New Rusted Metal Column: HammerFall's "Glory to the Brave"!
10/20/2017 6:05:00 PM by Frank Hill

Essentially, the traditional metal landscape created by the likes of Iron Maiden, Saxon, and Judas Priest was on a bit of a downward spiral in the 90s. Those big bands were now on smaller labels, performing at smaller clubs and the true as steel traditional sounds were few and far between. Sure, bands like Helloween and Blind Guardian were active and vitalized, but as whole newer bands were focusing on the In Flames, Arch Enemy, and At the Gates sounds. So, it was with great anticipation to await a new Swedish talent that promised to turn back the clock and capture the 80s magic again... HammerFall

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In Flames Lost Horizon
Mudvayne Children Of Bodom
White Skull Dokken
Disturbed Grave Digger
Seven Witches Solace
Usurper Crematorium
Metallica Late Nite Romeo
H.I.M. Brainstorm
The Chainsaw Agony Divine
Fireball Ministry Dragonforce
Thunderbolt Runemagick
Rage Victory
King Diamond Tad Morose
Thunderstone Stalker
Whitesnake Primal Fear
Royal Anguish Dreamaker
Three Inches of Blood Death Angel
Silver Mountain Killik
Icon And The Black Roses Metalium
Iron Angel Cyst
Brutal Mastication House of Lords
Insomnium Ungodly
Meliah Rage Saxon
Wintersun Occult
Medusa Theocracy
Katagory V Scavenger
Marshall Law Witchburner
Arch Enemy Blind Guardian
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Legion
Code Black Cradle To Grave
Gods Of Fire Rottweiller
Miles Beyond Kings X
Hellfueled Veni Domine
Labyrinth Vicious Circle
Soulscar Angtoria
John Sykes Wolverine
Severe Torture Chaoswave
Strapping Young Lad Ramesses
Grand Magus Hatesphere
Ivory Knight Sothis
Naglfar Vicious Art
Goddess Of Desire Monolithe
Horna The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
Killing Spree Power Quest
Morgana Lefay Painmuseum
V:28 Black Majesty
Eternal Reign Before The Dawn
Armored Saint Dirty Americans
Barcode Running Wild
Balatonizer Cryogen
Asrai Motorhead
Vader Insense
Sodom Pile of Heads
Thryfing Totalisti
Cardinale Codeon
Steep Ampast
Bal-Sagoth 8th Sin
The Furor TK-421
Ensoph Cult of Luna
Gorgoroth Dendura
Skid Row Abominant
Cheva Starkweather
Kotipelto Twisted Into Form
The Gathering Onslaught
Omnium Gatherum Static-X
Manticore Lord Belial
Mindgrinder Divine Empire
Gotthard Hacride
Glorior Belli Malevolent Creation
Kruger Ulcerate
Funeral Nation Beyond
Fight Himsa
Temple Of Blood Keldian
Distorted Shining Star
40 Below Summer Deceiver
Mortiis Ost Est Ima
Pop Evil Embalming Theatre
Equilibrium Trinacria
Iron Fire UFOmammut
Wolfgate Winterfylleth
Something Beautiful