New Interview with Christian Muenzner of Obscura, Spawn of Possession, Necrophagist, and Alkaloid
1/29/2016 5:25:47 PM by Frank Hill

Christian Muenzner, much beloved and respected by peers and fans alike, assumes a modest, gentle presence. Searing and shredding effortlessly through various studio appearances and bands like Obscura, Spawn of Possession, Necrophagist, and latest success, Alkaloid, over the past 15 years has made him a celebrated giant, even among other giants.

This has been made especially apparent over very recent weeks when he announced his third solo project, "The Fire Within" with his new-ish solo band, Eternity's End. With Alkaloid mates, Hannes Grossmann and Linus Klausenitzer, as well as Ian Parry and Jimmy Pitts, Muenzner started a crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo to recoup the heavy independent costs. Within 10 days, the goal has reached nearly 60 percent, with most of the backers vying for a signed copy of the CD and the tablature book of his previous project, "Beyond the Wall of Sleep."

Muenzner's passion for his craft is only fueled with greater fervor and continues to be a light of inspiration. Christian was nice enough to speak with Maximum Metal about his various projects, the impoverished industry, music theory, and the focal dystonia that affects his playing. Read T. Ray Verteramo's full interview here…[Full Interview Link]

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