Concert Report: Halloween Horror Nights 26
10/17/2016 5:01:36 PM by Frank Hill

You know Halloween is around the corner when Universal Studios starts closing their park at 5PM each day. The reason? It gets all of the normal people out of the area so it can re-open at 6 for all of the freaks like yours truly. Out go the thirtysomethings pushing their strollers--in comes the skinny jeans, converse high tops and Slayer t-shirts. It's a little rite of passage that occurs on the sidewalks and parking lots. It would be fitting to cue Pantera's "Cowboys from Hell" and its "We're taking over this town" mentality while the exchange is made.

I kicked off in grand style with my iPod buzzing an assortment of quality Amorphis cuts while I waited for the park sirens to signal the beginning of the end. As the sirens wailed their invitations I made my way to "The Exorcist" house first. The opening scene had me walking up to the house as "Tubular Bells" played. I got chills staring up at Regan's window with the faux moonlight casting shadows. Once inside various scenes from the movie played out complete with a spinning head Regan and a loop of "The power of Christ compels you".

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