10/30/2014 4:41:44 PM by Frank H.

Maximum Metal Magazine Halloween 14 is alive in time for the night of spooks!

In our Halloween edition, highlights include:
•    Interview with horror author Matt Serafini
•    Classic horror interview with October 31/Deceased King Fowley.
•    A look back at the 1986 film "Trick or Treat"
•    Metal in the Movies - metal musicians in horror films
•    Metal Maidens - Halloween Edition!
•    Top 10 Horror Movie soundtrack songs
•    Road Report from Halloween Horror Nights 24
•    Cool scary metal ads

Maximum Metal magazine is available in an online format and a PDF version you can view and download.

And the issue is FREE to view and share!!!

Read it, download it, share it with your friends, print it for the monster in your closet, the ghoul under your bed, and the six personalities in your head. Send a copy to all your online social fiends in the Phantasm Dimension, at the Miskatonic University, in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica! Check it out right in here…
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