Metal Goes Wild West!
10/15/2016 7:36:35 PM by Frank Hill

The rugged West...outlaws, gunfights and bravado. It's rebellion in history, mythology and Hollywood's big screen. The North American wild, wild West of the late 1700s through the turn of the 20th century is popularized in pop culture through movies, books and comics galore.

It makes perfect sense for heavy metal to firmly embrace this lifestyle. Hardened men and women hit the road with six-strings instead of six-guns. They blaze their own trails and go against the grain of mainstream media. It's loud and proud and preaches unity with a closed fist in the air and sparks rebellion with the strum of the strings. Everyone from Lemmy Kilmister to Phil Lynott has fantasized about cowboys both in stage presentation, writing and lifestyle.

Here at Maximum Metal we have stumbled on countless songs and conceptual albums based on the wild West and cowboy culture. We thought it fitting to throw out a few of our favorites here with a few notes about the band, album or song. Tie your horse off, fetch a beer and sit a spell with us, pardner. Read our column here: [Full Column Link]

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In Flames Lost Horizon
Solemnity Deceased
Regurgitate Neck
Warhorse Majesty
Usurper Vaginal Carnage
Fozzy Legend
Wizard Manowar
Iced Earth Bloodbath
The Graveyard Boulevard Runemagick
Victory Dream Weaver
Sludge! Eidolon
Savatage Mnemic
Attacker Whitesnake
Secret Sphere Soul Reaper
Fairyland Volbeat
Death Angel Black Stone Cherry
Killik Cryonic Temple
Funerus Jag Panzer
Jaw downBleed
Outworld Amityville Whore
Disarmonia Mundi Velvet Revolver
Krokus Vox Tempus
After Forever Saxon
Images of Eden Medusa
Scavenger Marshall Law
The Project Hate Agnostic Front
Jackyl Cryme
Sonata Arctica Azrael's Bane
Ligeia The Mighty Nimbus
Miles Beyond Blood Red Throne
Kings X Requiem Aeternam
Impaled Veni Domine
Maze Of Torment Seige of Hate
Yyrkoon Strikelight
Mystic Prophecy Backyard Babies
Wolverine Samael
Crimson Moonlight Stormwarrior
Omegalord Frantic Bleep
Neil Turbin Ignitor
Impiety Nightrage
Disbelief Mirador
Python Amorphis
Darkane Sentenced
Unchained Dam
Iron Maidens Painmuseum
Octavia Sperati Future is Tomorrow
Eternal Reign Armored Saint
Barcode Ghost Machinery
Balatonizer Dechrist
Doomfoxx Overmars
Asrai Skullshifter
Sinocence Bronx Casket Company
God Forbid Gorefest
Dismember Nocturnal Rites
Absu End of Level Boss
Early Man From This Day
Craft End My Sorrow
Witchery Across Tundras
Ephel Duath Hell-Born
Scum Firehouse
Tris Katone Event Horizon
Moonspell Phoenix Mourning
Warrant (Amer) Apiary
Black Crucifixion Vengeance
Destruction She Said Destroy
Swashbuckle Nachtmystium
Burialmound Abominant
Setherial Teeth of the Hydra
Sathanas The Showdown
Darkness Eternal Starkweather
Kotipelto Quest of Aidance
Blood Tsunami Melechesh
Stonegard With Passion
Battered In This Moment
Tears Aborted
Denial Fiend Trenchfoot
David Galas Echoes of Eternity
Rosetta Deceiver
Jesus Martyr Vulture Industries
Embalming Theatre Hacksaw Surgery
Mar De Grises The More I See
Deadsea Sin
UFOmammut Sotajumala
Sister Sin Suffocation