Maximum Metal's Eric Compton Launches New Heavy Metal Book Series: Denim & Letters!
10/28/2014 2:45:52 PM by Frank H.

After nearly 1,000 written reviews, our senior editor ERIC COMPTON has launched a new alphabetical book series, "DENIM & LETTERS"!!!

This first installment, "PIECES OF A", is a mammoth collection featuring all of Compton's thorough online reviews plus additional reviews written exclusively for the book. Included are detailed commentaries from the bands represented here, from hard rock acts like ACCEPT and AMERICAN DOG to extremists like ABYSMAL DAWN and THE ARCANE ORDER. Eric has meticulously gathered over 130 reviews and over 30 interviews spanning a 15 year period from 1999-2014. This 31,000 word volume is loaded with bands describing their body of work over multiple sub-genres of heavy metal music. More on his NEW book series here…[Book info]

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· Mudvayne· Opeth
· The Haunted· Vehemence
· Big Dumb Face· Tiamat
· Exmortem· Grave Digger
· Stratovarius· Kataklysm
· Commit Suicide· Celestial Ode
· Warhorse· Seether
· Nazareth· Iron Maiden
· Fozzy· Sickspeed
· Legend· Firewind
· Power of Omens· Black Label Society
· Conquest· Brainstorm
· Endless Time· Agony Divine
· Saint· Catch 22
· Biomechanical· Fireball Ministry
· Mourning Beloveth· Lanfear
· Evanesce· Guardians Of Time
· Axenstar· Eidolon
· Tad Morose· Attacker
· Pink Cream 69· DevilDriver
· Soul Reaper· Neverland
· Three Inches of Blood· Shiva
· I Hate Sally· Silver Mountain
· Killik· Jaw
· Babylon Mystery Orchestra· Evanescence
· Madison Paige· Gary Moore
· Dragonspoon· Hatework
· Estuary· Dimmu Borgir
· Acrid· Skeletonwitch
· After Forever· Killswitch Engage
· Metal Church· Imp
· Aina· Otep
· Age Of Silence· Z02
· Mine· Witchburner
· Six Feet Under· Haunted By Angels
· Negative Creeps· Blind Guardian
· Trans-Siberian Orchestra· Tsjuder
· Rush· Dark Tranquillity
· Gods Of Fire· Helgrind
· The New Breed· Blood Red Throne
· Vicious Circle· Strikelight
· Hellfire· Mechanical Poet
· Suidakra· Apocalyptica
· Chuck Schuldiner· Mystic Prophecy
· Chaoswave· Bleed The Sky
· Omegalord· Meshuggah
· Kinrick· Swallow The Sun
· Gizmachi· Burden Of Grief
· Ivory Knight· Groundcrew
· God Among Insects· Sentenced
· Goddess Of Desire· Unshine
· Prowler Inc.· Horna
· Gemini 5· Leaves Eyes
· Nightvision· Cannon
· Edenbridge· A Lower Deep
· V:28· Monster Magnet
· Russell Allen· Ignarus
· Thrones· Cryogen
· Dreamland· Avulsed
· Mastermind· Dragonlord
· Torture Killer· Vanquished
· Machina· Insense
· Mental Care Foundation· Pile of Heads
· Upwards of Endtime· Hell-Born
· Scum· Manngard
· Silver Dirt· The Smackdown
· Cavalar· Hirax
· Bludgeon· Michael Orlando
· Unsilent Phenomenon· Smohalla
· Psycroptic· The Ruins of Beverast
· Zero Hour· Belphegor
· Battle Bratt· Teeth of the Hydra
· Obtest· Deicide
· Urkraft· Handful of Hate
· Lord Belial· Grenouer
· Incrave· Mithras
· Divine Empire· Tears
· Warner Drive· Glorior Belli
· Lipstick Magazine· Ulcerate
· David Galas· JR Ewing
· Hearse· Faith And Fire
· Architect· Mongrel
· Dantesco· Orthodox
· I Shalt Become· 40 Below Summer
· Deceiver· Pop Evil
· Straight Line Stitch· Armory
· Moonshine· Alestorm
· Son of Eric· Something Beautiful
· My Dying Bride· Raven