Staff Top Three Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Love Songs!
2/10/2017 4:36:37 PM by Frank Hill

Rarely is love the subject matter of heavy metal where death and destruction play primary roles.

The simple answer may be that the qualities we tend to see with love are incongruent with the way we picture the heavy metal environment and themes. Love is connective and nourishing. Rock music can be aggressive and rebellious. Heavy metal is often about struggles of power. Musically, love songs are sweet and melodious where metal is based upon amplification and distortion. Love will embrace, but doesn't celebrate, evil.

February 14 is Valentine's Day so we each chose our favorite three songs that relate to L-O-V-E. [Full Column Link]

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Demons and Wizards Hate Eternal
Leng Tch'e Opeth
The Haunted Carpathian Forest
Tiamat Deceased
Goatwhore Deranged
Kalibas Celestial Ode
Queensryche Seether
Iron Maiden Dark Moor
Metallica Abigor
October 31 Johnny Lokke
Pelican H.I.M.
Evolution Exawatt
Agony Divine Black Sabbath
Morbid Angel Runemagick
Steel Preacher Duke
Savatage Defiled
Out of the Lair Soil
Shiva Death Angel
Silver Mountain Yngwie Malmsteen
Gothic Knights Construcdead
Exodus Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Cans Velvet Revolver
Judas Priest Devil In The Kitchen
Vox Tempus Skeletonwitch
Metal Church Unearth
Katagory V Age Of Silence
Marshall Law Tartharia
Dark Ruin Negative Creeps
Angra Entombed
Dirt Astral Doors
Sabaton Mechanical Poet
the missing: Cemetary
Kaamos God Fear None
Omegalord Meshuggah
Lord Gore Chastain
Babylon Raging Speedhorn
God Among Insects Slough Feg
Nuse Evemaster
Dam Gaia
Sheavy Clutch
Agents Of The Sun Blitzkrieg
Russell Allen ASG
Ram-Zet Vile
Hate Insense
Sodom Brother Hawk
Naked Beggars Ephel Duath
The Smashup Vreid
TK-421 Sun Descends
Michael Orlando Bloodbound
Time Requiem Mouth of the Architect
Setherial Myon
Eyes of Ligeia Lupara
Lost Eden Southern Gentleman
Onslaught Manticore
Textures Gotthard
Warner Drive Frosthardr
Distorted Moonshine
Godhead Souls Of We
Virgin Black Medieval Steel
Cursed Sin
Dread the Forsaken