Metal Musicians Reflect on Beatlemania!
5/9/2014 3:47:46 PM by Eric

In many ways, The Beatles may have been the most important band in terms of creating the building blocks for edgier music. To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Beatlemania stateside, Maximum Metal has asked a very important question for some of our metal heroes and peers--How did The Beatles influence hard rock and heavy metal and what personal impact they might have had. Our thanks to all of our wonderful and gracious colleagues for taking part in our questionnaire…[Full Column]

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· Cathedral· The Kovenant
· Leng Tch'e· Lost Horizon
· Children Of Bodom· Vicious Mary
· Twilight Odyssey· Misery Index
· Tiamat· Deranged
· Dirty Power· Helloween
· Seether· Vaginal Carnage
· Iron Maiden· Lamb of God
· Sickspeed· Late Nite Romeo
· The Chainsaw· Supervillain
· Shakra· Dragonforce
· The Graveyard Boulevard· Curriculum Mortis
· Mnemic· Halloween
· Murdercycle· Edguy
· DevilDriver· Slayer
· Brides of Destruction· Neverland
· Tesla· TNA
· Node· I Hate Sally
· Yngwie Malmsteen· Construcdead
· Ebony Ark· downBleed
· Kingcrow· Icon And The Black Roses
· Metalium· Velvet Revolver
· Dragonspoon· Acrid
· Meliah Rage· Skeletonwitch
· Lilitu· Dream Evil
· Killswitch Engage· Rhapsody of Fire
· Tearabyte· Otep
· Katagory V· Eternal Flight
· Z02· I.C.E.
· Polterchrist· Valume Nob
· Conquestador· Witchburner
· Six Feet Under· Incantation
· Haunted By Angels· Agnostic Front
· Made of Iron· The 7 Method
· Tristania· John Oliva's Pain
· Feared Creation· The Mighty Nimbus
· Blood Red Throne· Shatterpoint
· Strikelight· Hellfire
· Mechanical Poet· Wolverine
· Samael· Kaamos
· Debris Inc.· Kinrick
· Impiety· Slumber
· Pro-Pain· Green Carnation
· Embraze· Blind Stare
· Astarte· Python
· Amorphis· Sentenced
· Morgana Lefay· Painmuseum
· To The Bone· Illuminatus
· Black Majesty· Violent Storm
· Bolt Thrower· Ignarus
· Third Degree· Ghost Machinery
· Phantom X· Cryogen
· Avulsed· Urizen
· The Classic Struggle· Khold
· Dismember· Sodom
· Blackmore's Night· 286
· Nightmare· Leviathan/Sapthuran
· The Ocean· Elvenking
· Candlemass· Dream Or Nightmare
· The Sword· Spawn of Possession
· Cult of Luna· Hydrogyn
· Time Requiem· Agalloch
· Mouth of the Architect· Vicious Rumors
· Battle Bratt· Myon
· Isis· Obtest
· Escape The Fate· Extium
· Lecherous Nocturne· Centinex
· Skullflower· Fu Manchu
· Omnium Gatherum· Static-X
· Mindgrinder· The Chronicles of Israfel
· Dezperadoz· Grenouer
· Satariel· Textures
· Since the Day· Manes
· Aborted· Retrospective
· Wuthering Heights· Kruger
· The Wonderfools· Nation Beyond
· Faith And Fire· Cauldron
· Keldian· Distorted
· Averse Sefira· Ride The Sky
· To-Mera· Godhead
· Intolerant· Mar De Grises
· Coffins· Suffocation