New Rusted Metal Column: HammerFall's "Glory to the Brave"!
10/20/2017 6:05:00 PM by Frank Hill

Essentially, the traditional metal landscape created by the likes of Iron Maiden, Saxon, and Judas Priest was on a bit of a downward spiral in the 90s. Those big bands were now on smaller labels, performing at smaller clubs and the true as steel traditional sounds were few and far between. Sure, bands like Helloween and Blind Guardian were active and vitalized, but as whole newer bands were focusing on the In Flames, Arch Enemy, and At the Gates sounds. So, it was with great anticipation to await a new Swedish talent that promised to turn back the clock and capture the 80s magic again... HammerFall

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Scanner Opeth
Slipknot Big Dumb Face
Dokken Goatwhore
Twisted Tower Dire Kalibas
Helloween Godflesh
Lamb of God Legend
Manowar Brainstorm
Goat Horn Fireball Ministry
Thunderbolt Wycked Synn
Victory King Diamond
Evanesce Dream Weaver
Duke Savatage
Stalker Brides of Destruction
Asperity Dreamaker
Drowning Pool Devil To Pay
Funerus UFO
Cans Bleeding Inc
Epica Scorpions
Vox Tempus Imp
Otep Eternal Flight
Chris Caffery Throcult
Anger Avenue F
Cryme Azrael's Bane
Fifth Cross Legion
Crowbar Bloody Sign
Emerald Sun Gods Of Fire
The New Breed Desire Black
Nevermore Diecast
Crimson Moonlight Oathean
Derek Sherinian Drunkard
Kinrick Operatika
System Of A Down Throes of Dawn
Raging Speedhorn Astarte
Manntis Agents Of Man
Naglfar Vicious Art
Maximum Overdrive Communic
Slough Feg Dynamic Lights
Supagroup Nightvision
Widow Morgana Lefay
To The Bone Mercyful Fate
Lake Of Tears Pagan's Mind
Eternal Reign Avenged Sevenfold
Ewigkeit Paths Of Possession
Dechrist Gojira
Vile Skullshifter
Gorefest Vanquished
Nocturnal Rites Absolution
From This Day Grimfist
Enforsaken Nikki Puppet
Wolves in the Throne Room Steep
Dissection Tris Katone
Clawfinger Moonspell
Valhalla Viron
Phoenix Mourning Silver Dirt
Ampast Bal-Sagoth
Cavalar Hirax
The Sword Bludgeon
Royal Hunt Suzukiton
Unsilent Phenomenon Space Odyssey
She Said Destroy Swashbuckle
Shadows Within Woodtemple
The Ruins of Beverast Pretty Maids
Setherial Thy Majestie
Teeth of the Hydra Venom
Winger Darkness Eternal
Better Left Unsaid Celtic Frost
Kotipelto Steve Cone
Urkraft Gaza
Handful of Hate Threat Signal
Battered Zyklon
Dezperadoz The Prophecy
Divine Empire Rob Zombie
Since the Day Ulcerate
Faith And Fire Architect
Himsa Depressed Mode
Keep of Kalessin Temple Of Blood
Echoes of Eternity Ride The Sky
Ost Est Ima Jesus Martyr
Straight Line Stitch Manilla Road
Equilibrium Iron Fire
Eighteen Wheels Burning Battleroar
DC4 Earthen Grave