New Interview with Solo Artist Nhor!
9/14/2017 4:08:03 PM by Frank Hill

With heavy metal music, one of the things that I think is amazing is the variety of music that we as metalheads get to listen to is dynamic and wide ranging. Getting the chance to speak to the creative force behind some of this music is pretty incredible and allows us a bit of a "behind the scenes" look at the creative process that goes into making the music and how it becomes the end product that we receive when the album is finally released. I recently spoke with solo artist Nhor about 'Wildflowers: Spring', an incredibly beautiful release. Come along on the journey of where his ideas spring from, what inspires him and get a glimpse behind the curtains of Nhor.

Read Greg Watson's interview with Nhor here: [Full Interview Link]

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Cave In Twilight Odyssey
Immolation Disturbed
Norma Jean Helloween
Vaginal Carnage Lamb of God
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Ravage
Dark Moor Crematorium
Conquest Evolution
Endless Time Agony Divine
Supervillain SelfInflicted
Inner Rage of Emotion Dragonforce
Kilfast Rage
Lanfear Rob Rock
Sludge! Krisiun
Primal Fear Defiled
Body Count Out of the Lair
Shiva Freakhouse
UFO Kingcrow
Nova Lex Low Earth Orbit
Ministry Cyst
Hatework Estuary
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Mob Rules
Insomnium Joey Belladonna
After Forever Black Destiny
Eternal Flight Z02
Six Feet Under Ironhorse
Agnostic Front Made of Iron
Hanzel Und Gretyl Mercenary
Feared Creation Scenteria
The New Breed Kings X
Corrosion Of Conformity Belef
Requiem Aeternam Loudblast
Korpiklaani Mechanical Poet
Soulscar Nevermore
Apocalyptica Darkthrone
Chaoswave Boomerang
Swallow The Sun Thunderblast
System Of A Down Throes of Dawn
Ivory Knight Ektomorf
Slough Feg Dynamic Lights
Secrets She Kept Ritual Killer
Frameless Scar Alice Cooper
Fates Warning Wetwork
Edenbridge Blitzkrieg
The Scourger Warchild
To The Bone ASG
Mabon Damnation
Cryogen Wolfmother
Mastermind Dragonlord
Bronx Casket Company Zero Down
God Forbid Dogs Of Winter
Torture Killer Insense
Fallen Wisdom Witchery
Intronaut 286
Nikki Puppet Beyond Fear
Wolves in the Throne Room Hell-Born
Scum Steep
The Ocean Down Factor
Michael Orlando Fragments of Unbecoming
Bloodbound Smohalla
Hydrogyn Fleshgore
Vicious Rumors Death Breath
Setherial Venom
E-lane Escape The Fate
Demise Starkweather
Deicide Better Left Unsaid
Southern Gentleman Onslaught
Battered Static-X
Manticore Dezperadoz
Gotthard Hacride
Katrina Johansson Nominon
Since the Day Tears
Retrospective Glorior Belli
Architect Echoes of Eternity
Frosthardr Night Ranger
Alkemyst The Obsessed
Trivium Straight Line Stitch
Last Stone Cast Equilibrium
The Lamp of Thoth Celestia
Uriah Heep Luna Mortis
Nasty Idols My Dying Bride