New Column--Heavy Metal Therapy: Part Deux
12/3/2014 4:29:36 PM by Frank H.

Think back for a moment about the first time you heard your first note of heavy metal. Remember the feeling it gave you, that euphoric lift that rose from the core of your soul and erupted out of you like a primal scream? For years, metal has evoked reactions of every sort from its dedicated followers. At any given metal show, chances are good you'll see someone crying or someone screaming along with the lyrics. Everyone's experience with metal as some sort of therapy is specific to that individual and is something that cements that person's relationship with metal that much more. What follows is my story of abuse, death, and "Heavy Metal Therapy". Read Greg Watson's story here...[Full Column Link]

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· LA Guns· Loudness
· Carpathian Forest· Narziß
· Helloween· Overkill
· Usurper· Widowmaker
· Crematorium· Angel Dust
· Dr. Butcher· Brainstorm
· The Chainsaw· Nicta
· SelfInflicted· Iced Earth
· Paragon· Bloodbath
· Sevendust· Curriculum Mortis
· Morbid Angel· Victory
· Eidolon· Vhaldemar
· Halloween· Hypocrisy
· Asperity· Cryonic Temple
· Riot· Jaw
· Leash Law· Wolf
· Epica· Gamma Ray
· Ministry· Brutal Mastication
· Acrid· Insomnium
· After Forever· Aina
· Lullacry· Theocracy
· Katagory V· Eternal Flight
· Annihilator· Tartharia
· Within Temptation· Overlorde
· Jackyl· Napalm Death
· Azrael's Bane· Cradle To Grave
· Emerald Sun· Gods Of Fire
· The New Breed· Entombed
· Quiet Riot· Hellfire
· Suidakra· Icarus Witch
· Wolverine· Darkthrone
· Argument Soul· Kaamos
· Chaoswave· God Fear None
· Derek Sherinian· Bruce Dickinson
· Meshuggah· Debris Inc.
· System Of A Down· Ignitor
· Throes of Dawn· Shade Empire
· Embraze· Blind Stare
· Rudra· Python
· Sothis· Amorphis
· Darkane· Circus Maximus
· Killing Spree· Nightvision
· Sheavy· Holy Blood
· Agents Of The Sun· Blitzkrieg
· The Atomic Bitchwax· Dragonia
· Evergrey· Armored Saint
· Penetrator· Forever Slave
· Mabon· Algol3
· Shattersphere· The Absence
· Phantom X· Even X
· Mistress· Cryogen
· Detonation· Sodom
· End My Sorrow· Naked Beggars
· Beyond Fear· Wolves in the Throne Room
· The Berzerker· Cryptopsy
· The Ocean· Pyramaze
· Ampast· Candlemass
· Nicodemus· The Furor
· Apiary· Spawn of Possession
· Gorgoroth· Bloodbound
· She Said Destroy· Hydrogyn
· War Within· Time Requiem
· Mouth of the Architect· The Ruins of Beverast
· Abominant· Belphegor
· The Abominable Iron Sloth· Oblomov
· Rotting Christ· Teeth of the Hydra
· Cult of Daath· Lordi
· E-lane· Winger
· Steve Cone· Urkraft
· Gaza· Warmachine
· Hardcore Superstar· Onslaught
· Terry Sullivan· Dream Theater
· Mindgrinder· Madking Ludwig
· White Willow· Textures
· Rob Zombie· Blut Aus Nord
· Throneum· Architect
· Keldian· Frosthardr
· Dantesco· Alkemyst
· Ride The Sky· Father Befouled
· The Obsessed· Godhead
· Virgin Black· The Lamp of Thoth
· Alestorm· Place Of Skulls
· UFOmammut· Giant Squid