New Interview with A Sound of Thunder--Metal and Comics Split Feature!
7/21/2017 11:32:34 AM by Frank Hill

Formed in 2008, A Sound of Thunder have been pulverizing the DC area/East coast of the USA with their blend of classic heavy metal, progressive, and rock music. At an unrelenting pace, they have been releasing high-quality heavy metal almost every year by utilizing self-funding and successful Kickstarter campaigns. They are also highly engaged with social sites and fond of nerd media like comics, books, and movies.

Maximum Metal talked with guitarist Josh Schwartz about the band's latest releases, touring, comics, comicons, the return of Udoroth and the Queen of Hell and more! It's our first dual interview of metal and comics here... [Full Interview Link]

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Anvil Into Eternity
The Haunted Carpathian Forest
Rebellion Anthrax
Twelfth Gate December
Commit Suicide Seven Witches
Solace Seether
Widowmaker Sickspeed
Legend Evolution
Catch 22 Fireball Ministry
Morbid Angel Guardians Of Time
Savatage Murdercycle
Pharaoh Whitesnake
Defiled Brides of Destruction
Iron Savior Neverland
Force Of Evil Yngwie Malmsteen
Cryonic Temple Jaw
Ebony Ark Leash Law
David Shankle Group Highlord
Low Earth Orbit Lonewolf
Dimmu Borgir House of Lords
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Acrid
Lilitu Tearabyte
Lullacry Otep
Katagory V Z02
Jamie. St. James Throcult
Dark Ruin Six Feet Under
Incantation Haunted By Angels
Anger Cryme
Twisted Sister Tristania
Mercenary Feared Creation
Of Infinity Kinetic
Code Black Scenteria
Emerald Sun Image
The Apocalyptic Riders Kamelot
Impaled Seige of Hate
Necrophagia Sabaton
Vicious Circle Angtoria
Antares Stormwarrior
Freedom Call Kinrick
Swallow The Sun Thunderblast
Nightrage Blind Stare
Astarte Sothis
Unchained Resurrecturis
Scar Symmetry Octavia Sperati
Black Majesty Before The Dawn
Blood Thirsty Demons Overloaded
1349 Ghost Machinery
Even X Mistress
Overmars The Classic Struggle
Detonation Virgin Steele
Vanquished Dismember
Beecher Machina
Brother Hawk Sepultura
Cannibal Corpse Nightmare
Clawfinger Viron
Nicodemus Royal Hunt
Nachtmystium Paul Bonrud
Amon Amarth Time Requiem
Wednesday 13 Zero Hour
Abominant Pretty Maids
Wastefall Oblomov
Zoroaster Rotting Christ
Venom Cheva
Darkness Eternal Starkweather
Gaza Skullflower
Warmachine Fu Manchu
With Passion Omnium Gatherum
In This Moment Warbringer
Necrophobic Merciless Death
Grenouer Satariel
Five Finger Death Punch Spit Like This
Since the Day Malevolent Creation
JR Ewing Himsa
Hellveto Keep of Kalessin
Alkemyst Shining Star
Trivium Witchfinder General
Armory Kreator
Luna Mortis Coffins
Eighteen Wheels Burning Raven
Giant Squid Sister Sin