New Performers Added to Our Metal Maidens Section!
2/3/2015 5:00:09 PM by Frank H.

Heavy metal and hard rock is usually a Man's Game, but women have made their own mark with power, grace, beauty and pure guts. Every now and then, with a seemingly random method of choosing, we add to our ever-expanding Maidens section.

Look for eleven new entries featuring pictures of:

  • Anna Murphy - Eluveitie
  • Anna Savage - Vanity Blvd
  • Brittney Slayes - Unleash The Archers
  • Carla van Huizen-Douw - La-Ventura
  • Fernanda Lira - Nervosa
  • Francesca Di Ventura - Heretic's Dream
  • Lee Aaron
  • Nina Osegueda - A Sound of Thunder
  • Madame Torment
  • Polina Berezko - Grace Disgraced
  • Tave Wanning - Adrenaline Rush
  • Taylor Momsen - The Pretty Reckless

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    LA Guns Leng Tch'e
    Racer X Nightwish
    Karaboudjan Rebellion
    Neck December
    Twisted Tower Dire Machine Head
    Commit Suicide Gun Barrel
    Overkill Nazareth
    Widowmaker Ravage
    Sickspeed Masterplan
    Metallica Abigor
    Powergod Valley's Eve
    Vyndykator Pelican
    Endless Time Saint
    SelfInflicted Iced Earth
    Inner Rage of Emotion Godiva
    Fireball Ministry Crystal Eyes
    Nordheim Eidolon
    Hypocrisy Probot
    Project: Failing Flesh Brides of Destruction
    Doro Royal Anguish
    Neverland Soil
    Silver Mountain Jaw
    Messiah's Kiss W.A.S.P.
    Low Earth Orbit Hatework
    Dimmu Borgir Juggernott
    Joe Lynn Turner Joey Belladonna
    Lilitu Aina
    Nashville Pussy Annihilator
    I.C.E. Jungle Rot
    Jamie. St. James Six Feet Under
    Mirror of Deception Seventh One
    Napalm Death Azrael's Bane
    Of Infinity Milkweed
    Emerald Sun Helgrind
    Rottweiller Kings X
    Crionics Hellfueled
    Veni Domine Backyard Babies
    Boomerang Omegalord
    Meshuggah Frantic Bleep
    Fire Alley Strapping Young Lad
    Thunderblast Neil Turbin
    Slumber Nightrage
    Ivory Knight Defleshed
    Rudra Sentenced
    Slik Helvetika Dam
    Frameless Scar Power Quest
    Cannon Widow
    Sheavy Blitzkrieg
    A Lower Deep Lake Of Tears
    Russell Allen Crystal Fate
    Dirty Americans 1349
    Barcode Ewigkeit
    Balatonizer Gojira
    Celebratum Bronx Casket Company
    God Forbid Gorefest
    Absolution Cardinale
    Cannibal Corpse Poison
    286 Nikki Puppet
    Boris Clawfinger
    Event Horizon Vore
    Ampast Candlemass
    Dreams of Damnation Stormcrow
    Dawn of Azazel Royal Hunt
    Spawn of Possession Fragments of Unbecoming
    Unsilent Phenomenon Sahg
    Mouth of the Architect Shadows Within
    Woodtemple I
    Skyforger Pump
    Anata Belphegor
    Battle Bratt Isis
    Lesbian Bed Death Obtest
    The Showdown Better Left Unsaid
    Skullflower Stonegard
    Battered Lord Belial
    Mindgrinder Satariel
    Textures Hacride
    Ulcerate Cauldron
    Hell N' Diesel Diamond Dogs
    Orthodox Gutted With Broken Glass
    Mortiis Demonic Symphony
    To-Mera Moonshine
    Godhead Equilibrium
    The Lamp of Thoth Mustasch
    Uli Jon Roth