New Interview with Ravage!
8/4/2017 3:19:51 PM by Frank Hill

Boston traditionalists Ravage have been pushing that heavy load for over 20 years now. Ravage revisits the failures of 'Spectral Rider' with 'Return of the Spectral Rider', released independently by the band in May of 2017. After a one-off release on Metal Blade Records, 'The End of Tomorrow', the band have re-recorded the 'Spectral Rider' album, troubleshooting and resolving the prior problems with a successful facelift. The band built a new studio, invited all hands-on deck and recreated 'Spectral Rider' for the 2017 audience, one that is now firmly embracing this New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal.

Maximum Metal scribe Eric Compton spoke to singer Al Ravage about the band's rerecording, the Metal Blade contract, upcoming plans and...a kids horror book series called "Goosebumps". [Full Interview Link]

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