Metal Goes Wild West!
10/15/2016 7:36:35 PM by Frank Hill

The rugged West...outlaws, gunfights and bravado. It's rebellion in history, mythology and Hollywood's big screen. The North American wild, wild West of the late 1700s through the turn of the 20th century is popularized in pop culture through movies, books and comics galore.

It makes perfect sense for heavy metal to firmly embrace this lifestyle. Hardened men and women hit the road with six-strings instead of six-guns. They blaze their own trails and go against the grain of mainstream media. It's loud and proud and preaches unity with a closed fist in the air and sparks rebellion with the strum of the strings. Everyone from Lemmy Kilmister to Phil Lynott has fantasized about cowboys both in stage presentation, writing and lifestyle.

Here at Maximum Metal we have stumbled on countless songs and conceptual albums based on the wild West and cowboy culture. We thought it fitting to throw out a few of our favorites here with a few notes about the band, album or song. Tie your horse off, fetch a beer and sit a spell with us, pardner. Read our column here: [Full Column Link]

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Cathedral In Flames
Lost Horizon Racer X
Mudvayne Vehemence
Twilight Odyssey BloodDuster
Karaboudjan Stratovarius
December Celestial Ode
Seether Mark Boals
Usurper Ring of Fire
Mortician Dark Moor
Abigor Black Label Society
Johnny Lokke Black Sabbath
Catch 22 Paragon
Beautiful Creatures Windseeker
Stalker Krisiun
DevilDriver Lacuna Coil
Project: Failing Flesh Asperity
Deivos Soul Reaper
Tesla Node
I Hate Sally Devil To Pay
Cans Wolf
Marillion Lonewolf
Zaius Black Zodiac
Lilitu Psychotron
Katagory V Internal Bleeding
The Project Hate Haunted By Angels
Silent Force Blind Guardian
The 7 Method Triumph
Betrayer Mercenary
Milkweed Code Black
The Apocalyptic Riders Blood Red Throne
Hellfueled Veni Domine
Angtoria Apocalyptica
Backyard Babies Stormwarrior
Alex Skolnick Trio Novembers Doom
Omegalord Meshuggah
Fire Alley Kinrick
Gizmachi Sinisthra
Fastkill Babylon
Pro-Pain Ivory Knight
Biss Raging Speedhorn
Python Sothis
Graveworm Communic
Subterranean Masquerade Sentenced
Slik Helvetika Horna
Fates Warning Widow
Wetwork Sheavy
Morgana Lefay Before The Dawn
Evergrey Crystal Fate
Ignarus Algol3
Shattersphere Savage Circus
Vinterriket Paths Of Possession
Crystal Ball Spellbound
Cryogen Dreamland
Gojira Ram-Zet
Asrai Chain Collector
Mastermind Celebratum
Machina From This Day
Second Shadow Sepultura
Naked Beggars Cardinale
Cryptopsy The Smashup
Cavalar Cataract
Speed/Kill/Hate The Sword
8th Sin Apiary
Non-Human Level Black Crucifixion
Smohalla Space Odyssey
Enochian Crescent Escape The Fate
Winger Gaza
Threat Signal Dream Theater
Warbringer Manticore
Zyklon Blood of the Black Owl
Marc Sasso Divine Empire
Aborted Blut Aus Nord
Hearse Fight
Hellveto Temple Of Blood
Ensiferum Frosthardr
Glenn Hughes Cockpit
The Obsessed Pop Evil
Witchfinder General Last Stone Cast
Hacksaw Surgery Souls Of We
The Lamp of Thoth Bullet For My Valentine
Celestia Medieval Steel
Uriah Heep Kiuas
Sin Papa Roach
Wolfgate Ihsahn
My Dying Bride Sotajumala
Sister Sin