. Full of positive energy and optimistic for the rock and roll in his future, they discussed a little bit of everything from his upcoming album, to his time with the Scorpions, a possible Kingdom Come reunion as well plans on touring and all things rock and roll.

Read Joanne Laroche's interview with drummer James Kottak here: [Full Interview Link]

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