New Performers Added to Our Metal Maidens Section!
2/3/2015 5:00:09 PM by Frank H.

Heavy metal and hard rock is usually a Man's Game, but women have made their own mark with power, grace, beauty and pure guts. Every now and then, with a seemingly random method of choosing, we add to our ever-expanding Maidens section.

Look for eleven new entries featuring pictures of:

  • Anna Murphy - Eluveitie
  • Anna Savage - Vanity Blvd
  • Brittney Slayes - Unleash The Archers
  • Carla van Huizen-Douw - La-Ventura
  • Fernanda Lira - Nervosa
  • Francesca Di Ventura - Heretic's Dream
  • Lee Aaron
  • Nina Osegueda - A Sound of Thunder
  • Madame Torment
  • Polina Berezko - Grace Disgraced
  • Tave Wanning - Adrenaline Rush
  • Taylor Momsen - The Pretty Reckless

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    Attacker DevilDriver
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    Fairyland Force Of Evil
    Cryonic Temple Funerus
    Messiah's Kiss W.A.S.P.
    Epica Nova Lex
    Ministry Zaius
    Black Zodiac Hatework
    Acrid Insomnium
    Skeletonwitch Saxon
    Occult Dark Age
    Tearabyte Medusa
    Nashville Pussy Internal Bleeding
    Ironhorse Negative Creeps
    Avenue F Rush
    Twisted Sister Paradise Lost
    The Apocalyptic Riders Kings X
    Belef Quiet Riot
    Car Bomb Desire Black
    Kaamos Severe Torture
    Oathean Novembers Doom
    Omegalord Operatika
    Strapping Young Lad Neil Turbin
    Grand Magus Def Leppard
    Disbelief Mirador
    Sothis Darkane
    Slough Feg Unshine
    Secrets She Kept Power Quest
    Sheavy Morgana Lefay
    Edenbridge The Scourger
    Russell Allen Sun O)))
    Mabon Savage Circus
    Thrones Cryogen
    Dreamland Overmars
    Celebratum Vanquished
    Absolution Vader
    End of Level Boss Brother Hawk
    End My Sorrow Across Tundras
    Poison Wolves in the Throne Room
    Bal-Sagoth Bludgeon
    The Furor TK-421
    Black Crucifixion Spawn of Possession
    Theater of Tragedy Cult of Luna
    Gorgoroth Suzukiton
    Bloodbound Dendura
    Amon Amarth Sahg
    Skid Row Time Requiem
    Mouth of the Architect Vicious Rumors
    Setherial Lordi
    The Gathering Fu Manchu
    Diagnose: Lebensgefahr With Passion
    Threat Signal Static-X
    Madking Ludwig Crescent Shield
    Merciless Death Grenouer
    Cattle Decapitation Textures
    Antigama Retrospective
    Glorior Belli Fight
    Sworn Enemy Keep of Kalessin
    Echoes of Eternity Destynation
    I Shalt Become Ride The Sky
    Mortiis Demonic Symphony
    The Obsessed Witchfinder General
    Blood Haven Straight Line Stitch
    Equilibrium Bullet For My Valentine
    Alestorm Nasty Idols
    Sotajumala Giant Squid
    Sister Sin