New Tales from the Jugular Column--Decibel Magazine Spotlight
6/12/2014 1:41:03 PM by Eric

I recently went into a Barnes & Noble store and shelled out $11 dollars on the newest issue of Metal Hammer. I can't believe that physical prices are so expensive now, so I finally decided that it was due time for me to join the digital world when it comes to magazines--the last barrier for me and complete digital lunacy. After a couple of days of researching various zines like Metal Hammer, Decibel and Terrorizer I thought it was a good idea to start the digital purchases. I wanted to share the wealth with the readers here so I am going to offer a few Tales columns spotlighting a magazine…[Full Column Link]

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· Anvil· HammerFall
· Into Eternity· LA Guns
· Chaingunn· Big Dumb Face
· Goatwhore· Machine Head
· Skullview· Nazareth
· Majesty· Ring of Fire
· Steel Attack· Iron Maiden
· Dark Moor· Legend
· Crematorium· Wizard
· God Dethroned· Alchemy X
· Conquest· H.I.M.
· Byfist· Godiva
· Fireball Ministry· Chainsnap
· Artension· Kilfast
· Evanesce· Malstrom
· Savatage· Vhaldemar
· Windseeker· Halloween
· Krisiun· Primal Fear
· Probot· Project: Failing Flesh
· Brides of Destruction· Three Inches of Blood
· TNA· I Hate Sally
· Silver Mountain· Celesty
· Evanescence· Jorn
· Estuary· Dimmu Borgir
· Joe Lynn Turner· Ungodly
· Meliah Rage· Imp
· Occult· Otep
· Scavenger· Arch Enemy
· Incantation· Trans-Siberian Orchestra
· Jackyl· Angra
· Creed· Of Infinity
· Cradle To Grave· Audiovision
· Entombed· Crionics
· Requiem Aeternam· Maze Of Torment
· Soilwork· Korpiklaani
· Strikelight· Crimson Moonlight
· Cemetary· Severe Torture
· God Fear None· Boomerang
· Omegalord· Meshuggah
· Lord Gore· Kryoburn
· Ramesses· Callenish Circle
· Throes of Dawn· Agents Of Man
· Testament· Dark Funeral
· Evemaster· Gemini 5
· Dam· Nightvision
· Havochate· Iron Maidens
· Mercyful Fate· The Atomic Bitchwax
· Eternal Reign· Before The Dawn
· Armored Saint· ASG
· Ignarus· Algol3
· Savage Circus· Avenged Sevenfold
· Arthemis· Ghost Machinery
· Dechrist· Mistress
· Cryogen· Midnight Idols
· Sinocence· Dogs Of Winter
· Torture Killer· Vader
· Enforsaken· Fallen Wisdom
· Totalisti· Daylight Dies
· Speed/Kill/Hate· Non-Human Level
· Spawn of Possession· Michael Orlando
· Cult of Luna· Suzukiton
· Bloodbound· She Said Destroy
· Scary Manilow· From the Grave
· Pretty Maids· Battle Bratt
· Myon· Rotting Christ
· Cult of Daath· Audrey Horne
· Middian· Warmachine
· Stonegard· Onslaught
· Omnium Gatherum· The Chronicles of Israfel
· Madking Ludwig· Crescent Shield
· Old Man's Child· Cruachan
· Passion· Katrina Johansson
· Rob Zombie· Manes
· Aborted· Transmission 0
· Blut Aus Nord· Funeral
· Himsa· Hellveto
· Pathosray· Frosthardr
· Glenn Hughes· Ride The Sky
· Gutted With Broken Glass· Ost Est Ima
· Demonic Symphony· Pop Evil
· Last Stone Cast· Burzum
· Manilla Road· Vulture Industries
· Equilibrium· Mar De Grises
· Coffins· Battleroar