New Interview with A Sound of Thunder--Metal and Comics Split Feature!
7/21/2017 11:32:34 AM by Frank Hill

Formed in 2008, A Sound of Thunder have been pulverizing the DC area/East coast of the USA with their blend of classic heavy metal, progressive, and rock music. At an unrelenting pace, they have been releasing high-quality heavy metal almost every year by utilizing self-funding and successful Kickstarter campaigns. They are also highly engaged with social sites and fond of nerd media like comics, books, and movies.

Maximum Metal talked with guitarist Josh Schwartz about the band's latest releases, touring, comics, comicons, the return of Udoroth and the Queen of Hell and more! It's our first dual interview of metal and comics here... [Full Interview Link]

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The Haunted Grave
Twilight Odyssey Poisonblack
Perzonal War Twisted Tower Dire
Kataklysm Dirty Power
Warhorse Queensryche
Majesty Mark Boals
Usurper Godflesh
Steel Attack Mortician
Ravage Vyndykator
Pyn Siren Exawatt
Byfist Nicta
Supervillain Black Sabbath
Rage Evanesce
Stryper Duke
Thunderstone Drillpoint
Halloween Pharaoh
Slayer Asperity
Secret Sphere Iron Savior
Fairyland Mother Misery
Fear Factory Black Stone Cherry
Silver Mountain Drowning Pool
Ebony Ark Bang The Union
Cans Skyfire
Low Earth Orbit Lonewolf
House of Lords Feinstein
Krokus Lilitu
Saxon Final Dawn
Shadows Fall Wintersun
Tearabyte Unearth
Otep Megadeth
Age Of Silence Polterchrist
Necrodemon Throcult
Haunted By Angels The Lizards
Overlorde Blind Guardian
The 7 Method Hanzel Und Gretyl
Behemoth Tsjuder
Karmakanic Feared Creation
Milkweed Kinetic
Miles Beyond Blood Red Throne
Crionics Requiem Aeternam
Necrophagia Vicious Circle
Tarot Car Bomb
Antares God Fear None
Pure Inc Bleed The Sky
Fire Alley Kryoburn
Ramesses Raintime
Fastkill Green Carnation
Groundcrew Rudra
Raging Speedhorn Naglfar
Amorphis Slough Feg
Dynamic Lights Nuse
Horna The Scourger
Russell Allen Evergrey
Armored Saint Ignarus
1349 Barcode
Third Degree Urizen
Dragonlord Torture Killer
Hate Vader
Cannibal Corpse Nightmare
Firehouse The Ocean
Warrant (Amer) Vreid
8th Sin Ensoph
Black Crucifixion Fragments of Unbecoming
Paul Bonrud I
Skyforger Belphegor
Darkness Eternal In This Moment
Dezperadoz Marc Sasso
Cattle Decapitation Mendeed
Katrina Johansson Warner Drive
Retrospective Lipstick Magazine
Malevolent Creation Kruger
Funeral Nation Beyond
Temple Of Blood Ensiferum
Echoes of Eternity Keldian
Spheric Universe Experience Night Ranger
Mass Extinction Alkemyst
Shining Star I Shalt Become
Mortiis Blood Haven
To-Mera Armory
Kreator Virgin Black
The Lamp of Thoth The More I See
Deadsea Kiuas
Luna Mortis Wolfgate