Road Report--Welcome to Rockville Fest!
5/2/2014 4:02:35 PM by Eric

Like the previous three years Welcome to Rockville descended on Jacksonville's Metropolitan Park in epic fashion. The showcase sold out for the third consecutive year, allowing over 25,000 fans to enjoy headline quality acts such as "Alter Bridge", "Rob Zombie", "Avenged Sevenfold" and "The Cult". Over 2 full days the festival featured over 40 bands applying their craft for an audience that respected and appreciated the aggressive nature of heavier music and lifestyle…[Full Road Report]

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· Cave In· Slipknot
· White Skull· Twilight Odyssey
· Tiamat· Exmortem
· Disturbed· Twisted Tower Dire
· Dirty Power· Lamb of God
· Mortician· Agoraphobic Nosebleed
· Firewind· Angel Dust
· Dr. Butcher· Conquest
· Brainstorm· The Chainsaw
· Circle of Nero· Black Sabbath
· Sevendust· Steel Preacher
· Lanfear· Dream Weaver
· Duke· Whitesnake
· Out of the Lair· Secret Sphere
· Tesla· TNA
· Celesty· Velvet Revolver
· Iron Angel· Ministry
· Fabrizio Bonanno· Schenker/ Pattison Summit
· Chapter VIII· Unleashed
· Meliah Rage· Black Destiny
· Dio· Wintersun
· Occult· Medusa
· Theocracy· Katagory V
· Division· Z02
· Chris Caffery· Marshall Law
· Throcult· Arch Enemy
· Mirror of Deception· Made of Iron
· Avenue F· Legion
· Of Infinity· Paradise Lost
· Crowbar· Scenteria
· Bloody Sign· Helgrind
· Requiem Aeternam· Impaled
· Soilwork· Necrophagia
· Hibria· Strikelight
· Ravensthorn· Cemetary
· Argument Soul· Severe Torture
· Boomerang· Omegalord
· Drunkard· Gizmachi
· Raintime· Grand Magus
· Green Carnation· Biss
· Sothis· Voyager
· Secrets She Kept· Leaves Eyes
· Alice Cooper· Impaled Nazarene
· Clutch· Scar Symmetry
· Warchild· Black Majesty
· Dragonia· Before The Dawn
· Casus Belli· Barcode
· Shattersphere· Paths Of Possession
· Ghost Machinery· Define Divine
· Dragonlord· Gorefest
· Virgin Steele· Absu
· Early Man· From This Day
· Brother Hawk· Witchery
· Katatonia· Intronaut
· Lair Of The Minotaur· Codeon
· Upwards of Endtime· Dissection
· Clawfinger· Phoenix Mourning
· Elvenking· Athanator
· Cataract· Abysmal Dawn
· Non-Human Level· Sun Descends
· Dawn of Azazel· Royal Hunt
· Cult of Luna· Fragments of Unbecoming
· Jotunspor· Smohalla
· She Said Destroy· Dendura
· War Within· Warface
· Vicious Rumors· Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers
· Abominant· Enochian Crescent
· Semargl· Biolich
· Phazm· Melechesh
· Stonegard· Lord Belial
· Crescent Shield· Almah
· Mithras· Gotthard
· Spit Like This· Since the Day
· Glorior Belli· Kruger
· Randy Ellefson· Architect
· Depressed Mode· Frosthardr
· Distorted· Rosetta
· Aetherius Obscuritas· Godhead
· Mar De Grises· Bible Of The Devil
· Alestorm· The More I See
· Iron Fire· Kiuas
· Son of Eric· Mustasch
· Crown The Lost· Caliban
· Uli Jon Roth· Suffocation