World Wide Web Metal
A Look at the 90s Internet Culture

2/23/2016 2:33:19 PM by Frank Hill

A little over twenty years ago I had my sleeves rolled up, pen in my hand and CD mail order catalogues all over the floor. Back then there wasn't an Amazon or a CD Universe or anything of the sort. If you wanted a heavy metal CD (or vinyl record) in the 90s then you had to order it through a brick and mortar store like FYE (Camelot Music then) or a mom and pop that would be willing to go to the ends of the Earth to satisfy their mop headed metal consumers. It was difficult and often frustrating but when your phone rang or the mailman dropped in with that special delivery...man there just wasn't anything like it.

Being in my late teens in the early 90s meant very little exposure to the heavy stuff. Most of my high school was obsessed with the skinny spandex GNR, Poison, Skid Row or they were "Dazed & Confused" with the likes of Zep and the Dead. I had heard plenty of Metallica but when a buddy produced a copy of Megadeth's 'Countdown to Extinction', that really upped the ante.

So what's a kid to do with very little cash flow, absolutely no window shopping at the stores and very few peers to consult with?

You go to the WORLD WIDE WEB. ...

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Cave In Leng Tch'e
Lost Horizon The Great Deceiver
Big Dumb Face Disturbed
Grave Digger Deceased
Neck Twisted Tower Dire
Kataklysm Warhorse
Queensryche Liege Lord
Crematorium Wizard
Cage Johnny Lokke
The Chainsaw Goat Horn
Evolution Endless Time
Fireball Ministry Chainsnap
Lanfear Assrockers
Crystal Eyes Nordheim
Vhaldemar Halloween
Attacker Whitesnake
Fairyland Dreamaker
Tesla Volbeat
Soil I Hate Sally
Devil To Pay Jag Panzer
downBleed W.A.S.P.
Metalium Highlord
U.D.O. Gary Moore
Lonewolf House of Lords
Megadeth Polterchrist
Internal Bleeding Slowlife
Six Feet Under The Project Hate
Haunted By Angels The Lizards
Ironhorse Mirror of Deception
Angra Dark Tranquillity
The New Breed Audiovision
Entombed Miles Beyond
Necrophagia Labyrinth
Heartcry Suidakra
Car Bomb Chuck Schuldiner
Diecast Kaamos
Marduk Bleed The Sky
Debris Inc. Ignitor
Raintime Green Carnation
Mirador God Among Insects
Maximum Overdrive Monolithe
Sebastian Bach Killing Spree
Fates Warning Devil Lee Rot
Resurrecturis Sheavy
Havochate To The Bone
V:28 1349
Forever Slave Dechrist
Cryogen Dreamland
Gojira Vile
Infliction Avulsed
Urizen Torture Killer
Virgin Steele Taunusheim
Sodom Craft
Codeon 286
Upwards of Endtime The Berzerker
The Ocean Valhalla
Silver Dirt The Smashup
Warrant (Amer) Vreid
Athanator Gorgoroth
Swashbuckle Hydrogyn
Sahg Agalloch
Zero Hour Death Breath
Pretty Maids The Finals
Amputated Cult of Daath
Lupara Lesbian Bed Death
Obtest E-lane
Demise Handful of Hate
Blood Tsunami Melechesh
Manticore Lord Belial
Mindgrinder Necrophobic
Merciless Death White Willow
Almah Glorior Belli
Blut Aus Nord Malevolent Creation
Funeral Hearse
Fight Faith And Fire
Cauldron Dantesco
Averse Sefira Glenn Hughes
Cockpit 40 Below Summer
Rosetta Aetherius Obscuritas
Blood Haven SOS
Moonshine Bullet For My Valentine
Iron Fire Cursed
Papa Roach Faded Hope
Raven Dark Castle