Maximum Metal Welcomes Skullbone!
2/21/2014 6:46:19 AM by Eric

We have a new staff writer on board starting this week. Skullbone has been kind enough to contribute some reviews and photos to our site. This Finnish resident does some great camera work and he hopes to share some photos with us this summer. Skullbone plans on attending a few metal shows and festivals this season and will contribute "Road Reports" to us.

Skullbone also runs a couple of sites as well. You can see his photography portfolio at Fowler Photography (http://tfowler.wix.com/fowler-photography).

His metal site is Skullbanger (www.skullbanger.net) where he covers albums, concerts, movies and games.

Welcome aboard Skullbone!

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Hate Eternal In Flames
Into Eternity Slipknot
BloodDuster Misery Index
Mondo Generator Deceased
Twisted Tower Dire Dirty Power
Godsmack Vaginal Carnage
Widowmaker Valley's Eve
Evolution Shakra
Saint SelfInflicted
Paragon Fireball Ministry
Mourning Beloveth King Diamond
Crystal Eyes Rob Rock
Secret Sphere Neverland
Mother Misery TNA
Superchrist Cryonic Temple
Riot Freakhouse
Cans Edge Of Forever
Gamma Ray Iron Angel
Dimmu Borgir Feinstein
Ungodly Unleashed
After Forever Imp
Occult Unearth
Medusa Scavenger
Marshall Law Mine
The Lizards Overlorde
Blind Guardian Made of Iron
Seventh One The 7 Method
John Oliva's Pain Mercenary
Motley Crue Cradle To Grave
Image Belef
Impaled Veni Domine
Maze Of Torment Korpiklaani
Hibria Mechanical Poet
Suidakra Ravensthorn
Severe Torture Boomerang
Axis Of Perdition Magica
Chastain Raintime
Throes of Dawn Shade Empire
Def Leppard Green Carnation
Disbelief Sothis
Voyager Supagroup
Frameless Scar Thor
Resurrecturis Nuclear Assault
Loits Mercyful Fate
Black Majesty Monster Magnet
Dirty Americans Blood Thirsty Demons
Penetrator Third Degree
Damnation Balatonizer
Asrai Skullshifter
Detonation Early Man
Enforsaken Thryfing
Witchery Thyrane
The Berzerker Leviathan/Sapthuran
Viron Cataract
Dream Or Nightmare Hirax
The Sword Dreams of Damnation
TK-421 Ensoph
Suzukiton Amon Amarth
Psycroptic Agalloch
I Wednesday 13
Enochian Crescent Myon
Semargl Mastodon
Satyricon Lordi
Winger Middian
Kotipelto Lecherous Nocturne
Phazm Twisted Into Form
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr Madking Ludwig
White Willow Almah
Satariel Passion
Hacride Wuthering Heights
Kruger Architect
Himsa Hellveto
Depressed Mode Ensiferum
Cockpit Gutted With Broken Glass
Deceiver Mortiis
Armory Moonshine
Hacksaw Surgery The Lamp of Thoth
Bible Of The Devil Iron Fire
End of Man Cursed
Ihsahn Caliban