New Necrofile 44--KISS Meets The Hall Of Fame, Joey Jordison, March's Playlist
4/11/2014 1:57:25 PM by Eric

For those of you that don't keep up with the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame happenings KISS is due to be inducted this year. Now while many people feel that this is long overdue, there is one little hiccup. KISS won't be playing together as the original lineup. Gene and Paul have made it clear that they will not be playing with any incarnation of KISS at all unless it's every member, past and present of KISS. Ace and Peter have taken a little exception to this. So because of that there will be no performance by KISS at the Hall induction. Esteemed metal guy Eddie Trunk calls the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame the Hall Of Shame for a reason…[Full Column]

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· In Flames· Into Eternity
· The Kovenant· Mudvayne
· Nightwish· Chaingunn
· Karaboudjan· Deceased
· December· Queensryche
· Circle II Circle· Seether
· Steel Attack· Rawhead Rexx
· Power of Omens· Johnny Lokke
· Pelican· Black Sabbath
· Saint· The Graveyard Boulevard
· Wycked Synn· Curriculum Mortis
· Runemagick· Mourning Beloveth
· Steel Preacher· Evanesce
· Malstrom· Attacker
· Fraise· Wicked Sensation
· Brides of Destruction· Out of the Lair
· Tesla· Fear Factory
· Volbeat· Soil
· Black Stone Cherry· Superchrist
· Gothic Knights· Leash Law
· Icon And The Black Roses· Skyfire
· Van Helsing’s Curse· Low Earth Orbit
· U.D.O.· Judas Priest
· Spiral Madness· Feinstein
· Krokus· Joe Lynn Turner
· Therion· Insomnium
· Chapter VIII· Scorpions
· After Forever· Psychotron
· Aina· Tearabyte
· Theocracy· Division
· Jamie. St. James· House of Shakira
· The Lizards· Avenue F
· Creed· Triumph
· Betrayer· Dark Tranquillity
· Fifth Cross· Kinetic
· Gods Of Fire· Entombed
· Seige of Hate· Necrophagia
· Strikelight· Carina Alfie
· Apocalyptica· Samael
· Cemetary· Antares
· Kaamos· Pure Inc
· Bleed The Sky· Omegalord
· Lord Gore· Impiety
· Nightrage· Sothis
· Dark Funeral· Dynamic Lights
· Monolithe· Wetwork
· To The Bone· Mercyful Fate
· Casus Belli· Shattersphere
· Running Wild· Avenged Sevenfold
· Wolfmother· Mastermind
· Skullshifter· Dragonlord
· Sinocence· Bronx Casket Company
· Zero Down· Torture Killer
· Vanquished· Vader
· End My Sorrow· Mental Care Foundation
· Pile of Heads· Southern Black Sand
· Powerglove· Cardinale
· Poison· Daylight Dies
· Firehouse· Cryptopsy
· The Smashup· Ampast
· Elvenking· Down Factor
· The Sword· Apiary
· Vengeance· She Said Destroy
· Ynis Vitrin· I
· Skyforger· Pump
· Thy Majestie· Lesbian Bed Death
· Audrey Horne· The Showdown
· Darkness Eternal· Lecherous Nocturne
· Skullflower· The Gathering
· Threat Signal· Lord Belial
· Mindgrinder· Old Man's Child
· Almah· Pantera
· Divine Empire· Since the Day
· Wuthering Heights· Blut Aus Nord
· David Galas· Echoes of Eternity
· Orthodox· Deceiver
· Trivium· Kreator
· Godhead· Souls Of We
· Bullet For My Valentine· Medieval Steel
· Bible Of The Devil· The More I See
· Sin· Luna Mortis
· Faded Hope· Ihsahn
· Something Beautiful· Caliban
· DC4· Giant Squid