Escaping the Extreme: The Non-Metal Moments
6/4/2016 5:40:13 PM by Frank Hill

We've all experienced it...that moment where metal no longer is a reason to rise and exist each day. Granted those moments are few and far between, but at some point our brains need that wine and dine, all-inclusive resort for some rest and relaxation. Mine? Folk music for a few weeks, maybe some actual Country and Western music or-- my favorite-- horror movie scores.

Horror movie soundtracks are typically connected in some way to heavy metal at its deepest core. While Beethoven himself would probably worship some neo-classical shred king out of Finland right now, I think that he might equally admire a lot of the retro wave bands that are doing 70s and 80s styled synth. There's a whole host of them out there from GosT to Lazerhawk to Cluster Buster that are enamored with the slasher films of the 80s and those Italian zombie movies that you tape traded for back in the day. As we've seen more and more extreme bands go electronic (i.e. Ulver), it is this type of synth heavy music that bridges the two worlds and accommodates fans that might need a little melancholy with their metal.

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Into Eternity Racer X
Slipknot Grave
Big Dumb Face Misery Index
Exmortem Grave Digger
Regurgitate Stratovarius
Kataklysm Skullview
Queensryche Majesty
Lamb of God Liege Lord
Crematorium Metallica
Dr. Butcher Tungsten
Endless Time Agony Divine
Bloodbath Rage
King Diamond Evanesce
Savatage Thunderstone
Whitesnake DevilDriver
Brides of Destruction Out of the Lair
Fairyland Hard Echo
Neverland Force Of Evil
Drowning Pool Bang The Union
downBleed Messiah's Kiss
Edge Of Forever Jorn
Estuary De Lirium's Order
Vox Tempus Imp
Shadows Fall Wintersun
Polterchrist Marshall Law
Slowlife Incantation
Ironhorse Overlorde
Blind Guardian Creed
John Oliva's Pain Fifth Cross
Legion Motley Crue
Blood Red Throne Corrosion Of Conformity
Hellfueled Requiem Aeternam
Soulscar Suidakra
Desire Black Ravensthorn
Boomerang Bruce Dickinson
Frantic Bleep Drunkard
Soul SirkUS Raintime
Fastkill Grand Magus
Throes of Dawn Rudra
Sothis Graveworm
Brand New Sin Unchained
Kult ov Azazel Secrets She Kept
Sebastian Bach Dam
Frameless Scar Fates Warning
The Atomic Bitchwax Eternal Reign
Dragonia Evergrey
ASG Running Wild
Avenged Sevenfold Even X
Akercocke Spellbound
Urizen Asrai
Chain Collector Mastermind
The Tenth Circle Torture Killer
Motorhead Thryfing
Sepultura Cardinale
Cannibal Corpse Valhalla
Silver Dirt Warrant (Amer)
Dreams of Damnation Dawn of Azazel
Theater of Tragedy Suzukiton
Destruction Sahg
Skyforger Abominant
Battle Bratt The Showdown
Winger Darkness Eternal
Lecherous Nocturne Centinex
Twisted Into Form Fu Manchu
Southern Gentleman Omnium Gatherum
Necrophobic Zyklon
Nagelfar Marc Sasso
Mendeed Nominon
Since the Day Tears
Retrospective Blut Aus Nord
Kruger JR Ewing
Hearse Nation Beyond
Architect Himsa
Hellveto Depressed Mode
Cauldron Heresi
I Shalt Become 40 Below Summer
Blood Haven Last Stone Cast
Vulture Industries To-Mera
Puscifer The Lamp of Thoth
Uriah Heep Bible Of The Devil
Iron Fire Cursed
UFOmammut Papa Roach
Something Beautiful