The Necrofile - Issue 43!
3/28/2014 3:03:47 PM by Frank

Dave Brockie, also known as, Oderus Urungus--lead vocalist for GWAR, just passed away at age 50. On March 23, 2014, he was was found dead by a band mate in his Richmond, Virginia apartment. Richmond police stated that while they do not suspect foul play, drugs or suicide, they will await a medical examiner's report before confirming the cause of death. I look back on my concert experience with the band and meeting Dave. We also came up with the idea of offering a round table discussion for Maximum Metal staff. The format is rather simple with certain writers collectively discussing their thoughts on a random, new album. This issue looks at "Plagues Of Babylon", released this year by US metal greats Iced Earth…[Full Column]

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· In Flames· LA Guns
· Nightwish· Scanner
· Vehemence· Grave
· Big Dumb Face· Deceased
· Kataklysm· Powergod
· Late Nite Romeo· Pelican
· Catch 22· Fireball Ministry
· Dragonforce· Artension
· The Graveyard Boulevard· Curriculum Mortis
· Morbid Angel· Runemagick
· Mourning Beloveth· Rage
· Evanesce· Duke
· Mnemic· Silent Scythe
· Hypocrisy· Murdercycle
· Primal Fear· DevilDriver
· Body Count· Secret Sphere
· Fairyland· Tesla
· Killik· Funerus
· Bang The Union· Low Earth Orbit
· Gary Moore· Ministry
· Cyst· Hatework
· Spiral Madness· Joe Stump
· Dimmu Borgir· Fireaxe
· Insomnium· Goatsnake
· Rhapsody of Fire· Shadows Fall
· Potential Threat SF· Theocracy
· Z02· Slowlife
· Jamie. St. James· Arch Enemy
· Silent Force· Mercenary
· Of Infinity· Paradise Lost
· The New Breed· Corrosion Of Conformity
· Belef· Kamelot
· Vicious Circle· Heartcry
· Suidakra· Nevermore
· Marduk· God Fear None
· Drunkard· Kinrick
· Impiety· Blind Stare
· Astarte· Python
· Naglfar· Subterranean Masquerade
· Voyager· Love Forsaken
· Blitzkrieg· Dragonia
· Before The Dawn· Russell Allen
· Violent Storm· Blood Thirsty Demons
· Winterfell· Casus Belli
· Algol3· Ewigkeit
· Paths Of Possession· Ghost Machinery
· Balatonizer· Dreamland
· Doomfoxx· Vile
· Avulsed· Urizen
· The Classic Struggle· The Tenth Circle
· Absolution· Absu
· Beecher· End of Level Boss
· Insense· Nobody's Fool
· Fallen Wisdom· Pile of Heads
· Witchery· Sepultura
· Naked Beggars· Intronaut
· Beyond Fear· Daylight Dies
· Boris· Viron
· The Smashup· Cataract
· Nicodemus· TK-421
· Sun Descends· Dawn of Azazel
· Suzukiton· Vengeance
· Destruction· She Said Destroy
· Paul Bonrud· Psycroptic
· Fleshgore· Hurt
· Wednesday 13· Death Breath
· Pump· The Finals
· Cult of Daath· Lordi
· Darkness Eternal· Steve Cone
· Omnium Gatherum· In This Moment
· Old Man's Child· Incrave
· Mendeed· Pantera
· Textures· The Prophecy
· Divine Empire· Manes
· Denial Fiend· Trenchfoot
· Glorior Belli· Throneum
· Faith And Fire· Architect
· Cauldron· Frosthardr
· Mongrel· Pathology
· The Obsessed· Witchfinder General
· Last Stone Cast· SOS
· Bullet For My Valentine· Medieval Steel
· Uriah Heep· Kiuas
· Faded Hope· Mustasch
· My Dying Bride· DC4
· Suffocation· Earthen Grave