New Concert Report: Eviscera, Unleash the Archers, and Azathoth!
10/2/2015 4:48:39 PM by Frank Hill

On occasion, I'll consider my own preference of metal show venues. I've been in everything from theaters to basements to big stadiums. The Golden Pony is a decent-sized club in Harrisonburg, VA, with two full bars and a professional sound stage with original music shows. Tonight was three metal acts and two and a half hours of headbanging heaviness.

Eviscera, Unleash the Archers, and Azathoth were one of those shows where everyone seemed to be having a great time and after each set the bands were willing to mingle about, take pics with fans, share drinks, and personalize all the merch sold. It was a dedicated crowd with the same interest--handbanging and having a blast.

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