New Music in our YouTube Channel!
12/18/2013 2:50:24 PM by Frank

It's been a while but our YouTube channel has some all new videos!

EC went through some newer releases and added a bunch recently--classic bands Iced Earth, Annihilator, and Stryper...neck-snapping thrash from Deficiency and Havok...the death touch of Carcass...power rock from Primitai and plenty of hard rock. Just click the YT icon at the top of the screen to view them all and more!

. Stryper - No More Hell To Pay
. Iced Earth - Plagues Of Babylon
. Redlight King - Born To Rise
. Primitai - Scream When You See Us
. Calabrese - Born With A Scorpion's Touch
. Annihilator - No Way Out
. Deficiency - Unfinished
. Havok - Give Me Liberty...Or Give Me Death
. Carcass - Captive Bolt Pistol
. Baby Snakes - Judgement Day
. Bobaflex - Bad Man
. Hatchet - Signals Of Infection
. Vengeance - Back To Square One
. Shadowmind - Yodo
. I See Stars - Murder Mitten

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Cathedral The Haunted
Vehemence Grave
White Skull Big Dumb Face
Carpathian Forest Karaboudjan
Disturbed Stratovarius
Goatwhore Celestial Ode
Godsmack Circle II Circle
Seether Majesty
Ravage Manowar
Vyndykator Johnny Lokke
The Chainsaw Ion Vein
Tungsten Evolution
Evanesce Duke
Savatage Mnemic
Attacker Krisiun
Slayer Project: Failing Flesh
Brides of Destruction Fear Factory
Node Superchrist
Construcdead Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Freakhouse Madison Paige
Amityville Whore David Shankle Group
Icon And The Black Roses Velvet Revolver
Lonewolf Zaius
Judas Priest Joe Stump
Destructor Krokus
Fireaxe Images of Eden
Lullacry I.C.E.
Internal Bleeding Mine
Overlorde Mirror of Deception
Made of Iron The 7 Method
Angra Avenue F
Tristania Creed
Crowbar Divine Fire
Belef Sabaton
Shatterpoint Vicious Circle
Strikelight Soulscar
Suidakra John Sykes
Samael Argument Soul
Stormwarrior Severe Torture
Oathean Omegalord
Drunkard Magica
Soul SirkUS Chastain
Thunderblast System Of A Down
Ramesses Impiety
Shade Empire Defleshed
Mirador Sothis
Subterranean Masquerade Circus Maximus
Voyager Evemaster
Supagroup Leaves Eyes
Gaia The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
Holy Blood Agents Of The Sun
Lake Of Tears V:28
Evergrey Casus Belli
Algol3 Vinterriket
Damnation Thrones
Avulsed Chain Collector
Mastermind Zero Down
Torture Killer Khold
Vanquished Machina
Nobody's Fool Witchery
Intronaut Nightmare
Cryptopsy Nicodemus
Stormcrow Abysmal Dawn
Spawn of Possession Cult of Luna
Jotunspor Space Odyssey
Hydrogyn Sahg
Time Requiem Woodtemple
Skyforger Rotting Christ
Eyes of Ligeia Cult of Daath
Obtest Cheva
Darkness Eternal Middian
Twisted Into Form Blood Tsunami
Omnium Gatherum Throne of Katarsis
Zyklon Cattle Decapitation
White Wizzard Satariel
Mithras Nation Beyond
Himsa Night Ranger
Dantesco Bilocate
The Obsessed Burzum
Vulture Industries Virgin Black
Uriah Heep Bible Of The Devil
The More I See Papa Roach
Faded Hope Sotajumala
DC4 Raven
Uli Jon Roth Sister Sin
Dark Castle