Down the Roads of Madness: Pigeonholing Metal
12/2/2016 5:47:32 PM by Frank Hill

The Devil's Music. Hymns to Hell. Come up with whatever ostentatious name or descriptive title you may have heard over the years. As metalhead's, at some point in our musical lives we've inevitably been told that we are going to hell for listening to that "Devil Music". For too long to remember, heavy metal has been synonymous with Lucifer, the Devil, or whatever colorful epithet has been bestowed to the dark lord. While the label isn't a complete misnomer, it is rather misleading and somewhat single minded.

Is there love for the Devil in heavy metal music? Of course there is.

However, what seems more disturbing to me is the fact that many other great topics and focal points of metal seem to be overlooked because they are less sensational.

Read Greg Watson's editorial column on metal's image here: [Full Column Link]

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Demons and Wizards Leng Tch'e
Poisonblack Tiamat
Impellitteri Commit Suicide
Gun Barrel Solace
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Evolution Nicta
Supervillain Biomechanical
Curriculum Mortis Sludge!
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Blood Red Throne Impaled
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the missing: Kaamos
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The Atomic Bitchwax Bolt Thrower
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Daylight Dies Scum
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