A Look at Metal Producer Andy Sneap
2/27/2014 2:25:34 PM by Greg Watson

Chances are good that if you are a fan of metal, the name Andy Sneap is one that is vastly familiar to you. Sneap has been one of the biggest metal producer names bantered about in the last ten years. He has produced albums for the genre's trend setters and current hot bands. From the beginning, his sound has possessed a quality matched by no one. He has the ability to make every instrument, including vocals, shine on their own and blend together seemelssly. Sneap has an added bonus in that he played with a band early on--Sabbat--and is still a member of Hell. His natural ear for music allows him to look for sounds and qualities of the music that only a musician would be able to obtain. That is what seems to endear him to so many old school and new bands--his ability to relate and work with them to get the sound they want....

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Hate Eternal In Flames
The Great Deceiver White Skull
Regurgitate Symphorce
Norma Jean Overkill
Circle II Circle Usurper
Steel Attack Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Ravage Firewind
Wizard Valley's Eve
Cage Led Zeppelin
Agony Divine Morbid Angel
Beautiful Creatures Thunderstone
Drillpoint Edguy
Defiled Project: Failing Flesh
Secret Sphere Iron Savior
Force Of Evil Death Angel
Drowning Pool Celesty
downBleed UFO
David Shankle Group Nova Lex
Brutal Mastication Hatework
Estuary Devil In The Kitchen
Fireaxe Bonfire
Skeletonwitch Saxon
Final Dawn Beaten Back To Pure
Aina Division
Marshall Law The Project Hate
Haunted By Angels The Lizards
Overlorde Angra
Sonata Arctica Scenteria
Maze Of Torment Seige of Hate
Hibria Desire Black
Darkthrone Argument Soul
Stormwarrior Bleed The Sky
Frantic Bleep Strapping Young Lad
Slumber Nightrage
Raging Speedhorn Python
Sothis God Among Insects
Communic Darkane
Nuse Killing Spree
Thor Widow
Resurrecturis Wetwork
Holy Blood Edenbridge
Iron Maidens A Lower Deep
The Scourger Octavia Sperati
Loits Crystal Fate
Forever Slave Third Degree
Vinterriket Ghost Machinery
Even X Cryogen
Chain Collector Celebratum
Gorefest Vanquished
Decapitated Vader
From This Day End My Sorrow
Southern Black Sand Cardinale
Thyrane Dissection
Valhalla Manngard
Hirax Sun Descends
Dawn of Azazel Royal Hunt
Cult of Luna Fragments of Unbecoming
Smohalla Destruction
Space Odyssey Psycroptic
Sahg Skid Row
Vicious Rumors Woodtemple
Hurt The Ruins of Beverast
Death Breath Pump
Thy Majestie Amputated
Zoroaster Teeth of the Hydra
Obtest Lordi
Audrey Horne Extium
Kotipelto Steve Cone
Urkraft Madking Ludwig
Zyklon Grenouer
Nagelfar Divine Empire
Since the Day Wuthering Heights
Throneum Funeral
Sworn Enemy Architect
Himsa Pathosray
Averse Sefira Orthodox
Rosetta Demonic Symphony
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Godhead Intolerant
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