25 Albums We Love That You May Have Missed!
7/31/2015 5:49:57 PM by Frank Hill

There is a vast amount of hard rock and heavy metal bands releasing albums every year. A decade ago, we roughly estimated that there were somewhere in the range of 150,000 of those bands across the world. The Encyclopaedia Metallum website has almost 85,000 reviews alone. So many groups over time have released as little as one record before they disappeared like the fading notes of a concert encore.

With today's widely-available digital technology, more and more bands are able to put out music themselves and who knows exactly how many albums have been released since metal's inception 46 years ago.

We've put our collective writer heads together into a beastly hydra and dug through the mountains of metal we own for a special "25 Albums We Love That You May Have Missed" list.

These are the personal gems we've unearthed...

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· Anvil· Cave In
· Demons and Wizards· Hate Eternal
· Mudvayne· The Great Deceiver
· Twilight Odyssey· Tiamat
· Stratovarius· Deranged
· Seven Witches· Iron Maiden
· Dark Moor· Legend
· Firewind· Manowar
· Angel Dust· Valley's Eve
· Carnal Forge· Alchemy X
· H.I.M.· The Chainsaw
· Exawatt· Endless Time
· Nicta· Rob Rock
· Duke· Savatage
· Attacker· Wicked Sensation
· Riot· Evanescence
· Freakhouse· UFO
· Deep Purple· Wolf
· David Shankle Group· Van Helsing’s Curse
· Low Earth Orbit· Jorn
· House of Lords· Chapter VIII
· Lilitu· Dark Age
· Aina· Medusa
· Age Of Silence· Polterchrist
· Marshall Law· Internal Bleeding
· Slowlife· House of Shakira
· The Project Hate· Incantation
· Overlorde· Behemoth
· Angra· Triumph
· Dark Tranquillity· Emerald Sun
· Image· Corrosion Of Conformity
· Kamelot· Dirt
· Seige of Hate· Hellfire
· Icarus Witch· Angtoria
· Nevermore· Chuck Schuldiner
· Diecast· Antares
· Bleed The Sky· Bruce Dickinson
· Swallow The Sun· Ignitor
· Disbelief· Embraze
· Raging Speedhorn· Astarte
· Graveworm· Testament
· Unchained· Taake
· Supagroup· Gemini 5
· Frameless Scar· Power Quest
· Nightvision· Devil Lee Rot
· Clutch· Flotsam & Jetsam
· Nuclear Assault· V:28
· Violent Storm· Penetrator
· Third Degree· Mabon
· The Absence· Gojira
· Infliction· Urizen
· Zero Down· The Tenth Circle
· Virgin Steele· Vanquished
· Nobody's Fool· Craft
· Witchery· Cannibal Corpse
· Ephel Duath· Nightmare
· Daylight Dies· Boris
· Vore· Cavalar
· Apiary· Black Crucifixion
· Theater of Tragedy· Before Silence
· Smohalla· Space Odyssey
· Hydrogyn· Paul Bonrud
· Amon Amarth· Ynis Vitrin
· From the Grave· I
· The Abominable Iron Sloth· Wastefall
· Zoroaster· Isis
· Rotting Christ· Lesbian Bed Death
· Obtest· Lordi
· Winger· Demise
· Celtic Frost· Twisted Into Form
· The Gathering· In This Moment
· Merciless Death· Blood of the Black Owl
· White Wizzard· Passion
· Textures· Spit Like This
· Since the Day· Tears
· Denial Fiend· Glorior Belli
· Blut Aus Nord· Ulcerate
· Hell N' Diesel· Mass Extinction
· Pathology· Demonic Symphony
· Jesus Martyr· Manilla Road
· Armory· Kreator
· Godhead· Bullet For My Valentine
· Kiuas· Coffins
· Wolfgate· Eighteen Wheels Burning
· Caliban· Uli Jon Roth
· Sister Sin