The Building of a German Powerhouse: A Look at AFM Records
4/7/2017 4:11:57 PM by Frank Hill

My first experience with AFM Records was in 1999. I had received a copy of Edguy's second official full-length album 'Vain Glory Opera'. The overall packaging and presentation was well above average from most CDs that were coming out at the time. A friend of mine had purchased a copy of Steel Attack's debut record 'Where Mankind Fails', another high-quality AFM release. He shared it with me and thus my interest with the German label was piqued.

This decade alone AFM has released over 300 albums. That is a remarkable contribution to the heavy metal community. While us metal fans can be a very picky lot, AFM Records continues to strive for diversity among all of its catalog. Traditionalism could be their niche, but the label certainly offers enough variety in sub-genres. As the label approaches 25 years of service, this metal fan wants to thank everyone who has been a part of this lasting label. The perseverance and hard work ethic has certainly paid dividends.

Read Eric Compton's look at the label here: [Full Column Link]

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Demons and Wizards Loudness
Grave Immolation
Solemnity Neck
Twisted Tower Dire Kataklysm
Celestial Ode Godflesh
Lamb of God Mortician
Widowmaker Ravage
Sickspeed Legend
H.I.M. The Chainsaw
Catch 22 Iced Earth
Paragon Victory
Savatage Silent Scythe
Windseeker Drillpoint
Hypocrisy Krisiun
Secret Sphere Royal Anguish
Silver Mountain Drowning Pool
Celesty Riot
Wolf Edge Of Forever
Iron Angel Judas Priest
Fireaxe Insomnium
Bonfire Meliah Rage
Dream Evil Rhapsody of Fire
Shadows Fall Potential Threat SF
Occult Aina
Otep Jungle Rot
Neurosis Arch Enemy
Incantation Within Temptation
The Last Act Overlorde
Mirror of Deception Made of Iron
Napalm Death Of Infinity
Ligeia Entombed
Miles Beyond Blood Red Throne
Lost Soul Dirt
Sabaton Tarot
Backyard Babies Wolverine
the missing: Antares
Marduk Soul SirkUS
Ramesses Raintime
Slumber Pro-Pain
Defleshed Rudra
Naglfar Testament
Sentenced Voyager
Prowler Inc. Horna
Gemini 5 Power Quest
Impaled Nazarene Flotsam & Jetsam
Black Majesty Orphaned Land
Bolt Thrower Sun O)))
Barcode Savage Circus
Avenged Sevenfold Balatonizer
Akercocke Cryogen
Doomfoxx Wolfmother
Avulsed Torture Killer
Nocturnal Rites From This Day
Brother Hawk Craft
Second Shadow Witchery
Boris Cryptopsy
Viron Vore
Silver Dirt The Smashup
Athanator 8th Sin
The Strongest Proof TK-421
Apiary Black Crucifixion
Dawn of Azazel Spawn of Possession
Before Silence Swashbuckle
Nachtmystium Skid Row
Agalloch Vicious Rumors
Woodtemple Pretty Maids
Belphegor The Abominable Iron Sloth
Rotting Christ Biolich
Venom Darkness Eternal
Lecherous Nocturne Blood Tsunami
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr Southern Gentleman
Omnium Gatherum Grenouer
Mendeed Five Finger Death Punch
The Prophecy Nominon
Warner Drive Transmission 0
Trenchfoot Throneum
The Wonderfools Sworn Enemy
The Obsessed To-Mera
Trinacria Uriah Heep
Mar De Grises Alestorm
UFOmammut Coffins
Ihsahn Uli Jon Roth