Maximum Metal Welcomes Skullbone!
2/21/2014 6:46:19 AM by Eric

We have a new staff writer on board starting this week. Skullbone has been kind enough to contribute some reviews and photos to our site. This Finnish resident does some great camera work and he hopes to share some photos with us this summer. Skullbone plans on attending a few metal shows and festivals this season and will contribute "Road Reports" to us.

Skullbone also runs a couple of sites as well. You can see his photography portfolio at Fowler Photography (http://tfowler.wix.com/fowler-photography).

His metal site is Skullbanger (www.skullbanger.net) where he covers albums, concerts, movies and games.

Welcome aboard Skullbone!

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The Kovenant The Great Deceiver
Big Dumb Face Immolation
Tiamat Perzonal War
Skullview Celestial Ode
Helloween Warhorse
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Manowar
Angel Dust Abigor
Dr. Butcher Alchemy X
Brainstorm Goat Horn
Saint Biomechanical
Curriculum Mortis Morbid Angel
Rage King Diamond
Axenstar Attacker
Hypocrisy Out of the Lair
Secret Sphere TNA
Death Angel Drowning Pool
Cryonic Temple Celesty
Construcdead Evanescence
Bang The Union Metalium
Highlord Hatework
Acrid Krokus
Ungodly Black Destiny
Wintersun Nashville Pussy
Annihilator Valume Nob
House of Shakira The Lizards
Mirror of Deception Jackyl
Angra Sonata Arctica
Milkweed Emerald Sun
Image Rottweiller
Belef Veni Domine
Soilwork Labyrinth
Hibria Soulscar
Marduk Bleed The Sky
Omegalord Drunkard
Soul SirkUS Ramesses
Babylon Hatesphere
Ivory Knight Rudra
Raging Speedhorn Astarte
Goddess Of Desire Prowler Inc.
The Father Panic Riot Orchestra Killing Spree
Cannon Fates Warning
Devil Lee Rot Sheavy
Holy Blood A Lower Deep
Loits Redemption
Dragonia Dirty Americans
The Firstborn Barcode
Arthemis The Absence
Balatonizer Ram-Zet
Asrai Bronx Casket Company
Zero Down The Tenth Circle
Motorhead Sodom
Nobody's Fool End My Sorrow
Pile of Heads Hell-Born
Steep Clawfinger
The Ocean The Smackdown
Imagika Speed/Kill/Hate
The Strongest Proof Royal Hunt
Smohalla Destruction
Swashbuckle Mouth of the Architect
Semargl Twinball
Urkraft Phazm
Twisted Into Form Hardcore Superstar
Southern Gentleman Onslaught
Terry Sullivan Throne of Katarsis
Dream Theater Mindgrinder
Old Man's Child Merciless Death
Cattle Decapitation White Willow
Chrome Division Textures
Spit Like This Nominon
Since the Day Trenchfoot
Malevolent Creation David Galas
Throneum JR Ewing
Fight Hell N' Diesel
Frosthardr Mass Extinction
Ride The Sky Trivium
Pop Evil Kreator
Godhead Medieval Steel
Mar De Grises Kiuas
Luna Mortis Ihsahn
Something Beautiful Sotajumala
Dark Castle