Edgedown--New Album News
4/29/2014 2:36:28 PM by Eric

German band EDGEDOWN has announced the release of their debut album "Statues Fall". We caught up with singer Andreas Meixner to talk about the new album and what fans can expect to hear. Meixner explains, "Although stylistically EDGEDOWN is probably best described as modern heavy metal, our influences include giants of the genre such as Iron Maiden, DIO and Savatage, but we definitely can't exclude modern influences either. We hope that new fans will get to hear some old school metal in modern clothing. Something we believe that no one else is doing that we can be compared to. We wish Andy and the rest of EDGEDOWN the best of luck with the new album. Please check it out this spring and be sure to visit the band online at: info@edgedown.de, www.edgedown.de

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