New Tales from the Jugular #125: Breaking the Speed of Sound
10/6/2014 2:13:10 PM by Greg Watson

It's no secret that metal is fast, loud and adrenaline producing music. I'm sure all of us have been behind the wheel at some point or another blasting our latest purchase, only to look up and see those flashing red and blue lights behind us or noticing that our mph has just crept up over 100. That being said, I compiled a list of personal songs that I could easily break the speed barrier to…[Full Column Link]

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· HammerFall· LA Guns
· The Great Deceiver· Vicious Mary
· BloodDuster· Dokken
· Disturbed· Rebellion
· Neck· Machine Head
· Helloween· Circle II Circle
· Majesty· Ring of Fire
· Widowmaker· Manowar
· Powergod· Johnny Lokke
· Circle of Nero· Saint
· Catch 22· SelfInflicted
· Godiva· Dragonforce
· Curriculum Mortis· Assrockers
· Sludge!· Hypocrisy
· Pharaoh· Defiled
· Probot· Royal Anguish
· Tesla· TNA
· Yngwie Malmsteen· Superchrist
· Construcdead· Exodus
· Evanescence· Donnerkopf
· Jorn· U.D.O.
· Estuary· Feinstein
· Fireaxe· Bonfire
· Vox Tempus· Z02
· Internal Bleeding· House of Shakira
· Tartharia· Acheron
· Anger· Hanzel Und Gretyl
· Tsjuder· Crowbar
· The Mighty Nimbus· Maze Of Torment
· Soilwork· Korpiklaani
· Strikelight· Soulscar
· Chaoswave· Novembers Doom
· God Fear None· Meshuggah
· Chastain· Fire Alley
· Strapping Young Lad· System Of A Down
· Ignitor· Babylon
· Pro-Pain· Def Leppard
· Goddess Of Desire· Unchained
· Evemaster· Supagroup
· Nightvision· Holy Blood
· Iron Maidens· Mercyful Fate
· Before The Dawn· Evergrey
· Crystal Fate· ASG
· 1349· Mabon
· Thrones· Mistress
· Dreamland· Doomfoxx
· Gojira· Bronx Casket Company
· God Forbid· Machina
· Grimfist· Witchery
· Southern Black Sand· Naked Beggars
· Ephel Duath· Thyrane
· Hell-Born· Scum
· Tris Katone· Leviathan/Sapthuran
· Moonspell· Valhalla
· Manngard· Cataract
· 8th Sin· Non-Human Level
· Sun Descends· Spawn of Possession
· Suzukiton· Skid Row
· Agalloch· Mouth of the Architect
· Woodtemple· Burialmound
· Anata· Thy Majestie
· Teeth of the Hydra· The Showdown
· Middian· Urkraft
· Lost Eden· Omnium Gatherum
· Mindgrinder· Dezperadoz
· Satariel· Rob Zombie
· Antigama· Warner Drive
· Wuthering Heights· JR Ewing
· Pathosray· Pathology
· Glenn Hughes· Shining Star
· Jesus Martyr· Witchfinder General
· SOS· Embalming Theatre
· Luna Mortis· My Dying Bride
· Sotajumala· Caliban
· Giant Squid· Dark Castle