8/6/2014 2:52:22 PM by Frank

After 11 years of site updates, thousands of reviews, hundreds of interviews, dozens of columns, and a few humor pieces...


In our first edition, highlights include:
    Interviews with Watain, Ghost of War, Midnight Eternal, A Sound of Thunder, and Crystal Eyes
    Now & Then with Judas Priest and our under-rated JP songs
    An exclusive column "Shrieks from the Hearse" by metal thrashing madman King Fowley
    Metal Maidens from Canada!
    Live concert pics from "Welcome to Rockville" and "Metalfest Loreley" in Germany
    Reviews and Summaries
    A humorous "Tale of the Tape" on Halford & Dickinson
    Cool metal ads (sorta, if you like metal ads)

Maximum Metal magazine will basically contain recent postings from the website with added exclusive content. It is available in an online format and a PDF version you can view and download.

And Issue #1 is FREE to view and share!!!

So, from us to you the reader of issue #1, a big metal horns up and thanks from us. Read it, download it, share it with your friends, print it for the monster in your closet. Check it out right in here...
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Steel Prophet Karaboudjan
Grave Digger Regurgitate
Neck Machine Head
Queensryche Ring of Fire
Rawhead Rexx Abigor
Alchemy X H.I.M.
Circle of Nero Endless Time
Supervillain Biomechanical
Thunderbolt Curriculum Mortis
Lanfear Beautiful Creatures
Vhaldemar Windseeker
Thunderstone Pink Cream 69
Murdercycle Primal Fear
Fraise Lacuna Coil
Project: Failing Flesh Fairyland
Drowning Pool Exodus
Evanescence Leash Law
Skyfire Iron Angel
Judas Priest Estuary
Juggernott Rhapsody of Fire
Final Dawn Wintersun
Occult Nashville Pussy
Eternal Flight Age Of Silence
Polterchrist Jungle Rot
Internal Bleeding Tartharia
Throcult Dark Ruin
Incantation The Lizards
The 7 Method Behemoth
Cryme Twisted Sister
Creed Feared Creation
Of Infinity Cradle To Grave
Helgrind The Apocalyptic Riders
Belef Veni Domine
Maze Of Torment Sabaton
Angtoria Nevermore
Wolverine Darkthrone
Samael Pure Inc
Meshuggah Axis Of Perdition
Fire Alley Kinrick
Sinisthra Impiety
Nightrage Biss
Disbelief Groundcrew
Manntis Python
Graveworm Circus Maximus
Ritual Killer Frameless Scar
Resurrecturis Clutch
Nuclear Assault Painmuseum
Future is Tomorrow Black Majesty
Dirty Americans Barcode
The Absence Ghost Machinery
Gojira Wolfmother
Gorefest Detonation
Vader Insense
Nobody's Fool Fallen Wisdom
Thryfing Witchery
Cardinale Codeon
Clawfinger Degree Absolute
Elvenking Vreid
Cataract Dream Or Nightmare
Hate Profile Stormcrow
The Furor TK-421
Sun Descends Ensoph
Hydrogyn Dendura
Nachtmystium Psycroptic
Sahg Scary Manilow
Ynis Vitrin Fleshgore
Burialmound I
Wednesday 13 The Ruins of Beverast
Battle Bratt Amputated
Panzerchrist Darkness Eternal
Starkweather Deicide
Celtic Frost Blood Tsunami
Battered Terry Sullivan
Manticore The Chronicles of Israfel
Aborted Architect
Demonic Symphony Witchfinder General
Puscifer Kreator
Hacksaw Surgery Bible Of The Devil
The More I See Cursed
Sin Raven