25 Years Later--Staff Top 10 Albums of 1993!
2/9/2018 by Frank Hill

Time escapes us.

1993 was a great year for metal and just a piece of that great decade. A year on the cusp of some great bands to come and new styles emerging. It contained solid offerings from metal mainstays, great debuts, and for some the pinnacle album of their careers.

1993 is now 25 years ago and we're bringing back this column as a retro look at what were the amazing releases that year for us.

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· Slipknot· Grave
· Disturbed· Solemnity
· Regurgitate· Symphorce
· Kalibas· Seven Witches
· Helloween· Ring of Fire
· Lamb of God· Dark Moor
· Valley's Eve· October 31
· H.I.M.· Ion Vein
· Endless Time· Supervillain
· SelfInflicted· Paragon
· Runemagick· Mourning Beloveth
· Assrockers· Malstrom
· Sludge!· Duke
· Attacker· Hypocrisy
· Slayer· Hard Echo
· Neverland· F5
· Soil· Jaw
· Evanescence· Freakhouse
· David Shankle Group· Marillion
· House of Lords· Fireaxe
· Chapter VIII· Goatsnake
· Black Destiny· Rhapsody of Fire
· Tearabyte· Lullacry
· Scavenger· Chris Caffery
· Jamie. St. James· Mine
· Within Temptation· The Last Act
· Acheron· Negative Creeps
· Agnostic Front· Anger
· Seventh One· Hanzel Und Gretyl
· Azrael's Bane· Fifth Cross
· Feared Creation· Of Infinity
· Paradise Lost· Crowbar
· Cradle To Grave· Emerald Sun
· Image· Rottweiller
· The Mighty Nimbus· Blood Red Throne
· Quiet Riot· Astral Doors
· Suidakra· Carina Alfie
· Mystic Prophecy· Crimson Moonlight
· Cemetary· Derek Sherinian
· Magica· Lord Gore
· Kryoburn· Thunderblast
· Gizmachi· Fastkill
· Throes of Dawn· Rudra
· Manntis· Python
· God Among Insects· Subterranean Masquerade
· Unchained· Circus Maximus
· Slik Helvetika· Monolithe
· Ritual Killer· Frameless Scar
· Power Quest· Cannon
· Octavia Sperati· Mercyful Fate
· Overloaded· Ewigkeit
· Gojira· Infliction
· Dragonlord· Bronx Casket Company
· Khold· Hate
· Absolution· Absu
· Early Man· Second Shadow
· Powerglove· Poison
· Fields Of The Nephilim· Nightmare
· Daylight Dies· Event Horizon
· Leviathan/Sapthuran· The Smackdown
· Athanator· The Sword
· Apiary· Suzukiton
· Vengeance· War Within
· Skid Row· Death Breath
· Eyes of Ligeia· Eighteen Visions
· E-lane· Escape The Fate
· Demise· Steve Cone
· Handful of Hate· Hardcore Superstar
· In This Moment· The Chronicles of Israfel
· Merciless Death· Spit Like This
· Antigama· Retrospective
· Wuthering Heights· Trenchfoot
· Malevolent Creation· Kruger
· Throneum· Randy Ellefson
· Sworn Enemy· Hellveto
· Dantesco· Glenn Hughes
· Father Befouled· Demonic Symphony
· Witchfinder General· Burzum
· Vulture Industries· Kreator
· Uriah Heep· Deadsea
· Papa Roach· Coffins
· Faded Hope