25 Albums We Love That You May Have Missed!
7/31/2015 5:49:57 PM by Frank Hill

There is a vast amount of hard rock and heavy metal bands releasing albums every year. A decade ago, we roughly estimated that there were somewhere in the range of 150,000 of those bands across the world. The Encyclopaedia Metallum website has almost 85,000 reviews alone. So many groups over time have released as little as one record before they disappeared like the fading notes of a concert encore.

With today's widely-available digital technology, more and more bands are able to put out music themselves and who knows exactly how many albums have been released since metal's inception 46 years ago.

We've put our collective writer heads together into a beastly hydra and dug through the mountains of metal we own for a special "25 Albums We Love That You May Have Missed" list.

These are the personal gems we've unearthed...

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Cave In In Flames
Nightwish Sinner
White Skull Twilight Odyssey
Carpathian Forest Karaboudjan
Exmortem Neck
Impellitteri Stratovarius
Twisted Tower Dire Norma Jean
Kalibas Celestial Ode
Overkill Steel Attack
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Dark Moor
Angel Dust Dr. Butcher
Black Label Society Cage
Alchemy X The Chainsaw
Circle of Nero Exawatt
Byfist Supervillain
Shakra Saint
Godiva Dragonforce
King Diamond Rob Rock
Sinergy Beautiful Creatures
Duke Attacker
Primal Fear Wicked Sensation
Body Count Out of the Lair
Tesla Node
Celesty Scala Mercalli
Exodus Evanescence
Bang The Union Freakhouse
Cans Gary Moore
Lonewolf Fabrizio Bonanno
Scorpions Bonfire
Killswitch Engage Imp
Occult Dark Age
Nashville Pussy Katagory V
Jungle Rot House of Shakira
Tartharia Arch Enemy
Haunted By Angels Anger
Napalm Death Gods Of Fire
Rottweiller Loudblast
Soilwork Sabaton
Yyrkoon Carbomb
Mystic Prophecy Oathean
Chastain Thunderblast
Slumber Groundcrew
Amorphis Darkane
Goddess Of Desire Kult ov Azazel
Nuse Leaves Eyes
Dam Frameless Scar
Power Quest Resurrecturis
Havochate Scar Symmetry
Warchild Painmuseum
Lake Of Tears Redemption
Pagan's Mind Dragonia
Before The Dawn Evergrey
Arthemis Phantom X
Dechrist Vile
Wolfmother Bronx Casket Company
Zero Down Dogs Of Winter
Motorhead Absu
Enforsaken Totalisti
Tandjent Upwards of Endtime
Degree Absolute Event Horizon
Phoenix Mourning Vreid
Athanator Down Factor
Dream Or Nightmare Speed/Kill/Hate
TK-421 Royal Hunt
Spawn of Possession Azure
Psycroptic Hurt
Enochian Crescent Battle Bratt
Lupara Obtest
Escape The Fate Winger
Cheva Quest of Aidance
Steve Cone Handful of Hate
Twisted Into Form Lost Eden
Terry Sullivan Dream Theater
Manticore Necrophobic
Zyklon Divine Empire
Rob Zombie Manes
Transmission 0 Blut Aus Nord
Himsa Echoes of Eternity
Keldian Destynation
Diamond Dogs Frosthardr
Mass Extinction Father Befouled
Jesus Martyr Straight Line Stitch
Burzum To-Mera
Moonshine Embalming Theatre
Son of Eric Raven