New Column--Heavy Metal Therapy: Part Deux
12/3/2014 4:29:36 PM by Frank H.

Think back for a moment about the first time you heard your first note of heavy metal. Remember the feeling it gave you, that euphoric lift that rose from the core of your soul and erupted out of you like a primal scream? For years, metal has evoked reactions of every sort from its dedicated followers. At any given metal show, chances are good you'll see someone crying or someone screaming along with the lyrics. Everyone's experience with metal as some sort of therapy is specific to that individual and is something that cements that person's relationship with metal that much more. What follows is my story of abuse, death, and "Heavy Metal Therapy". Read Greg Watson's story here...[Full Column Link]

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LA Guns Scanner
Twilight Odyssey Dokken
Solemnity Anthrax
Stratovarius December
Machine Head Skullview
Helloween Warhorse
Nazareth Rawhead Rexx
God Dethroned Alchemy X
Pelican Tungsten
Nicta Catch 22
Inner Rage of Emotion Wycked Synn
Mourning Beloveth Victory
Duke Windseeker
Slayer Brides of Destruction
Shiva Death Angel
Black Stone Cherry Celesty
Exodus UFO
Graveland Low Earth Orbit
U.D.O. Gary Moore
Marillion Ministry
Brutal Mastication Insomnium
Black Destiny Metal Church
Final Dawn Images of Eden
Shadows Fall Dio
Z02 I.C.E.
Jungle Rot Internal Bleeding
Overlorde Agnostic Front
Hanzel Und Gretyl Sonata Arctica
Cradle To Grave Helgrind
Image Ligeia
Rottweiller Hellfueled
Hibria Yyrkoon
Vicious Circle Tarot
Suidakra Desire Black
Kaamos God Fear None
Derek Sherinian Bruce Dickinson
Chastain Kryoburn
Swallow The Sun Callenish Circle
Raintime Babylon
Burden Of Grief Shade Empire
Slumber Def Leppard
Graveworm Vicious Art
Maximum Overdrive Subterranean Masquerade
Unchained Secrets She Kept
Evemaster To The Bone
Mercyful Fate Lake Of Tears
V:28 Russell Allen
Crystal Fate Dirty Americans
Ignarus Third Degree
Mistress Cryogen
Dragonlord Zero Down
Dismember Absolution
Absu Vader
Nobody's Fool Fallen Wisdom
Cardinale Cannibal Corpse
Codeon Daylight Dies
Moonspell Silver Dirt
Candlemass Speed/Kill/Hate
Bludgeon The Furor
Abysmal Dawn Black Crucifixion
Jotunspor Space Odyssey
She Said Destroy Swashbuckle
Nachtmystium Agalloch
Vicious Rumors Zero Hour
The Finals Zoroaster
Satyricon Biolich
E-lane Middian
Kotipelto Onslaught
Battered Omnium Gatherum
Incrave White Wizzard
Pantera The Prophecy
Ulcerate Fight
Sworn Enemy Himsa
Night Ranger Pathology
Alkemyst Averse Sefira
Gutted With Broken Glass Jesus Martyr
SOS Armory
Mar De Grises Bible Of The Devil
Kiuas Ihsahn
Something Beautiful Battleroar