New Interview with Solo Artist Nhor!
9/14/2017 4:08:03 PM by Frank Hill

With heavy metal music, one of the things that I think is amazing is the variety of music that we as metalheads get to listen to is dynamic and wide ranging. Getting the chance to speak to the creative force behind some of this music is pretty incredible and allows us a bit of a "behind the scenes" look at the creative process that goes into making the music and how it becomes the end product that we receive when the album is finally released. I recently spoke with solo artist Nhor about 'Wildflowers: Spring', an incredibly beautiful release. Come along on the journey of where his ideas spring from, what inspires him and get a glimpse behind the curtains of Nhor.

Read Greg Watson's interview with Nhor here: [Full Interview Link]

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The Kovenant Leng Tch'e
Lost Horizon Children Of Bodom
Poisonblack Dokken
Neck Cradle of Filth
Twisted Tower Dire Solace
Nazareth Ring of Fire
Firewind Cage
Vyndykator October 31
Catch 22 Godiva
Dragonforce Wycked Synn
Assrockers Crystal Eyes
Stryper Duke
Drillpoint Pink Cream 69
Lacuna Coil Probot
Body Count Out of the Lair
Doro Hard Echo
Neverland F5
Three Inches of Blood Killik
Superchrist Cryonic Temple
Evanescence Freakhouse
Madison Paige Gamma Ray
Nova Lex Velvet Revolver
Gary Moore Cyst
Mob Rules Chapter VIII
Vox Tempus Psychotron
Dio Beaten Back To Pure
Occult Medusa
Annihilator Valume Nob
Neurosis Tartharia
Incantation Haunted By Angels
Anger Jackyl
Triumph Betrayer
Napalm Death Legion
Of Infinity Emerald Sun
Gods Of Fire Miles Beyond
Corrosion Of Conformity Belef
Kamelot Maze Of Torment
Dirt Quiet Riot
Sabaton Yyrkoon
Hellfire Mechanical Poet
Desire Black Marduk
Freedom Call Axis Of Perdition
Axel Rudi Pell Chastain
Impiety Slumber
Ivory Knight Embraze
Blind Stare Voyager
Monolithe Prowler Inc.
Cannon Devil Lee Rot
Impaled Nazarene Pagan's Mind
Monster Magnet Evergrey
Armored Saint 1349
Algol3 Thrones
Cryogen Gojira
Overmars Chain Collector
Mastermind God Forbid
Gorefest Nobody's Fool
Thryfing Cannibal Corpse
Poison Nikki Puppet
Upwards of Endtime Wolves in the Throne Room
Cryptopsy Vore
Candlemass 8th Sin
The Strongest Proof Abysmal Dawn
Royal Hunt Paul Bonrud
Mouth of the Architect Zero Hour
The Finals Myon
Biolich Obtest
Lordi Demise
Starkweather Hardcore Superstar
Lost Eden Threat Signal
Terry Sullivan Static-X
The Chronicles of Israfel Madking Ludwig
Chrome Division Five Finger Death Punch
Gotthard Malevolent Creation
Architect Temple Of Blood
Night Ranger Shining Star
Cockpit 40 Below Summer
Straight Line Stitch SOS
Moonshine Equilibrium
Trinacria Wolfgate
Crown The Lost Uli Jon Roth
Dark Castle