Staff Year End Awards for 2013!
1/17/2014 1:40:48 PM by Frank

One of our favorite columns to do! Our yearly roundup of Favorites, Disappointments, and whatever category we feel like making up!

We've gathered up our thoughts on the hard rock/metal releases of 2013 and though you might not agree with our choices, we're getting the names of bands out. There are so many tremendous releases put out in this age of DIY metal that you may see names you missed, older bands you forgot existed or unknowns to look up and try out. If you see something you liked for one guy's picks, check out his others and keep supporting hard rock and metal!

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Cathedral Hate Eternal
LA Guns Lost Horizon
Opeth The Great Deceiver
Children Of Bodom White Skull
Big Dumb Face Karaboudjan
Misery Index Mondo Generator
Dokken Anthrax
Twelfth Gate Machine Head
Kataklysm Seven Witches
Helloween Overkill
Godsmack Vaginal Carnage
Vyndykator Led Zeppelin
October 31 Pyn Siren
Ion Vein Dragonforce
Sevendust Morbid Angel
Kilfast Victory
Duke Eidolon
Pink Cream 69 Edguy
Primal Fear Secret Sphere
Dew Scented Dreamaker
Neverland Force Of Evil
Soil TNA
Node Black Stone Cherry
Cryonic Temple Celesty
Ebony Ark Deep Purple
Graveland Amityville Whore
Icon And The Black Roses Zaius
Juggernott Fabrizio Bonanno
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Destructor
Mob Rules Bonfire
Rhapsody of Fire Shadows Fall
Dio Tearabyte
Medusa Negative Creeps
Mirror of Deception Jackyl
Dark Tranquillity Fifth Cross
Paradise Lost Crowbar
Motley Crue Cradle To Grave
Audiovision Rottweiller
Soilwork Astral Doors
Shatterpoint Desire Black
Mystic Prophecy Cemetary
Kaamos Freedom Call
Novembers Doom Bleed The Sky
Kryoburn Operatika
Ignitor Callenish Circle
Fastkill Pro-Pain
Mirador Sentenced
Secrets She Kept Evemaster
Prowler Inc. Supagroup
The Father Panic Riot Orchestra Thor
Resurrecturis Wetwork
Edenbridge Octavia Sperati
To The Bone Illuminatus
Before The Dawn Dirty Americans
Winterfell Overloaded
Barcode Twilight
Third Degree Shattersphere
Running Wild Thrones
Cryogen God Forbid
Vanquished Craft
Mental Care Foundation Thryfing
Across Tundras Cardinale
286 Dissection
The Ocean Phoenix Mourning
Down Factor Nicodemus
Abysmal Dawn Spawn of Possession
Jotunspor Dendura
Warface Agalloch
Fleshgore Shadows Within
Hurt Death Breath
Myon Wastefall
Semargl The Showdown
Fu Manchu Lost Eden
Terry Sullivan Lord Belial
Madking Ludwig Dezperadoz
Gotthard Spit Like This
Katrina Johansson Rob Zombie
Ulcerate Destynation
Night Ranger Gutted With Broken Glass
Straight Line Stitch Virgin Black
Medieval Steel Papa Roach
Nasty Idols Sotajumala
Sister Sin