The Necrofile - Issue 43!
3/28/2014 3:03:47 PM by Frank

Dave Brockie, also known as, Oderus Urungus--lead vocalist for GWAR, just passed away at age 50. On March 23, 2014, he was was found dead by a band mate in his Richmond, Virginia apartment. Richmond police stated that while they do not suspect foul play, drugs or suicide, they will await a medical examiner's report before confirming the cause of death. I look back on my concert experience with the band and meeting Dave. We also came up with the idea of offering a round table discussion for Maximum Metal staff. The format is rather simple with certain writers collectively discussing their thoughts on a random, new album. This issue looks at "Plagues Of Babylon", released this year by US metal greats Iced Earth…[Full Column]

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· Mudvayne· The Great Deceiver
· Grave· Chaingunn
· Big Dumb Face· Impellitteri
· Twisted Tower Dire· Symphorce
· Solace· Godflesh
· October 31· Tungsten
· Evolution· Endless Time
· Shakra· SelfInflicted
· Godiva· Thunderbolt
· Curriculum Mortis· Evanesce
· Eidolon· Stalker
· Edguy· Project: Failing Flesh
· Deivos· Mother Misery
· Fear Factory· TNA
· Node· Death Angel
· I Hate Sally· Yngwie Malmsteen
· Cans· Messiah's Kiss
· Deep Purple· Bleeding Inc
· W.A.S.P.· Insomnium
· Goatsnake· Killswitch Engage
· Wintersun· Potential Threat SF
· Occult· Aina
· Lullacry· Katagory V
· Eternal Flight· Annihilator
· Scavenger· Necrodemon
· Internal Bleeding· Jamie. St. James
· House of Shakira· Neurosis
· Dark Ruin· Within Temptation
· Creed· Napalm Death
· Legion· Of Infinity
· Gods Of Fire· Helgrind
· Ligeia· The New Breed
· Requiem Aeternam· Quiet Riot
· Hellfire· Soulscar
· Ravensthorn· Marduk
· Severe Torture· Frantic Bleep
· Drunkard· System Of A Down
· Raintime· Grand Magus
· Green Carnation· Biss
· Disbelief· Manntis
· Secrets She Kept· Nuse
· Slik Helvetika· Fates Warning
· Love Forsaken· Edenbridge
· Agents Of The Sun· A Lower Deep
· Russell Allen· Winterfell
· ASG· Forever Slave
· Twilight· Savage Circus
· Ewigkeit· Doomfoxx
· Gojira· Vile
· Dragonlord· Dismember
· Insense· End My Sorrow
· Southern Black Sand· Codeon
· Firehouse· Clawfinger
· Manngard· The Smackdown
· Upon Infliction· Before Silence
· Suzukiton· She Said Destroy
· Hydrogyn· Nachtmystium
· War Within· Scary Manilow
· Fleshgore· Mouth of the Architect
· Shadows Within· Woodtemple
· Hurt· Zero Hour
· Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers· Enochian Crescent
· Rotting Christ· Lupara
· Lesbian Bed Death· Obtest
· Escape The Fate· Middian
· Lecherous Nocturne· Blood Tsunami
· Omnium Gatherum· Static-X
· Mindgrinder· Necrophobic
· Madking Ludwig· Merciless Death
· Blood of the Black Owl· Marc Sasso
· Almah· Mithras
· Katrina Johansson· Nominon
· Warner Drive· Transmission 0
· JR Ewing· Architect
· Himsa· Hellveto
· Cauldron· Mass Extinction
· Cockpit· Father Befouled
· Jesus Martyr· Pop Evil
· Blood Haven· Armory
· Souls Of We· Trinacria
· Bible Of The Devil· Iron Fire
· Place Of Skulls· Sin
· UFOmammut· Wolfgate
· Winterfylleth· Something Beautiful
· Mustasch· Caliban