Staff Top Three Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Love Songs!
2/10/2017 4:36:37 PM by Frank Hill

Rarely is love the subject matter of heavy metal where death and destruction play primary roles.

The simple answer may be that the qualities we tend to see with love are incongruent with the way we picture the heavy metal environment and themes. Love is connective and nourishing. Rock music can be aggressive and rebellious. Heavy metal is often about struggles of power. Musically, love songs are sweet and melodious where metal is based upon amplification and distortion. Love will embrace, but doesn't celebrate, evil.

February 14 is Valentine's Day so we each chose our favorite three songs that relate to L-O-V-E. [Full Column Link]

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Lost Horizon Mondo Generator
Neck Anthrax
December Celestial Ode
Mark Boals Vaginal Carnage
Steel Attack Liege Lord
Dark Moor Angel Dust
Power of Omens Dr. Butcher
Conquest Endless Time
Black Sabbath SelfInflicted
Godiva Bloodbath
Thunderbolt Artension
The Graveyard Boulevard Evanesce
Sludge! Stryper
Pharaoh Slayer
Fairyland Dreamaker
Mother Misery F5
Force Of Evil Gothic Knights
Metalium Joe Stump
Dimmu Borgir Acrid
Devil In The Kitchen Therion
Fireaxe Joey Belladonna
Metal Church Psychotron
Final Dawn Potential Threat SF
Chris Caffery Jamie. St. James
Conquestador Negative Creeps
Blind Guardian Seventh One
Hanzel Und Gretyl Legion
Motley Crue Image
Audiovision Belef
Veni Domine Soilwork
Necrophagia Angtoria
Mystic Prophecy Wolverine
Crimson Moonlight Severe Torture
Lord Gore Operatika
Swallow The Sun Sinisthra
Impiety Pro-Pain
Def Leppard Disbelief
Groundcrew Rudra
Astarte Vicious Art
Unchained Unshine
Kult ov Azazel Taake
Nuse Monolithe
Gaia Iron Maidens
Scar Symmetry V:28
Before The Dawn Algol3
Running Wild Savage Circus
Crystal Ball Gojira
Ram-Zet Infliction
Avulsed The Classic Struggle
Celebratum Khold
Vanquished Hate
Absolution Insense
Enforsaken End My Sorrow
Mental Care Foundation Pile of Heads
Cannibal Corpse Fields Of The Nephilim
The Berzerker Valhalla
Vore Manngard
Warrant (Amer) Athanator
Cataract Candlemass
Dream Or Nightmare Nicodemus
8th Sin Stormcrow
Black Crucifixion Before Silence
Cult of Luna Suzukiton
Swashbuckle Hydrogyn
Ynis Vitrin Woodtemple
Anata The Abominable Iron Sloth
Amputated Lesbian Bed Death
E-lane Kotipelto
Quest of Aidance Urkraft
Twisted Into Form Warbringer
Dezperadoz White Wizzard
Satariel Trouble
Chrome Division Spit Like This
Denial Fiend Ulcerate
Architect Keep of Kalessin
Ensiferum Echoes of Eternity
Pathosray Heresi
Night Ranger Pathology
Dantesco Averse Sefira
Glenn Hughes Puscifer
The Lamp of Thoth Medieval Steel
End of Man UFOmammut
Something Beautiful Caliban