Staff Round Table: Buy, Borrow, Bust --Overkill, Halestorm, Saille and More!
4/28/2017 1:29:31 PM by Frank Hill

Tons of new releases have crossed our desk this year and in the spirit of a good ol' sit down, digital round table, we grabbed a handful of various albums from various styles and put in our opinion of each. Where we try to cull our biases out of regular reviews, in here personal feelings are apt to raise their gnarly heads. Instead of our normal scoring system, we simplified it down to the 3-choice options of: "Buy, Borrow, or Bust" --Buy: I'd put down some cash for it, Borrow: I'd stream it or snag a copy from a friend, Bust: I'd physically crush this into little pieces with a heavy vehicle.

In our DIY age with thousands of releases each year, getting noticed is half the battle. So, let's spin the wheel on Black Oak County, Halestorm, Overkill, Our Place of Worship is Silence, and Saille; and see where it lands...

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Cathedral In Flames
The Kovenant Opeth
Vehemence Twilight Odyssey
Carpathian Forest Immolation
Tiamat Skullview
Solace Majesty
Vaginal Carnage Widowmaker
Wizard Alchemy X
Inner Rage of Emotion Dragonforce
Thunderbolt Wycked Synn
Dream Weaver Rob Rock
Beautiful Creatures Murdercycle
Krisiun DevilDriver
Wicked Sensation Dreamaker
Hard Echo Cans
Wolf Gary Moore
Lonewolf Dimmu Borgir
De Lirium's Order Fabrizio Bonanno
Devil In The Kitchen Goatsnake
Unleashed Shadows Fall
Division Age Of Silence
Polterchrist Slowlife
Neurosis Tartharia
Angra Betrayer
Dark Tranquillity Code Black
Paradise Lost The New Breed
Kings X Mechanical Poet
Suidakra Desire Black
Apocalyptica Chuck Schuldiner
Mystic Prophecy John Sykes
the missing: Boomerang
Omegalord Lord Gore
Fire Alley Strapping Young Lad
Sinisthra Babylon
Impiety Shade Empire
Biss Groundcrew
Defleshed Rudra
Graveworm Amorphis
Vicious Art Ektomorf
Wetwork Sheavy
Clutch Iron Maidens
Scar Symmetry Blood Thirsty Demons
Penetrator Overloaded
Shattersphere Savage Circus
Vinterriket Crystal Ball
Dreamland Avulsed
Urizen Dragonlord
Machina Insense
Enforsaken Brother Hawk
Second Shadow Witchery
Tandjent Nikki Puppet
Steep Tris Katone
Boris Leviathan/Sapthuran
Moonspell Ampast
Candlemass The Sword
8th Sin Stormcrow
Apiary She Said Destroy
Sahg Time Requiem
Woodtemple The Ruins of Beverast
Zero Hour Anata
Setherial Belphegor
The Finals Enochian Crescent
Wastefall Venom
Darkness Eternal Celtic Frost
Urkraft Twisted Into Form
Warmachine Melechesh
Southern Gentleman Warbringer
Manticore Crescent Shield
Old Man's Child Nagelfar
Pantera Divine Empire
Retrospective Trenchfoot
Malevolent Creation Nation Beyond
Faith And Fire Sworn Enemy
Cauldron Pathosray
Glenn Hughes Father Befouled
Last Stone Cast Manilla Road
Armory Embalming Theatre
Hacksaw Surgery Souls Of We
Trinacria Alestorm
The More I See Cursed
Something Beautiful Sister Sin