New Tales from the Jugular Column--Decibel Magazine Spotlight
6/12/2014 1:41:03 PM by Eric

I recently went into a Barnes & Noble store and shelled out $11 dollars on the newest issue of Metal Hammer. I can't believe that physical prices are so expensive now, so I finally decided that it was due time for me to join the digital world when it comes to magazines--the last barrier for me and complete digital lunacy. After a couple of days of researching various zines like Metal Hammer, Decibel and Terrorizer I thought it was a good idea to start the digital purchases. I wanted to share the wealth with the readers here so I am going to offer a few Tales columns spotlighting a magazine…[Full Column Link]

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· Queensryche· Vaginal Carnage
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· Exawatt· Endless Time
· Agony Divine· Godiva
· Chainsnap· Artension
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· Secret Sphere· Royal Anguish
· Fairyland· Mother Misery
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· Silent Force· Blind Guardian
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· John Oliva's Pain· Mercenary
· Rottweiller· Blood Red Throne
· Kings X· Lost Soul
· Belef· Heartcry
· Carina Alfie· Chuck Schuldiner
· the missing:· Oathean
· Strapping Young Lad· Grand Magus
· Impiety· Shade Empire
· Def Leppard· Nightrage
· Green Carnation· Disbelief
· Blind Stare· Astarte
· Manntis· Amorphis
· Vicious Art· Nuse
· Ritual Killer· Love Forsaken
· Wetwork· Impaled Nazarene
· Iron Maidens· Flotsam & Jetsam
· Future is Tomorrow· Loits
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· Violent Storm· Overloaded
· Sun O)))· Twilight
· Algol3· Paths Of Possession
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· Infliction· Asrai
· The Classic Struggle· Dragonlord
· The Tenth Circle· Hate
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· Cryptopsy· The Ocean
· Pyramaze· Cavalar
· Dreams of Damnation· The Furor
· The Strongest Proof· TK-421
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· Rotting Christ· Satyricon
· Teeth of the Hydra· Eighteen Visions
· Twinball· E-lane
· Extium· Deicide
· Better Left Unsaid· Celtic Frost
· Kotipelto· Warmachine
· Hardcore Superstar· Omnium Gatherum
· In This Moment· Necrophobic
· Incrave· Textures
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· Ulcerate· JR Ewing
· Keep of Kalessin· Glenn Hughes
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