New Interview with Black Swamp Water!
3/31/2017 2:48:01 PM by Frank Hill

A band can appear presumptuous by titling their first album 'Chapter One'. It shows initiative and promise--the title assumes 'Chapter One' will be a success and lead to more chapters. It's a tough market to break through in Europe, even more so in the pop-friendly U.S. Will there be a second chapter for a baby band like Black Swamp Water? Based on just one album...yes...yes, indeed.

This Danish hard rock act unleashed their phenomenal debut last August via Mighty Music, a label fully stocked with promising young talent like Black Oak County, Sea, and Bullet Train Blast. 'Chapter One' was produced by the esteemed Tue Madsen and is a heavy slab of rock and roll with a penchant for southern-fried groove.

We caught up with guitarist Jan Geert to talk about the band’s formation, influences and the making of this great record.[Full Interview Link]

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