"Channeling Her Inner Viking": New Interview with Brittney Slayes of Unleash the Archers!
9/11/2015 10:21:48 AM by Frank Hill

With a name that evokes medieval imagery and a sense of urgency, Unleash The Archers formed as a band in Victoria, Canada in 2007 and have subsequently been developing a fanbase with the release of three full-lengths and one EP and by playing shows throughout North America. The band's combination of mythic subjects, melodic power metal guitars, Brittney Slayes' traditional lead vocals and harsh, male backing vocals are the staple of their genre-defying brand of music. With the success of their latest album, the band has been slowly infiltrating worldwide markets. Their increased global presence and talent led to the band signing with metal label Napalm Records and shows in Japan and China this year.

Maximum Metal had a chance to let Brittney channel her inner Viking on a wide range of subjects covering the band's sound, the new album Time Stands Still and its songs, touring plans, social media, and some really fun stuff.

Read on to learn how the band evolved and worked through their obstacles, her vocal inspirations, Hottest Chicks In Metal and man nipples, the "incestuousness" of the metal world, her Gemini sides, how love stories suck, yummy pot pies, comic books, what pisses her off, what she'd improve about herself, and her true God of Heavy Metal.

Read Frank Hill's full interview here…[Full Interview Link]

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