New Tales from the Jugular Column--Decibel Magazine Spotlight
6/12/2014 1:41:03 PM by Eric

I recently went into a Barnes & Noble store and shelled out $11 dollars on the newest issue of Metal Hammer. I can't believe that physical prices are so expensive now, so I finally decided that it was due time for me to join the digital world when it comes to magazines--the last barrier for me and complete digital lunacy. After a couple of days of researching various zines like Metal Hammer, Decibel and Terrorizer I thought it was a good idea to start the digital purchases. I wanted to share the wealth with the readers here so I am going to offer a few Tales columns spotlighting a magazine…[Full Column Link]

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· Anvil· In Flames
· Lost Horizon· Racer X
· Nightwish· Slipknot
· The Great Deceiver· Rebellion
· Anthrax· Impellitteri
· December· Machine Head
· Skullview· Mortician
· Crematorium· Wizard
· Power of Omens· Dr. Butcher
· Led Zeppelin· Brainstorm
· Agony Divine· Shakra
· Paragon· Dragonforce
· Bloodbath· Chainsnap
· Evanesce· Dream Weaver
· Nordheim· Sinergy
· Axenstar· Silent Scythe
· Whitesnake· Primal Fear
· Probot· Deivos
· Leash Law· Kingcrow
· Donnerkopf· Nova Lex
· Low Earth Orbit· Iron Angel
· Juggernott· Devil In The Kitchen
· Krokus· Mob Rules
· Chapter VIII· Ungodly
· Goatsnake· Black Destiny
· Dio· Theocracy
· Katagory V· Z02
· Chris Caffery· Slowlife
· Dark Ruin· Mine
· Arch Enemy· Within Temptation
· Silent Force· The Last Act
· Blind Guardian· Made of Iron
· Jackyl· Rush
· Mercenary· Helgrind
· The New Breed· Audiovision
· Entombed· Belef
· Requiem Aeternam· Hibria
· Backyard Babies· Wolverine
· the missing:· Samael
· Oathean· God Fear None
· Omegalord· Kinrick
· Operatika· Thunderblast
· Neil Turbin· Hatesphere
· Disbelief· Graveworm
· Brand New Sin· Sentenced
· Dark Funeral· Supagroup
· Gaia· The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
· Frameless Scar· Thor
· Iron Maidens· Nuclear Assault
· Lake Of Tears· Peccatum
· Before The Dawn· Violent Storm
· Damnation· Spellbound
· Overmars· Infliction
· Asrai· The Tenth Circle
· God Forbid· Absolution
· Absu· Decapitated
· Grimfist· Fallen Wisdom
· Witchery· Cardinale
· Blackmore's Night· 286
· Daylight Dies· Leviathan/Sapthuran
· Vore· Elvenking
· Dreams of Damnation· Dawn of Azazel
· Before Silence· Fragments of Unbecoming
· Suzukiton· Unsilent Phenomenon
· Smohalla· Destruction
· Skid Row· Wednesday 13
· Zero Hour· Amputated
· Semargl· Satyricon
· Teeth of the Hydra· Lordi
· E-lane· Deicide
· Steve Cone· Urkraft
· Centinex· Gaza
· Stonegard· Battered
· Crescent Shield· Cruachan
· Chrome Division· Katrina Johansson
· Nominon· Rob Zombie
· Hearse· Frosthardr
· Heresi· Night Ranger
· Distorted· Dantesco
· Mortiis· Aetherius Obscuritas
· Last Stone Cast· SOS
· Godhead· Equilibrium
· Intolerant· Bullet For My Valentine
· Uriah Heep· Deadsea
· Kiuas· Cursed
· Battleroar· Crown The Lost
· Caliban· Suspyre