New Rusted Metal Column: HammerFall's "Glory to the Brave"!
10/20/2017 6:05:00 PM by Frank Hill

Essentially, the traditional metal landscape created by the likes of Iron Maiden, Saxon, and Judas Priest was on a bit of a downward spiral in the 90s. Those big bands were now on smaller labels, performing at smaller clubs and the true as steel traditional sounds were few and far between. Sure, bands like Helloween and Blind Guardian were active and vitalized, but as whole newer bands were focusing on the In Flames, Arch Enemy, and At the Gates sounds. So, it was with great anticipation to await a new Swedish talent that promised to turn back the clock and capture the 80s magic again... HammerFall

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Demons and Wizards LA Guns
Children Of Bodom Vicious Mary
Mondo Generator Grave Digger
Deceased Cradle of Filth
Majesty Mark Boals
Usurper Abigor
Pyn Siren H.I.M.
Nicta Godiva
Runemagick Kilfast
Guardians Of Time Eidolon
Tad Morose Slayer
Asperity F5
Soil Shiva
I Hate Sally Drowning Pool
Killik Superchrist
Devil To Pay Construcdead
Riot Jag Panzer
David Shankle Group Icon And The Black Roses
Ministry Spiral Madness
Dimmu Borgir Devil In The Kitchen
Fireaxe Chapter VIII
Bonfire Dream Evil
After Forever Final Dawn
Dio Beaten Back To Pure
Medusa Scavenger
I.C.E. Neurosis
Tartharia Dark Ruin
Incantation The Last Act
Made of Iron Hanzel Und Gretyl
Creed Triumph
Dark Tranquillity Crowbar
Emerald Sun Belef
Hellfueled Heartcry
Car Bomb Icarus Witch
Carina Alfie Nevermore
Backyard Babies Argument Soul
Bruce Dickinson Axis Of Perdition
Soul SirkUS Fire Alley
Kryoburn Operatika
Strapping Young Lad Neil Turbin
Ramesses Shade Empire
God Among Insects Brand New Sin
Ektomorf Slough Feg
Goddess Of Desire Taake
Dynamic Lights Voyager
Horna Dam
Clutch Peccatum
Illuminatus Dragonia
Russell Allen Dirty Americans
Overloaded Algol3
Ewigkeit Ram-Zet
Infliction Chain Collector
Zero Down Detonation
Motorhead Dismember
Absu Sodom
Sepultura Across Tundras
Katatonia Blackmore's Night
Nightmare Steep
The Berzerker Moonspell
Silver Dirt Imagika
Down Factor TK-421
Apiary Sun Descends
Upon Infliction Spawn of Possession
Fragments of Unbecoming Unsilent Phenomenon
Nachtmystium Ynis Vitrin
From the Grave Shadows Within
Belphegor Battle Bratt
Wastefall Thy Majestie
Cult of Daath Extium
Middian Quest of Aidance
Crescent Shield Blood of the Black Owl
Spit Like This Nominon
Retrospective Blut Aus Nord
Kruger JR Ewing
Nation Beyond Fight
Faith And Fire Architect
Hellveto Temple Of Blood
Frosthardr Shining Star
Mortiis Demonic Symphony
Vulture Industries Hacksaw Surgery
Medieval Steel Wolfgate
Caliban Giant Squid