New Rusted Metal Column: HammerFall's "Glory to the Brave"!
10/20/2017 6:05:00 PM by Frank Hill

Essentially, the traditional metal landscape created by the likes of Iron Maiden, Saxon, and Judas Priest was on a bit of a downward spiral in the 90s. Those big bands were now on smaller labels, performing at smaller clubs and the true as steel traditional sounds were few and far between. Sure, bands like Helloween and Blind Guardian were active and vitalized, but as whole newer bands were focusing on the In Flames, Arch Enemy, and At the Gates sounds. So, it was with great anticipation to await a new Swedish talent that promised to turn back the clock and capture the 80s magic again... HammerFall

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HammerFall The Haunted
Grave Vicious Mary
Carpathian Forest Solemnity
Impellitteri Deranged
Twisted Tower Dire Symphorce
Kataklysm Celestial Ode
Solace Warhorse
Advent Mortician
Liege Lord Ravage
Cage Alchemy X
Pyn Siren Hammerwhore
Circle of Nero SelfInflicted
Inner Rage of Emotion Wycked Synn
Steel Preacher Lanfear
Sinergy Stryper
Vhaldemar Silent Scythe
Whitesnake Lacuna Coil
Soul Reaper Hard Echo
Three Inches of Blood Shiva
Exodus Riot
Graveland Skyfire
Donnerkopf Low Earth Orbit
Lonewolf Dragonspoon
Juggernott Therion
Mob Rules Fireaxe
Insomnium Dream Evil
After Forever Psychotron
Final Dawn Wintersun
Theocracy Scavenger
Marshall Law Throcult
Agnostic Front Mirror of Deception
Seventh One Behemoth
Cryme Betrayer
Milkweed Cradle To Grave
Helgrind The Mighty Nimbus
Blood Red Throne Kings X
Corrosion Of Conformity Shatterpoint
Suidakra Icarus Witch
Ravensthorn Severe Torture
Derek Sherinian Omegalord
Lord Gore Ignitor
Gizmachi Biss
Blind Stare Sothis
Amorphis Unshine
Monolithe Leaves Eyes
Dam Fates Warning
Widow Morgana Lefay
Future is Tomorrow Russell Allen
Armored Saint Barcode
Running Wild Ewigkeit
Vinterriket Akercocke
Overmars Asrai
Bronx Casket Company The Tenth Circle
Insense Witchery
The Berzerker Tris Katone
Moonspell Vore
Pyramaze Athanator
Down Factor The Sword
Spawn of Possession Azure
Destruction Space Odyssey
Ynis Vitrin Death Breath
Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers Anata
Satyricon Winger
Kotipelto Quest of Aidance
Gaza Phazm
Stonegard Necrophobic
Madking Ludwig Zyklon
Marc Sasso Cattle Decapitation
Trouble Warner Drive
Funeral Hearse
Nation Beyond Faith And Fire
Randy Ellefson Himsa
Hellveto Cauldron
Dantesco Demonic Symphony
Jesus Martyr Aetherius Obscuritas
To-Mera Virgin Black
Cursed Something Beautiful
Battleroar Raven
Sister Sin