Metal Styles Charted Against Listener Reaction!
7/17/2015 1:50:57 PM by Frank Hill

Every now and then, some of my non-metal friends ask me what I'm listening to. Here's an ascending chart of how the music style influenced the listeners' reactions. It's fairly predictable, but Glam wins out as the friendliest where Black and Death tie for the most horrific reactions of this non-scientific study of hard rock and metal styles plotted against listener reaction.

Typical Bands Played
Glam - Poison
Hard Rock - AC\DC
Progressive - Rush
NWOBHM - Iron Maiden
Power - Helloween
Nu - Korn
Industrial - Ministry
Doom - Black Sabbath
Gothic - Therion
NWOAHM - Killswitch Engage
Thrash - Overkill
Metalcore - Hatebreed
Black - Emperor
Death - Cannibal Corpse

Let it be your Maximum Metal guide to attracting your visitors or even for getting rid of a few!

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Hate Eternal Nightwish
Scanner The Haunted
Grave BloodDuster
Carpathian Forest Tiamat
Neck Twisted Tower Dire
Celestial Ode Fozzy
Liege Lord Wizard
Manowar October 31
Endless Time Supervillain
Inner Rage of Emotion Chainsnap
King Diamond Dream Weaver
Sinergy Murdercycle
Defiled Asperity
Body Count Soul Reaper
Royal Anguish F5
Three Inches of Blood I Hate Sally
Superchrist Celesty
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Messiah's Kiss
Bleeding Inc Wolf
Donnerkopf Ministry
Zaius Dragonspoon
Acrid Therion
Mob Rules Ungodly
Lilitu Dream Evil
Saxon Rhapsody of Fire
Nashville Pussy Age Of Silence
Necrodemon Tartharia
Throcult Within Temptation
Acheron Negative Creeps
Blind Guardian The 7 Method
Feared Creation Paradise Lost
Crowbar Gods Of Fire
The Mighty Nimbus Entombed
Maze Of Torment Labyrinth
Sabaton Strikelight
Tarot Kaamos
Oathean Derek Sherinian
Lord Gore Fire Alley
Swallow The Sun Ignitor
Callenish Circle Babylon
Throes of Dawn Green Carnation
Biss Groundcrew
Raging Speedhorn Python
Naglfar Amorphis
Slough Feg Monolithe
Widow Sheavy
Edenbridge Painmuseum
Future is Tomorrow Lake Of Tears
Peccatum Illuminatus
Russell Allen Forever Slave
Paths Of Possession Balatonizer
Even X Mistress
Ram-Zet Wolfmother
Chain Collector The Classic Struggle
Celebratum Sinocence
Vanquished Insense
Sodom Second Shadow
Cardinale Codeon
Cryptopsy Event Horizon
Viron Phoenix Mourning
Cavalar Nicodemus
The Furor The Strongest Proof
Non-Human Level Suzukiton
Azure Psycroptic
Vicious Rumors Pretty Maids
Oblomov Amputated
Twinball Winger
Extium The Gathering
Melechesh Lost Eden
Throne of Katarsis Mindgrinder
Satariel Chrome Division
Five Finger Death Punch Mithras
Gotthard Hacride
Spit Like This Rob Zombie
Tears Retrospective
Throneum Destynation
Pathology Alkemyst
Glenn Hughes Witchfinder General
SOS Virgin Black
The Lamp of Thoth Uriah Heep
Faded Hope Wolfgate