Looking Back--Staff Top 10 Albums of 1987!
1/13/2017 3:46:18 PM by Frank Hill

"History was in the making and my generation could feel the fire and desire in the air and on the airwaves. We held our breath hoping this would trap that year in a paradox gasping for oxygen and still blowing the winds of rock across America forever. In that moment, we immortalized 1987 as not only a year in time, but also as a year that will always be considered by many as "back in the day" in our hearts and memories. God bless 1987 and all those fortunate enough to have lived and survived and continue to regard it as the best of the best all these years later." --Jonah Haze

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Into Eternity Twilight Odyssey
Rebellion Anthrax
Symphorce Skullview
Rawhead Rexx Wizard
God Dethroned Late Nite Romeo
Goat Horn Morbid Angel
Sinergy Attacker
Wicked Sensation Lacuna Coil
Royal Anguish Tesla
TNA I Hate Sally
Yngwie Malmsteen Cans
Edge Of Forever Highlord
Gary Moore Joe Stump
Joe Lynn Turner Mob Rules
Lullacry Medusa
Polterchrist House of Shakira
Tartharia Avenue F
Creed Kinetic
Audiovision Kings X
Belef Kamelot
Dirt Tarot
Soulscar Nevermore
Backyard Babies Wolverine
Crimson Moonlight Oathean
Novembers Doom Boomerang
Axel Rudi Pell Chastain
Holy Moses Ramesses
Blind Stare Astarte
Agents Of Man Python
Brand New Sin Evemaster
Horna Dam
Impaled Nazarene Havochate
Scar Symmetry Future is Tomorrow
Before The Dawn Evergrey
Bolt Thrower Sun O)))
Savage Circus Ewigkeit
Doomfoxx Dragonlord
God Forbid Khold
Decapitated End of Level Boss
Insense From This Day
Enforsaken Mental Care Foundation
Totalisti Powerglove
Cannibal Corpse Intronaut
Codeon Leviathan/Sapthuran
Valhalla The Smackdown
Down Factor Royal Hunt
Vengeance Space Odyssey
Pump The Abominable Iron Sloth
Amputated Twinball
Lesbian Bed Death Gaza
Blood Tsunami Melechesh
Omnium Gatherum Manticore
Blood of the Black Owl White Willow
Satariel Trouble
Mithras Spit Like This
Faith And Fire Temple Of Blood
Night Ranger Mass Extinction
Shining Star I Shalt Become
SOS Bullet For My Valentine
The More I See End of Man
Sister Sin