8/6/2014 2:52:22 PM by Frank

After 11 years of site updates, thousands of reviews, hundreds of interviews, dozens of columns, and a few humor pieces...


In our first edition, highlights include:
    Interviews with Watain, Ghost of War, Midnight Eternal, A Sound of Thunder, and Crystal Eyes
    Now & Then with Judas Priest and our under-rated JP songs
    An exclusive column "Shrieks from the Hearse" by metal thrashing madman King Fowley
    Metal Maidens from Canada!
    Live concert pics from "Welcome to Rockville" and "Metalfest Loreley" in Germany
    Reviews and Summaries
    A humorous "Tale of the Tape" on Halford & Dickinson
    Cool metal ads (sorta, if you like metal ads)

Maximum Metal magazine will basically contain recent postings from the website with added exclusive content. It is available in an online format and a PDF version you can view and download.

And Issue #1 is FREE to view and share!!!

So, from us to you the reader of issue #1, a big metal horns up and thanks from us. Read it, download it, share it with your friends, print it for the monster in your closet. Check it out right in here...
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Into Eternity LA Guns
The Haunted Twilight Odyssey
Carpathian Forest Tiamat
Dokken Deceased
Stratovarius Goatwhore
Twisted Tower Dire Norma Jean
Kalibas Helloween
Nazareth Usurper
Advent Metallica
Power of Omens Dr. Butcher
Hammerwhore Pelican
H.I.M. Agony Divine
Curriculum Mortis Runemagick
Sludge! Beautiful Creatures
Stryper Eidolon
Silent Scythe Thunderstone
Pink Cream 69 Project: Failing Flesh
Iron Savior Three Inches of Blood
Madison Paige Deep Purple
Bleeding Inc Outworld
Wolf Low Earth Orbit
Zaius Juggernott
Therion Insomnium
Goatsnake Lilitu
Dream Evil Killswitch Engage
Rhapsody of Fire Images of Eden
Dio Katagory V
Valume Nob Necrodemon
Slowlife Neurosis
GWAR The Project Hate
Haunted By Angels The Lizards
Seventh One Tsjuder
Karmakanic Dark Tranquillity
John Oliva's Pain Azrael's Bane
Milkweed Helgrind
Rottweiller The Apocalyptic Riders
Divine Fire Entombed
Loudblast Necrophagia
Hibria Suidakra
Car Bomb Mystic Prophecy
Cemetary Bleed The Sky
Meshuggah Kinrick
Babylon Throes of Dawn
Nightrage Embraze
Rudra Amorphis
Subterranean Masquerade Dark Funeral
Goddess Of Desire Kult ov Azazel
Slik Helvetika Prowler Inc.
Sebastian Bach Love Forsaken
Morgana Lefay Clutch
Agents Of The Sun Flotsam & Jetsam
Octavia Sperati Mercyful Fate
Redemption Before The Dawn
Armored Saint The Firstborn
Avenged Sevenfold Thrones
Dreamland Vile
Avulsed Chain Collector
Vader Insense
Sodom Naked Beggars
Nightmare Scum
Dissection Firehouse
The Ocean Phoenix Mourning
Ampast Cavalar
Candlemass Down Factor
Dream Or Nightmare The Strongest Proof
Dawn of Azazel Royal Hunt
Suzukiton Unsilent Phenomenon
Destruction She Said Destroy
Amon Amarth Warface
Pretty Maids Anata
Myon Oblomov
Lesbian Bed Death Panzerchrist
Throne of Katarsis Crescent Shield
White Wizzard Passion
Five Finger Death Punch The Prophecy
Hacride Spit Like This
Katrina Johansson Rob Zombie
Manes Tears
Retrospective Trenchfoot
Lipstick Magazine Distorted
Orthodox Ride The Sky
Witchfinder General SOS
Moonshine Embalming Theatre
Bible Of The Devil Cursed
Winterfylleth Battleroar
My Dying Bride Sotajumala
Earthen Grave