Tuska Open Air Fest: Video Interviews w/ Tankard, Lost Society, Amoral, Battle Beast and Poisonblack!
9/12/2014 4:02:45 PM by Frank

Maximum Metal contributor TJ Fowler lives in Finland and had the opportunity to attend the country's biggest metal festival this year. Tuska Open Air Fest featured legendary bands like Anthrax and Emperor over a three day weekend of metal. Below is his video footage of the event including a show review and interviews with Tuska performers Tankard, Lost Society, Amoral, Battle Beast and Poisonblack. Read his full coverage of [Full Column Link]

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In Flames Nightwish
Steel Prophet Grave
Vicious Mary Misery Index
Tiamat Solace
Overkill Lamb of God
Liege Lord Firewind
Powergod October 31
Exawatt Agony Divine
Inner Rage of Emotion Fireball Ministry
Sevendust The Graveyard Boulevard
Runemagick Mourning Beloveth
Beautiful Creatures Guardians Of Time
Halloween Pharaoh
Lacuna Coil Doro
Fairyland Neverland
Node Drowning Pool
Construcdead Exodus
Graveland Gary Moore
Marillion Iron Angel
Zaius Hatework
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Acrid
Skeletonwitch Imp
Wintersun Nashville Pussy
Megadeth Mine
Conquestador Witchburner
Acheron Jackyl
Tsjuder Karmakanic
Betrayer Napalm Death
John Oliva's Pain Azrael's Bane
Kinetic Crowbar
Lost Soul Shatterpoint
Heartcry Hellfire
Desire Black Ravensthorn
Apocalyptica Chuck Schuldiner
Kaamos Oathean
Alex Skolnick Trio Novembers Doom
Strapping Young Lad Grand Magus
Impiety Pro-Pain
Def Leppard Ivory Knight
Groundcrew Embraze
Mirador Python
Ektomorf Horna
Supagroup Holy Blood
Iron Maidens Warchild
Evergrey Cryogen
Gojira Vile
Infliction Wolfmother
Urizen Asrai
Celebratum The Tenth Circle
Khold Dismember
Machina Grimfist
Mental Care Foundation Cannibal Corpse
Poison Nightmare
Scum The Berzerker
Tris Katone Boris
Clawfinger Degree Absolute
Viron Warrant (Amer)
Pyramaze The Sword
Hate Profile TK-421
Sun Descends Suzukiton
War Within Scary Manilow
Skid Row Woodtemple
Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers The Finals
Enochian Crescent Myon
Amputated Isis
Celtic Frost Kotipelto
Quest of Aidance Steve Cone
Phazm Merciless Death
Cattle Decapitation Trouble
Pantera Textures
Divine Empire Pentacle
Aborted Lipstick Magazine
Funeral Nation Beyond
Architect Keep of Kalessin
Ensiferum Diamond Dogs
Alkemyst Gutted With Broken Glass
Rosetta Ost Est Ima
Jesus Martyr Trivium
To-Mera Kreator
Virgin Black Trinacria
Mar De Grises Deadsea
Coffins Something Beautiful
Uli Jon Roth Giant Squid