Staff Year End Awards for 2014!
1/3/2015 8:59:42 PM by Frank Hill

We've gathered up our thoughts on the hard rock/metal releases of 2015! Even if you really don't G.A.F. what any of our opinions are, there are so many releases put out in this age of do-it-yourself creation that you may see names you missed, older bands you forgot existed or unknowns to look up and sample. It's all about getting the word out and supporting the music!

See what all the staff chose for the Year End here…[Full Column Link]

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· Bathory· Demons and Wizards
· Into Eternity· Steel Prophet
· Exmortem· Perzonal War
· Rebellion· Grave Digger
· Neck· Stratovarius
· Twisted Tower Dire· Skullview
· Solace· Mortician
· Ravage· God Dethroned
· Dr. Butcher· Valley's Eve
· Cage· Endless Time
· Fireball Ministry· Lanfear
· Evanesce· Malstrom
· Sinergy· Stryper
· Windseeker· Halloween
· Hypocrisy· Murdercycle
· Whitesnake· Edguy
· Asperity· Tesla
· Mother Misery· Three Inches of Blood
· Celesty· Bang The Union
· Velvet Revolver· Dragonspoon
· Hatework· Schenker/ Pattison Summit
· Devil In The Kitchen· After Forever
· Saxon· Occult
· Z02· Polterchrist
· Chris Caffery· Tartharia
· Paradise Lost· Audiovision
· Miles Beyond· Kings X
· Kamelot· Requiem Aeternam
· Soilwork· Labyrinth
· Yyrkoon· Hellfire
· Mechanical Poet· Desire Black
· Nevermore· Backyard Babies
· John Sykes· the missing:
· Antares· Marduk
· Chaoswave· Freedom Call
· Pure Inc· Axis Of Perdition
· Strapping Young Lad· Thunderblast
· System Of A Down· Ramesses
· Sinisthra· Rudra
· Raging Speedhorn· God Among Insects
· Maximum Overdrive· Subterranean Masquerade
· Testament· Dark Funeral
· Kult ov Azazel· Sebastian Bach
· Alice Cooper· Thor
· Love Forsaken· Edenbridge
· Iron Maidens· Scar Symmetry
· Future is Tomorrow· Mercyful Fate
· Dirty Americans· Winterfell
· Bolt Thrower· Sun O)))
· Casus Belli· Arthemis
· Dreamland· Ram-Zet
· Chain Collector· Skullshifter
· Vanquished· Hate
· Beecher· Machina
· End My Sorrow· Thryfing
· Totalisti· Blackmore's Night
· Upwards of Endtime· Tris Katone
· Degree Absolute· Leviathan/Sapthuran
· Viron· Phoenix Mourning
· Cavalar· Cataract
· Down Factor· TK-421
· Apiary· Upon Infliction
· Dawn of Azazel· Theater of Tragedy
· Before Silence· Fragments of Unbecoming
· Gorgoroth· Bloodbound
· Destruction· Hydrogyn
· Ynis Vitrin· I
· Zero Hour· Death Breath
· Enochian Crescent· Thy Majestie
· Rotting Christ· Teeth of the Hydra
· Venom· Panzerchrist
· Twisted Into Form· Warmachine
· Blood Tsunami· Stonegard
· Diagnose: Lebensgefahr· Terry Sullivan
· Crescent Shield· Blood of the Black Owl
· Nagelfar· Aborted
· Blut Aus Nord· Hearse
· Nation Beyond· Keldian
· Diamond Dogs· Mass Extinction
· Jesus Martyr· Moonshine
· Godhead· Bible Of The Devil
· Kiuas· Luna Mortis
· Coffins· Ihsahn
· Battleroar· Caliban
· Sister Sin