Staff Year End Awards for 2015!
1/5/2016 4:23:50 PM by Frank Hill

We've gathered up our thoughts on the hard rock/metal releases of 2015! Even if you really don't give a shit what any of our opinions are, there are so many releases put out in this age of do-it-yourself creation that you may see names you missed, older bands you forgot existed or unknowns to look up and sample. It's all about getting the word out and supporting the music!

See what all the staff chose for the Year End here…[Full Column Link]

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· Cathedral· Into Eternity
· Leng Tch'e· Racer X
· Sinner· Grave
· Children Of Bodom· Vicious Mary
· Immolation· Poisonblack
· Solemnity· Rebellion
· Twelfth Gate· December
· Symphorce· Commit Suicide
· Godsmack· Seether
· Liege Lord· Firewind
· Conquest· Exawatt
· Endless Time· Black Sabbath
· The Graveyard Boulevard· Evanesce
· Rob Rock· Stryper
· Tad Morose· Drillpoint
· Pink Cream 69· Whitesnake
· Dreamaker· Cryonic Temple
· Gothic Knights· Exodus
· Evanescence· Leash Law
· Bleeding Inc· Devil In The Kitchen
· Mob Rules· Insomnium
· Joey Belladonna· Meliah Rage
· Black Destiny· Shadows Fall
· Unearth· Medusa
· Otep· Katagory V
· Valume Nob· GWAR
· Conquestador· Arch Enemy
· Haunted By Angels· Acheron
· Angra· Rush
· Feared Creation· Emerald Sun
· Gods Of Fire· Corrosion Of Conformity
· Requiem Aeternam· Maze Of Torment
· Soilwork· Yyrkoon
· the missing:· Darkthrone
· Novembers Doom· Drunkard
· Groundcrew· Defleshed
· Manntis· Mirador
· Graveworm· Amorphis
· Goddess Of Desire· Nuse
· Horna· Supagroup
· Killing Spree· Cannon
· Fates Warning· Resurrecturis
· A Lower Deep· Loits
· Lake Of Tears· Dragonia
· Before The Dawn· Russell Allen
· ASG· The Absence
· Overmars· Vile
· Dragonlord· Zero Down
· Dogs Of Winter· Torture Killer
· Gorefest· Hate
· Absolution· Beecher
· From This Day· Second Shadow
· Cardinale· Cannibal Corpse
· Lair Of The Minotaur· Nikki Puppet
· Firehouse· The Ocean
· Cataract· Candlemass
· Speed/Kill/Hate· Hate Profile
· Stormcrow· Jotunspor
· Psycroptic· Scary Manilow
· Fleshgore· From the Grave
· Shadows Within· Hurt
· Death Breath· Pretty Maids
· Anata· Isis
· Teeth of the Hydra· Eighteen Visions
· Venom· Lesbian Bed Death
· Demise· Lecherous Nocturne
· Steve Cone· Skullflower
· Diagnose: Lebensgefahr· Hardcore Superstar
· Threat Signal· Warbringer
· White Willow· Trenchfoot
· Blut Aus Nord· Lipstick Magazine
· Malevolent Creation· Ulcerate
· Keep of Kalessin· Hell N' Diesel
· Keldian· Cockpit
· Puscifer· Souls Of We
· Medieval Steel· Mar De Grises
· Bible Of The Devil· The More I See
· Deadsea· Luna Mortis
· Nasty Idols· Crown The Lost
· Suspyre