Looking Back--Staff Top 10 Albums of 1987!
1/13/2017 3:46:18 PM by Frank Hill

"History was in the making and my generation could feel the fire and desire in the air and on the airwaves. We held our breath hoping this would trap that year in a paradox gasping for oxygen and still blowing the winds of rock across America forever. In that moment, we immortalized 1987 as not only a year in time, but also as a year that will always be considered by many as "back in the day" in our hearts and memories. God bless 1987 and all those fortunate enough to have lived and survived and continue to regard it as the best of the best all these years later." --Jonah Haze

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· Cave In· HammerFall
· In Flames· Racer X
· Vicious Mary· Tiamat
· Dokken· Anthrax
· Norma Jean· Solace
· Godsmack· Firewind
· Late Nite Romeo· Brainstorm
· Nicta· Supervillain
· Bloodbath· Halloween
· Probot· Asperity
· Body Count· Tesla
· Drowning Pool· Cryonic Temple
· Scala Mercalli· Outworld
· David Shankle Group· Donnerkopf
· Van Helsing’s Curse· Nova Lex
· Joe Stump· House of Lords
· Therion· Scorpions
· Final Dawn· Occult
· Lullacry· Unearth
· Medusa· Throcult
· Seventh One· Behemoth
· Tsjuder· Of Infinity
· Image· Corrosion Of Conformity
· Requiem Aeternam· Sabaton
· Shatterpoint· Mechanical Poet
· Stormwarrior· Severe Torture
· Chaoswave· Fire Alley
· Burden Of Grief· Biss
· Communic· Sentenced
· Secrets She Kept· Evemaster
· Gaia· Frameless Scar
· Thor· Fates Warning
· Resurrecturis· Wetwork
· Scar Symmetry· Loits
· Redemption· Evergrey
· Violent Storm· Winterfell
· Ignarus· The Firstborn
· Barcode· Third Degree
· The Absence· Thrones
· Akercocke· Overmars
· Bronx Casket Company· Motorhead
· Taunusheim· Grimfist
· Craft· Fallen Wisdom
· Totalisti· Across Tundras
· Lair Of The Minotaur· Daylight Dies
· Hell-Born· Steep
· The Ocean· Vore
· Phoenix Mourning· The Smackdown
· The Furor· Gorgoroth
· Jotunspor· Suzukiton
· Swashbuckle· Nachtmystium
· Burialmound· Belphegor
· Zoroaster· Lordi
· Celtic Frost· Skullflower
· Southern Gentleman· Battered
· Zyklon· Passion
· Chrome Division· David Galas
· Depressed Mode· Pathology
· Rosetta· Puscifer
· Embalming Theatre· Wolfgate
· Eighteen Wheels Burning· Caliban
· Raven· Suspyre