Maximum Metal's Eric Compton Launches New Heavy Metal Book Series: Denim & Letters!
10/28/2014 2:45:52 PM by Frank H.

After nearly 1,000 written reviews, our senior editor ERIC COMPTON has launched a new alphabetical book series, "DENIM & LETTERS"!!!

This first installment, "PIECES OF A", is a mammoth collection featuring all of Compton's thorough online reviews plus additional reviews written exclusively for the book. Included are detailed commentaries from the bands represented here, from hard rock acts like ACCEPT and AMERICAN DOG to extremists like ABYSMAL DAWN and THE ARCANE ORDER. Eric has meticulously gathered over 130 reviews and over 30 interviews spanning a 15 year period from 1999-2014. This 31,000 word volume is loaded with bands describing their body of work over multiple sub-genres of heavy metal music. More on his NEW book series here…[Book info]

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· Bathory· HammerFall
· The Kovenant· Leng Tch'e
· Lost Horizon· Vehemence
· White Skull· Mondo Generator
· Dokken· December
· Norma Jean· Circle II Circle
· Vaginal Carnage· Advent
· Iron Maiden· Rawhead Rexx
· Fozzy· Masterplan
· October 31· Pelican
· H.I.M.· Exawatt
· Agony Divine· Supervillain
· Black Sabbath· Fireball Ministry
· The Graveyard Boulevard· Dream Weaver
· Beautiful Creatures· Stalker
· Halloween· Fraise
· Wicked Sensation· Deivos
· Out of the Lair· Fairyland
· Hard Echo· Mother Misery
· I Hate Sally· Celesty
· Scala Mercalli· Highlord
· Gary Moore· Ministry
· Black Zodiac· Dragonspoon
· House of Lords· Goatsnake
· Killswitch Engage· Saxon
· Images of Eden· Shadows Fall
· Dio· Aina
· Katagory V· GWAR
· Tartharia· Negative Creeps
· The 7 Method· Avenue F
· Sonata Arctica· John Oliva's Pain
· Feared Creation· Milkweed
· Corrosion Of Conformity· Labyrinth
· Hibria· Soulscar
· Cemetary· Alex Skolnick Trio
· Bruce Dickinson· Frantic Bleep
· Fire Alley· Grand Magus
· Def Leppard· Embraze
· Communic· Dark Funeral
· Kult ov Azazel· Nuse
· Cannon· Devil Lee Rot
· Resurrecturis· Clutch
· Iron Maidens· Loits
· Mercyful Fate· Crystal Fate
· Violent Storm· Dirty Americans
· Sun O)))· Twilight
· Shattersphere· Mistress
· Spellbound· Cryogen
· Doomfoxx· Gojira
· Infliction· Asrai
· Define Divine· Dogs Of Winter
· Absolution· Absu
· Sodom· Enforsaken
· Pile of Heads· Witchery
· Powerglove· Ephel Duath
· Lair Of The Minotaur· Daylight Dies
· Hell-Born· Firehouse
· Leviathan/Sapthuran· Moonspell
· The Strongest Proof· Apiary
· Theater of Tragedy· Michael Orlando
· Gorgoroth· Suzukiton
· Death Breath· Anata
· The Finals· Amputated
· Mastodon· Biolich
· Venom· The Showdown
· Cheva· Demise
· Twisted Into Form· Warmachine
· Melechesh· Terry Sullivan
· Warbringer· Merciless Death
· Nominon· Since the Day
· Manes· Transmission 0
· JR Ewing· The Wonderfools
· Nation Beyond· Depressed Mode
· Mass Extinction· Dantesco
· Averse Sefira· Cockpit
· Equilibrium· Virgin Black
· Bullet For My Valentine· Medieval Steel
· Uriah Heep· Place Of Skulls
· Cursed· Ihsahn
· Something Beautiful· My Dying Bride
· Suspyre· Suffocation