The Necrofile - Issue 43!
3/28/2014 3:03:47 PM by Frank

Dave Brockie, also known as, Oderus Urungus--lead vocalist for GWAR, just passed away at age 50. On March 23, 2014, he was was found dead by a band mate in his Richmond, Virginia apartment. Richmond police stated that while they do not suspect foul play, drugs or suicide, they will await a medical examiner's report before confirming the cause of death. I look back on my concert experience with the band and meeting Dave. We also came up with the idea of offering a round table discussion for Maximum Metal staff. The format is rather simple with certain writers collectively discussing their thoughts on a random, new album. This issue looks at "Plagues Of Babylon", released this year by US metal greats Iced Earth…[Full Column]

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· The Kovenant· Lost Horizon
· Loudness· Slipknot
· The Haunted· Vehemence
· Vicious Mary· Big Dumb Face
· Exmortem· Twisted Tower Dire
· Machine Head· Skullview
· Gun Barrel· Warhorse
· Queensryche· Nazareth
· Vaginal Carnage· Liege Lord
· Wizard· God Dethroned
· Carnal Forge· Tungsten
· Iced Earth· Fireball Ministry
· Artension· Kilfast
· Dream Weaver· Nordheim
· Tad Morose· Royal Anguish
· Force Of Evil· Killik
· Devil To Pay· Scala Mercalli
· Madison Paige· Epica
· Amityville Whore· David Shankle Group
· Icon And The Black Roses· Donnerkopf
· Van Helsing’s Curse· Lonewolf
· Iron Angel· Ministry
· Hatework· Schenker/ Pattison Summit
· Destructor· Joe Lynn Turner
· Fireaxe· Goatsnake
· Final Dawn· Nashville Pussy
· Otep· Polterchrist
· Valume Nob· The Project Hate
· The 7 Method· Twisted Sister
· Sonata Arctica· John Oliva's Pain
· Mercenary· Code Black
· Bloody Sign· Image
· Ligeia· Kings X
· Crionics· Hellfueled
· Shatterpoint· Yyrkoon
· Vicious Circle· Tarot
· Heartcry· Desire Black
· Nevermore· Crimson Moonlight
· Argument Soul· Pure Inc
· Meshuggah· Ignitor
· Babylon· Grand Magus
· Hatesphere· Ivory Knight
· Disbelief· Defleshed
· Naglfar· God Among Insects
· Kult ov Azazel· Circus Maximus
· Evemaster· Prowler Inc.
· Supagroup· Power Quest
· Cannon· Impaled Nazarene
· Dragonia· Monster Magnet
· ASG· 1349
· Ewigkeit· The Absence
· Even X· Doomfoxx
· Gojira· Overmars
· Urizen· Dragonlord
· Sinocence· Dismember
· Tandjent· Nightmare
· Daylight Dies· Steep
· Clawfinger· Valhalla
· Viron· Manngard
· Phoenix Mourning· Imagika
· Cataract· Candlemass
· Speed/Kill/Hate· Hate Profile
· Stormcrow· The Furor
· Royal Hunt· Spawn of Possession
· Theater of Tragedy· Before Silence
· She Said Destroy· Amon Amarth
· Warface· Ynis Vitrin
· Skyforger· Wednesday 13
· Gaza· Blood Tsunami
· Lost Eden· Omnium Gatherum
· Cruachan· Grenouer
· Mendeed· Satariel
· Five Finger Death Punch· Malevolent Creation
· Ensiferum· Echoes of Eternity
· Spheric Universe Experience· Night Ranger
· Distorted· Alkemyst
· Bilocate· Pop Evil
· Witchfinder General· The Lamp of Thoth
· Trinacria· Bible Of The Devil
· Sin· Faded Hope
· My Dying Bride· DC4
· Uli Jon Roth