New GHOST Concert Report!
5/20/2016 3:26:50 PM by Frank Hill

On May ninth, Ghost descended upon Richmond and brought their unique stage show and massive presence to the Virginia Commonwealth.

As the stage was set up for the evening's headliners, GHOST, to take the stage, the air became positively electric as the crowd eagerly awaited sightings of Papa and the Ghouls. As an eerie, choral background track played, the lights went down, a red light illuminated the mock stained glass stage piece and one by one the Ghouls took to the stage.

Now, I have been to my fair share of metal shows. I've seen bands from every genre pretty much in some capacity live. I've been awed and impressed at the charisma that some of these bands have and totally floored by their stage presence. When it comes to Ghost, they take it to a whole different level. Hands down, they are the tightest band I've ever seen live and their stage presence is so massive that it would be impossible to have anyone else up on the stage with them. Papa Emeritus III is the true definition of a showman. He interacted with the audience every chance he had, waxed on about this and that and pantomimed and controlled the Ghost machine...

Read Greg Watson's full concert report here: [Full Column Link]

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