World Wide Web Metal
A Look at the 90s Internet Culture

2/23/2016 2:33:19 PM by Frank Hill

A little over twenty years ago I had my sleeves rolled up, pen in my hand and CD mail order catalogues all over the floor. Back then there wasn't an Amazon or a CD Universe or anything of the sort. If you wanted a heavy metal CD (or vinyl record) in the 90s then you had to order it through a brick and mortar store like FYE (Camelot Music then) or a mom and pop that would be willing to go to the ends of the Earth to satisfy their mop headed metal consumers. It was difficult and often frustrating but when your phone rang or the mailman dropped in with that special delivery...man there just wasn't anything like it.

Being in my late teens in the early 90s meant very little exposure to the heavy stuff. Most of my high school was obsessed with the skinny spandex GNR, Poison, Skid Row or they were "Dazed & Confused" with the likes of Zep and the Dead. I had heard plenty of Metallica but when a buddy produced a copy of Megadeth's 'Countdown to Extinction', that really upped the ante.

So what's a kid to do with very little cash flow, absolutely no window shopping at the stores and very few peers to consult with?

You go to the WORLD WIDE WEB. ...

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Bathory Racer X
Loudness Mondo Generator
Grave Digger Neck
Anthrax Impellitteri
Goatwhore Machine Head
Kataklysm Dirty Power
Godsmack Nazareth
Majesty Advent
Dr. Butcher Alchemy X
Pelican Endless Time
Black Sabbath Fireball Ministry
Sevendust Thunderbolt
Victory Dream Weaver
Nordheim Stryper
Axenstar Hypocrisy
Krisiun Asperity
Royal Anguish Node
Superchrist Cryonic Temple
David Shankle Group Disarmonia Mundi
Metalium Iron Angel
Joe Stump Destructor
Meliah Rage Skeletonwitch
Rhapsody of Fire Wintersun
Scavenger Age Of Silence
Throcult Mine
Incantation Haunted By Angels
Silent Force Agnostic Front
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Seventh One
Betrayer Sonata Arctica
Crowbar Scenteria
Audiovision The Mighty Nimbus
Divine Fire Corrosion Of Conformity
Belef Seige of Hate
Quiet Riot Necrophagia
Hellfire Icarus Witch
Ravensthorn John Sykes
Crimson Moonlight Chaoswave
Bruce Dickinson Meshuggah
Operatika Strapping Young Lad
Gizmachi Throes of Dawn
Manntis Sothis
Amorphis Maximum Overdrive
Slough Feg Voyager
Monolithe Gemini 5
Leaves Eyes Ritual Killer
Dam Wetwork
Nuclear Assault Peccatum
Before The Dawn Penetrator
1349 Mabon
Algol3 Running Wild
Savage Circus Ewigkeit
Thrones Infliction
Dragonlord Motorhead
Virgin Steele Dismember
Machina Insense
Naked Beggars Blackmore's Night
Lair Of The Minotaur Beyond Fear
Upwards of Endtime Degree Absolute
Vore Cavalar
Candlemass Nicodemus
The Furor Abysmal Dawn
Bloodbound Dendura
Psycroptic Agalloch
From the Grave Woodtemple
Amputated Venom
Demise Phazm
Warmachine Warbringer
Manticore Five Finger Death Punch
Transmission 0 Malevolent Creation
Depressed Mode Destynation
Mongrel I Shalt Become
Rosetta Deceiver
Mortiis Demonic Symphony
Burzum SOS
Intolerant Bible Of The Devil
Papa Roach Something Beautiful
Mustasch My Dying Bride