New Interview with Black Oak County!
2/3/2017 4:30:35 PM by Frank Hill

Denmark's Black Oak County are a heavy four-piece that slide perfectly into that niche between hard rock and heavy metal. The band formed in Esbjerg in 2012 and released their self-titled debut album in January courtesy of Mighty Music (Tygers of Pan Tang, Sea). The album was recorded at Jacob Hansen's (Volbeat, Hatesphere) studio and produced by Jonas Haagensen (Aphyxion). Already BOC have received rave reviews including UK outlets like Flick of the Finger (5/5) and Powerplay (8/10). On the heels of the album release is the band's lead-off single, "Mad Dog", a punchy hard rock number with some swing.

Maximum Metal scribe Eric Compton was able to chat with charismatic guitarist/vocalist Niels Beier about the band's start, recording process and why so many three-word bands begin with "Black" here...
[Full Interview Link]

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