Looking Back--Staff Top 10 Albums of 1987!
1/13/2017 3:46:18 PM by Frank Hill

"History was in the making and my generation could feel the fire and desire in the air and on the airwaves. We held our breath hoping this would trap that year in a paradox gasping for oxygen and still blowing the winds of rock across America forever. In that moment, we immortalized 1987 as not only a year in time, but also as a year that will always be considered by many as "back in the day" in our hearts and memories. God bless 1987 and all those fortunate enough to have lived and survived and continue to regard it as the best of the best all these years later." --Jonah Haze

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Bathory The Great Deceiver
Chaingunn Big Dumb Face
Carpathian Forest Karaboudjan
Disturbed Perzonal War
Neck Twelfth Gate
December Machine Head
Kataklysm Nazareth
Majesty Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Ravage Powergod
Dr. Butcher Pyn Siren
Hammerwhore Goat Horn
Saint Catch 22
Paragon Inner Rage of Emotion
Biomechanical The Graveyard Boulevard
Kilfast Nordheim
Beautiful Creatures Axenstar
Mnemic Pink Cream 69
Defiled Project: Failing Flesh
Brides of Destruction Asperity
Fairyland Shiva
I Hate Sally Drowning Pool
Scala Mercalli Leash Law
Bleeding Inc Kingcrow
Epica Icon And The Black Roses
Donnerkopf Velvet Revolver
Marillion Joe Stump
Juggernott Destructor
Krokus Insomnium
Ungodly Lilitu
After Forever Annihilator
Z02 Tartharia
Dark Ruin Mine
Ironhorse Agnostic Front
Tsjuder Karmakanic
Sonata Arctica John Oliva's Pain
Paradise Lost Gods Of Fire
The Mighty Nimbus Miles Beyond
Kamelot Korpiklaani
Shatterpoint Hellfire
Ravensthorn Apocalyptica
Stormwarrior Chastain
Debris Inc. Hatesphere
Embraze Agents Of Man
Maximum Overdrive Brand New Sin
Dark Funeral Unchained
Dam Alice Cooper
Fates Warning Widow
Wetwork Holy Blood
Edenbridge Agents Of The Sun
Scar Symmetry Mercyful Fate
Peccatum Redemption
Illuminatus Black Majesty
Evergrey Crystal Fate
Running Wild Avenged Sevenfold
Ewigkeit Even X
Mistress Crystal Ball
Avulsed Skullshifter
Dogs Of Winter Across Tundras
Nikki Puppet Beyond Fear
Event Horizon Candlemass
Hirax 8th Sin
The Strongest Proof Abysmal Dawn
Gorgoroth Swashbuckle
Psycroptic Skid Row
Fleshgore Mouth of the Architect
Belphegor Semargl
Isis Darkness Eternal
Deicide Celtic Frost
Warmachine Southern Gentleman
Onslaught Omnium Gatherum
Terry Sullivan Throne of Katarsis
Lord Belial Necrophobic
The Chronicles of Israfel Old Man's Child
Zyklon Grenouer
Marc Sasso Cattle Decapitation
Antigama Aborted
Bilocate Cockpit
Gutted With Broken Glass Father Befouled
Jesus Martyr Blood Haven
Armory Godhead
Bullet For My Valentine Alestorm
Kiuas Wolfgate
My Dying Bride Raven
Sister Sin