New Interview with A Sound of Thunder--Metal and Comics Split Feature!
7/21/2017 11:32:34 AM by Frank Hill

Formed in 2008, A Sound of Thunder have been pulverizing the DC area/East coast of the USA with their blend of classic heavy metal, progressive, and rock music. At an unrelenting pace, they have been releasing high-quality heavy metal almost every year by utilizing self-funding and successful Kickstarter campaigns. They are also highly engaged with social sites and fond of nerd media like comics, books, and movies.

Maximum Metal talked with guitarist Josh Schwartz about the band's latest releases, touring, comics, comicons, the return of Udoroth and the Queen of Hell and more! It's our first dual interview of metal and comics here... [Full Interview Link]

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HammerFall LA Guns
The Haunted Children Of Bodom
Vicious Mary BloodDuster
Misery Index Dokken
Disturbed Grave Digger
Solace Usurper
Advent Ravage
Wizard H.I.M.
Goat Horn Supervillain
Catch 22 Rage
Victory Crystal Eyes
Sinergy Mnemic
Pink Cream 69 Whitesnake
Fraise Lacuna Coil
Project: Failing Flesh Mother Misery
Force Of Evil Celesty
Construcdead Riot
Ebony Ark Metalium
Low Earth Orbit Marillion
Lonewolf Ungodly
Lilitu Dio
Nashville Pussy Theocracy
Polterchrist Valume Nob
Necrodemon Silent Force
Agnostic Front The 7 Method
Cryme Rush
Mercenary Paradise Lost
Scenteria Gods Of Fire
Image Audiovision
Blood Red Throne Seige of Hate
Necrophagia Astral Doors
Strikelight Car Bomb
Apocalyptica Wolverine
Novembers Doom Bleed The Sky
Meshuggah Drunkard
Debris Inc. Fire Alley
Kinrick Swallow The Sun
Neil Turbin Babylon
Burden Of Grief Defleshed
Rudra Sentenced
Kult ov Azazel Circus Maximus
Horna Leaves Eyes
Power Quest Alice Cooper
Fates Warning Wetwork
Redemption V:28
Russell Allen Ewigkeit
The Absence Gojira
Asrai Skullshifter
The Classic Struggle Gorefest
Nobody's Fool Pile of Heads
Wolves in the Throne Room Nightmare
Hell-Born Firehouse
Boris Event Horizon
Vore The Smashup
Hirax Dreams of Damnation
Hate Profile Abysmal Dawn
Black Crucifixion Theater of Tragedy
Dendura War Within
Skid Row Shadows Within
Pretty Maids Myon
Oblomov Eyes of Ligeia
Eighteen Visions Obtest
Sathanas Audrey Horne
Escape The Fate Extium
Urkraft Skullflower
Melechesh Battered
Throne of Katarsis Warbringer
Lord Belial Nagelfar
Incrave Almah
Chrome Division Textures
Pentacle Katrina Johansson
Nominon Antigama
Aborted Wuthering Heights
Blut Aus Nord Throneum
Sworn Enemy Keldian
Cockpit Father Befouled
Jesus Martyr To-Mera
Godhead Virgin Black
Eighteen Wheels Burning Battleroar
DC4 Raven