25 Albums We Love That You May Have Missed!
7/31/2015 5:49:57 PM by Frank Hill

There is a vast amount of hard rock and heavy metal bands releasing albums every year. A decade ago, we roughly estimated that there were somewhere in the range of 150,000 of those bands across the world. The Encyclopaedia Metallum website has almost 85,000 reviews alone. So many groups over time have released as little as one record before they disappeared like the fading notes of a concert encore.

With today's widely-available digital technology, more and more bands are able to put out music themselves and who knows exactly how many albums have been released since metal's inception 46 years ago.

We've put our collective writer heads together into a beastly hydra and dug through the mountains of metal we own for a special "25 Albums We Love That You May Have Missed" list.

These are the personal gems we've unearthed...

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HammerFall Slipknot
Steel Prophet Tiamat
Exmortem Deceased
Cradle of Filth Twisted Tower Dire
Kataklysm Skullview
Commit Suicide Gun Barrel
Queensryche Steel Attack
Lamb of God Liege Lord
Legend Angel Dust
Valley's Eve Pyn Siren
Hammerwhore Ion Vein
Black Sabbath The Graveyard Boulevard
Mourning Beloveth Lanfear
Dream Weaver Rob Rock
Sinergy Stalker
Halloween Pharaoh
Primal Fear DevilDriver
Defiled Project: Failing Flesh
Secret Sphere F5
Volbeat Node
Funerus Celesty
Deep Purple Wolf
Skyfire Highlord
Low Earth Orbit Velvet Revolver
Gary Moore House of Lords
Juggernott Mob Rules
Insomnium Final Dawn
Lullacry Nashville Pussy
Megadeth Valume Nob
Marshall Law Necrodemon
GWAR Six Feet Under
Negative Creeps Anger
The 7 Method Betrayer
Napalm Death John Oliva's Pain
Kinetic Rottweiller
Impaled Astral Doors
Mechanical Poet Icarus Witch
Ravensthorn Backyard Babies
John Sykes Wolverine
Marduk Chaoswave
Oathean God Fear None
Frantic Bleep Drunkard
Magica Fire Alley
Operatika Gizmachi
Sinisthra Throes of Dawn
Shade Empire Pro-Pain
Disbelief Goddess Of Desire
Dynamic Lights Alice Cooper
Nightvision Devil Lee Rot
Holy Blood Loits
Mercyful Fate Monster Magnet
Dirty Americans Ignarus
The Firstborn Algol3
Balatonizer Urizen
Dragonlord Sinocence
Insense Fallen Wisdom
Intronaut Thyrane
Steep Valhalla
Manngard Bal-Sagoth
The Strongest Proof Non-Human Level
Cult of Luna Jotunspor
Paul Bonrud Time Requiem
Shadows Within The Ruins of Beverast
Setherial Belphegor
The Finals Thy Majestie
Amputated Lesbian Bed Death
Fu Manchu Stonegard
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr Battered
Terry Sullivan Static-X
Zyklon Textures
The Prophecy Gotthard
Pentacle Rob Zombie
Wuthering Heights Trenchfoot
Kruger David Galas
JR Ewing Keep of Kalessin
Diamond Dogs Frosthardr
Spheric Universe Experience Heresi
Averse Sefira Bilocate
40 Below Summer Sin
Coffins Eighteen Wheels Burning
Sotajumala Earthen Grave