Staff Top Three Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Love Songs!
2/10/2017 4:36:37 PM by Frank Hill

Rarely is love the subject matter of heavy metal where death and destruction play primary roles.

The simple answer may be that the qualities we tend to see with love are incongruent with the way we picture the heavy metal environment and themes. Love is connective and nourishing. Rock music can be aggressive and rebellious. Heavy metal is often about struggles of power. Musically, love songs are sweet and melodious where metal is based upon amplification and distortion. Love will embrace, but doesn't celebrate, evil.

February 14 is Valentine's Day so we each chose our favorite three songs that relate to L-O-V-E. [Full Column Link]

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Cave In Hate Eternal
Carpathian Forest Usurper
Fozzy Lamb of God
Legend God Dethroned
Valley's Eve Ion Vein
Nicta Fireball Ministry
King Diamond Beautiful Creatures
Guardians Of Time Silent Scythe
Halloween Murdercycle
Krisiun Slayer
Project: Failing Flesh Body Count
Hard Echo TNA
Silver Mountain Yngwie Malmsteen
Scala Mercalli Riot
Jag Panzer W.A.S.P.
Icon And The Black Roses Donnerkopf
Metalium Low Earth Orbit
Jorn Dragonspoon
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Insomnium
Chapter VIII Joey Belladonna
After Forever Dark Age
Nashville Pussy Annihilator
Age Of Silence Z02
Marshall Law Ironhorse
Karmakanic Avenue F
The Apocalyptic Riders Divine Fire
Vicious Circle Apocalyptica
Mystic Prophecy Cemetary
Axis Of Perdition Axel Rudi Pell
Swallow The Sun Ignitor
Callenish Circle Slumber
Def Leppard Disbelief
Manntis Graveworm
Dam Love Forsaken
Holy Blood Blitzkrieg
Painmuseum Peccatum
Dirty Americans Blood Thirsty Demons
The Firstborn Mistress
Cryogen Vile
Bronx Casket Company God Forbid
Gorefest Vanquished
Decapitated Nobody's Fool
Pile of Heads Thryfing
Witchery Across Tundras
Upwards of Endtime Steep
Vore Manngard
Cavalar Dream Or Nightmare
8th Sin Sun Descends
Before Silence Azure
Destruction The Ruins of Beverast
The Abominable Iron Sloth Cult of Daath
Biolich The Showdown
Demise Celtic Frost
Steve Cone Handful of Hate
The Gathering Stonegard
In This Moment Mendeed
White Wizzard Aborted
Warner Drive Trenchfoot
Ulcerate David Galas
JR Ewing The Wonderfools
Ensiferum Cauldron
Keldian Heresi
Pathology Moonshine
The Lamp of Thoth Kiuas
Dread the Forsaken Nasty Idols