The Necrofile - Issue 43!
3/28/2014 3:03:47 PM by Frank

Dave Brockie, also known as, Oderus Urungus--lead vocalist for GWAR, just passed away at age 50. On March 23, 2014, he was was found dead by a band mate in his Richmond, Virginia apartment. Richmond police stated that while they do not suspect foul play, drugs or suicide, they will await a medical examiner's report before confirming the cause of death. I look back on my concert experience with the band and meeting Dave. We also came up with the idea of offering a round table discussion for Maximum Metal staff. The format is rather simple with certain writers collectively discussing their thoughts on a random, new album. This issue looks at "Plagues Of Babylon", released this year by US metal greats Iced Earth…[Full Column]

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· Anvil· Cathedral
· Hate Eternal· The Kovenant
· Lost Horizon· Grave
· Chaingunn· BloodDuster
· Grave Digger· Regurgitate
· December· Commit Suicide
· Dirty Power· Mark Boals
· Legend· Metallica
· Power of Omens· Cage
· Brainstorm· Goat Horn
· Endless Time· Saint
· Catch 22· SelfInflicted
· Artension· Malstrom
· Sludge!· Guardians Of Time
· Tad Morose· Project: Failing Flesh
· Hard Echo· Tesla
· Three Inches of Blood· Yngwie Malmsteen
· Drowning Pool· Gothic Knights
· Celesty· Riot
· downBleed· Kingcrow
· Outworld· Gamma Ray
· Gary Moore· Joe Stump
· Juggernott· Feinstein
· Krokus· Mob Rules
· Scorpions· Killswitch Engage
· Metal Church· Wintersun
· Annihilator· Z02
· I.C.E.· Jamie. St. James
· House of Shakira· Throcult
· Mine· The Project Hate
· Trans-Siberian Orchestra· The 7 Method
· Behemoth· Triumph
· Azrael's Bane· Fifth Cross
· Feared Creation· Of Infinity
· Helgrind· Rottweiller
· Loudblast· Maze Of Torment
· Strikelight· Mechanical Poet
· Angtoria· Nevermore
· the missing:· Crimson Moonlight
· Marduk· Axis Of Perdition
· Soul SirkUS· Operatika
· Burden Of Grief· Def Leppard
· Nightrage· Embraze
· Sothis· Communic
· Evemaster· Slik Helvetika
· Gemini 5· The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
· Fates Warning· Resurrecturis
· Morgana Lefay· Algol3
· Vinterriket· Damnation
· Dechrist· Mistress
· Celebratum· Sinocence
· Zero Down· Khold
· Motorhead· Nocturnal Rites
· From This Day· Grimfist
· Fallen Wisdom· Cardinale
· Blackmore's Night· Cannibal Corpse
· Beyond Fear· Wolves in the Throne Room
· Thyrane· Daylight Dies
· Clawfinger· Warrant (Amer)
· Athanator· Nicodemus
· Michael Orlando· Gorgoroth
· Psycroptic· Skid Row
· Agalloch· From the Grave
· Burialmound· Abominant
· Pretty Maids· Enochian Crescent
· Oblomov· Cult of Daath
· Steve Cone· Twisted Into Form
· With Passion· Threat Signal
· Throne of Katarsis· Static-X
· Lord Belial· Necrophobic
· Madking Ludwig· Zyklon
· Dezperadoz· Almah
· The Prophecy· Divine Empire
· Katrina Johansson· Tears
· Malevolent Creation· Randy Ellefson
· Hellveto· Cauldron
· Destynation· Frosthardr
· Alkemyst· Averse Sefira
· I Shalt Become· Gutted With Broken Glass
· Rosetta· Aetherius Obscuritas
· Blood Haven· Burzum
· Armory· Souls Of We
· Equilibrium· Bullet For My Valentine
· Sin· Papa Roach
· Faded Hope· Battleroar
· Caliban