Down the Roads of Madness: Pigeonholing Metal
12/2/2016 5:47:32 PM by Frank Hill

The Devil's Music. Hymns to Hell. Come up with whatever ostentatious name or descriptive title you may have heard over the years. As metalhead's, at some point in our musical lives we've inevitably been told that we are going to hell for listening to that "Devil Music". For too long to remember, heavy metal has been synonymous with Lucifer, the Devil, or whatever colorful epithet has been bestowed to the dark lord. While the label isn't a complete misnomer, it is rather misleading and somewhat single minded.

Is there love for the Devil in heavy metal music? Of course there is.

However, what seems more disturbing to me is the fact that many other great topics and focal points of metal seem to be overlooked because they are less sensational.

Read Greg Watson's editorial column on metal's image here: [Full Column Link]

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Cave In Lost Horizon
The Haunted Big Dumb Face
Poisonblack Perzonal War
Solemnity Goatwhore
December Helloween
Queensryche Nazareth
Mortician Ravage
Power of Omens Dr. Butcher
Black Label Society Led Zeppelin
Ion Vein Evolution
Shakra Thunderbolt
Curriculum Mortis Mourning Beloveth
Hypocrisy Whitesnake
Edguy Lacuna Coil
Defiled Royal Anguish
Dreamaker Hard Echo
Neverland Mother Misery
Soil TNA
I Hate Sally Drowning Pool
UFO Graveland
Lonewolf Zaius
Black Zodiac Dragonspoon
Acrid Goatsnake
Psychotron Images of Eden
Wintersun Potential Threat SF
Unearth Eternal Flight
Megadeth Scavenger
Polterchrist Valume Nob
Jungle Rot Conquestador
Ironhorse Negative Creeps
The 7 Method Sonata Arctica
Azrael's Bane Of Infinity
Gods Of Fire The New Breed
Belef Loudblast
Soilwork Dirt
Korpiklaani Necrophagia
Astral Doors Tarot
Car Bomb Apocalyptica
Mystic Prophecy the missing:
Samael Pure Inc
Frantic Bleep Magica
Lord Gore Strapping Young Lad
Gizmachi Ramesses
Raintime Biss
Groundcrew Defleshed
Rudra Goddess Of Desire
Voyager Secrets She Kept
Horna Resurrecturis
Future is Tomorrow Peccatum
Black Majesty Pagan's Mind
Evergrey Crystal Fate
Dirty Americans The Firstborn
Twilight Third Degree
Avenged Sevenfold Arthemis
Phantom X Damnation
Urizen Asrai
The Classic Struggle Dogs Of Winter
Virgin Steele Insense
Craft Pile of Heads
Tandjent Ephel Duath
Nikki Puppet Nightmare
Steep Clawfinger
Silver Dirt The Smackdown
Cataract The Strongest Proof
TK-421 Black Crucifixion
Upon Infliction Theater of Tragedy
Gorgoroth Bloodbound
Azure Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers
The Finals Enochian Crescent
Rotting Christ Lesbian Bed Death
Audrey Horne Escape The Fate
Winger Demise
Quest of Aidance Steve Cone
With Passion Static-X
Mindgrinder The Chronicles of Israfel
Grenouer Marc Sasso
Mendeed Five Finger Death Punch
Katrina Johansson Blut Aus Nord
Malevolent Creation Ulcerate
JR Ewing Nation Beyond
Depressed Mode Mass Extinction
Averse Sefira Bilocate
Ride The Sky Cockpit
40 Below Summer Jesus Martyr
Pop Evil Straight Line Stitch
Burzum SOS
Puscifer Iron Fire
Faded Hope Wolfgate
Mustasch Uli Jon Roth
Dark Castle Earthen Grave