8/6/2014 2:52:22 PM by Frank

After 11 years of site updates, thousands of reviews, hundreds of interviews, dozens of columns, and a few humor pieces...


In our first edition, highlights include:
    Interviews with Watain, Ghost of War, Midnight Eternal, A Sound of Thunder, and Crystal Eyes
    Now & Then with Judas Priest and our under-rated JP songs
    An exclusive column "Shrieks from the Hearse" by metal thrashing madman King Fowley
    Metal Maidens from Canada!
    Live concert pics from "Welcome to Rockville" and "Metalfest Loreley" in Germany
    Reviews and Summaries
    A humorous "Tale of the Tape" on Halford & Dickinson
    Cool metal ads (sorta, if you like metal ads)

Maximum Metal magazine will basically contain recent postings from the website with added exclusive content. It is available in an online format and a PDF version you can view and download.

And Issue #1 is FREE to view and share!!!

So, from us to you the reader of issue #1, a big metal horns up and thanks from us. Read it, download it, share it with your friends, print it for the monster in your closet. Check it out right in here...
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Cathedral HammerFall
LA Guns Mudvayne
Slipknot The Haunted
Immolation Deceased
Deranged Usurper
Wizard Angel Dust
Hammerwhore Brainstorm
Dragonforce Curriculum Mortis
Runemagick Evanesce
Rob Rock Silent Scythe
Drillpoint Hypocrisy
Royal Anguish Neverland
Tesla Fear Factory
Force Of Evil Shiva
Gothic Knights Scala Mercalli
Riot Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Ebony Ark downBleed
Leash Law Kingcrow
Epica Graveland
Nova Lex Jorn
U.D.O. Gary Moore
Black Zodiac Brutal Mastication
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Joe Lynn Turner
Goatsnake Scorpions
Joey Belladonna Skeletonwitch
Black Destiny Shadows Fall
Medusa Katagory V
Megadeth Polterchrist
Slowlife Witchburner
Ironhorse Seventh One
Karmakanic Avenue F
Rush Twisted Sister
Azrael's Bane Fifth Cross
Crowbar Emerald Sun
Helgrind Ligeia
Audiovision Lost Soul
Hellfueled Maze Of Torment
Desire Black Ravensthorn
Apocalyptica Backyard Babies
Kaamos Oathean
Operatika Neil Turbin
Gizmachi Throes of Dawn
Communic Secrets She Kept
Slik Helvetika Sebastian Bach
Holy Blood Warchild
Illuminatus Crystal Fate
Sun O))) Ignarus
Running Wild Paths Of Possession
Balatonizer Thrones
Dechrist Mistress
Crystal Ball Spellbound
Vile Khold
Vanquished Nocturnal Rites
Vader Second Shadow
Powerglove Tandjent
Lair Of The Minotaur Codeon
Scum Boris
Moonspell Vore
Phoenix Mourning Speed/Kill/Hate
Apiary Sun Descends
Theater of Tragedy Smohalla
Azure Swashbuckle
Dendura Nachtmystium
Ynis Vitrin Hurt
Lordi Kotipelto
Steve Cone Phazm
Blood Tsunami Fu Manchu
Hardcore Superstar Onslaught
Crescent Shield Pantera
Gotthard Katrina Johansson
Retrospective Wuthering Heights
Lipstick Magazine Ulcerate
JR Ewing Mass Extinction
Dantesco Cockpit
Father Befouled Demonic Symphony
Trivium Burzum
SOS Intolerant
Celestia Sin
Coffins Wolfgate
Battleroar Crown The Lost
Caliban Earthen Grave