World Wide Web Metal
A Look at the 90s Internet Culture

2/23/2016 2:33:19 PM by Frank Hill

A little over twenty years ago I had my sleeves rolled up, pen in my hand and CD mail order catalogues all over the floor. Back then there wasn't an Amazon or a CD Universe or anything of the sort. If you wanted a heavy metal CD (or vinyl record) in the 90s then you had to order it through a brick and mortar store like FYE (Camelot Music then) or a mom and pop that would be willing to go to the ends of the Earth to satisfy their mop headed metal consumers. It was difficult and often frustrating but when your phone rang or the mailman dropped in with that special delivery...man there just wasn't anything like it.

Being in my late teens in the early 90s meant very little exposure to the heavy stuff. Most of my high school was obsessed with the skinny spandex GNR, Poison, Skid Row or they were "Dazed & Confused" with the likes of Zep and the Dead. I had heard plenty of Metallica but when a buddy produced a copy of Megadeth's 'Countdown to Extinction', that really upped the ante.

So what's a kid to do with very little cash flow, absolutely no window shopping at the stores and very few peers to consult with?

You go to the WORLD WIDE WEB. ...

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Anvil Leng Tch'e
Nightwish White Skull
Big Dumb Face Grave Digger
Deceased Seven Witches
Solace Circle II Circle
Mortician Widowmaker
Masterplan Metallica
Late Nite Romeo Alchemy X
Vyndykator Byfist
Nicta Fireball Ministry
Wycked Synn Morbid Angel
Mourning Beloveth Mnemic
Hypocrisy Pink Cream 69
Wicked Sensation Asperity
Node Exodus
Jag Panzer Jaw
Evanescence Wolf
Graveland David Shankle Group
Donnerkopf Highlord
Feinstein Devil In The Kitchen
Krokus Scorpions
Black Destiny Final Dawn
Dio Eternal Flight
Valume Nob House of Shakira
Ironhorse Mirror of Deception
Karmakanic Milkweed
Paradise Lost Crowbar
Motley Crue Rottweiller
The Apocalyptic Riders The Mighty Nimbus
Lost Soul Crionics
Maze Of Torment Dirt
Vicious Circle Wolverine
Argument Soul Bleed The Sky
Axis Of Perdition Drunkard
Gizmachi Ramesses
Callenish Circle Shade Empire
Def Leppard Hatesphere
Disbelief Rudra
Graveworm Amorphis
God Among Insects Unchained
Unshine Prowler Inc.
Power Quest Devil Lee Rot
Resurrecturis Iron Maidens
To The Bone Pagan's Mind
Armored Saint Winterfell
ASG The Firstborn
The Absence Ghost Machinery
Ram-Zet Avulsed
Celebratum Dogs Of Winter
Motorhead Dismember
Nocturnal Rites Craft
Fallen Wisdom Upwards of Endtime
The Berzerker Dissection
Leviathan/Sapthuran Ampast
Down Factor Speed/Kill/Hate
The Furor Ensoph
Upon Infliction Dawn of Azazel
Michael Orlando Fragments of Unbecoming
Suzukiton Vengeance
Swashbuckle Nachtmystium
Skid Row From the Grave
Thy Majestie Mastodon
Satyricon Teeth of the Hydra
Lordi Demise
Starkweather Phazm
Warmachine Fu Manchu
With Passion Terry Sullivan
Dream Theater Incrave
Divine Empire Nominon
Trenchfoot Ulcerate
JR Ewing The Wonderfools
Architect Keep of Kalessin
Frosthardr I Shalt Become
Cockpit Trivium
Burzum Bullet For My Valentine
Celestia Uriah Heep
Iron Fire UFOmammut
Ihsahn Battleroar