Escaping the Extreme: The Non-Metal Moments
6/4/2016 5:40:13 PM by Frank Hill

We've all experienced it...that moment where metal no longer is a reason to rise and exist each day. Granted those moments are few and far between, but at some point our brains need that wine and dine, all-inclusive resort for some rest and relaxation. Mine? Folk music for a few weeks, maybe some actual Country and Western music or-- my favorite-- horror movie scores.

Horror movie soundtracks are typically connected in some way to heavy metal at its deepest core. While Beethoven himself would probably worship some neo-classical shred king out of Finland right now, I think that he might equally admire a lot of the retro wave bands that are doing 70s and 80s styled synth. There's a whole host of them out there from GosT to Lazerhawk to Cluster Buster that are enamored with the slasher films of the 80s and those Italian zombie movies that you tape traded for back in the day. As we've seen more and more extreme bands go electronic (i.e. Ulver), it is this type of synth heavy music that bridges the two worlds and accommodates fans that might need a little melancholy with their metal.

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Cathedral The Kovenant
Nightwish Grave
Big Dumb Face Impellitteri
Deranged Skullview
Circle II Circle Rawhead Rexx
Fozzy Dark Moor
Masterplan Late Nite Romeo
Alchemy X Pyn Siren
Exawatt Wycked Synn
Evanesce Silent Scythe
Whitesnake Primal Fear
Wicked Sensation Brides of Destruction
Secret Sphere Soul Reaper
Dew Scented Royal Anguish
Dreamaker F5
Fear Factory Black Stone Cherry
Drowning Pool Killik
Jag Panzer Leash Law
Messiah's Kiss Deep Purple
Bleeding Inc Outworld
Icon And The Black Roses Edge Of Forever
Gary Moore Goatsnake
Scorpions Black Destiny
Metal Church Potential Threat SF
Nashville Pussy Katagory V
Megadeth Arch Enemy
Anger Behemoth
Angra Sonata Arctica
John Oliva's Pain Motley Crue
Emerald Sun Helgrind
The New Breed Divine Fire
Blood Red Throne Impaled
Necrophagia Yyrkoon
Hellfire Backyard Babies
Samael Novembers Doom
Bruce Dickinson Soul SirkUS
Kryoburn Neil Turbin
Sinisthra Burden Of Grief
Green Carnation Ivory Knight
Vicious Art Darkane
Slough Feg Dark Funeral
Goddess Of Desire Kult ov Azazel
Nuse Evemaster
Monolithe Gaia
Power Quest Nightvision
Edenbridge A Lower Deep
Redemption Pagan's Mind
Evergrey Dirty Americans
Penetrator Casus Belli
Barcode Twilight
Shattersphere Avenged Sevenfold
Dreamland Chain Collector
Sinocence Gorefest
Nobody's Fool Brother Hawk
Second Shadow Across Tundras
Fields Of The Nephilim Elvenking
Candlemass Nicodemus
The Furor Sun Descends
Black Crucifixion Before Silence
Fragments of Unbecoming Dendura
Mouth of the Architect I
Abominant Pretty Maids
The Abominable Iron Sloth Eighteen Visions
Biolich Venom
Urkraft Handful of Hate
Skullflower Fu Manchu
Lost Eden Threat Signal
Dream Theater In This Moment
Static-X Dezperadoz
Grenouer Nagelfar
Marc Sasso Cattle Decapitation
Satariel Pantera
Spit Like This Nominon
Kruger Mongrel
Cockpit Rosetta
Demonic Symphony The Obsessed
Armory Godhead
Place Of Skulls Coffins
Winterfylleth DC4
Giant Squid Sister Sin