New Music in our YouTube Channel!
12/18/2013 2:50:24 PM by Frank

It's been a while but our YouTube channel has some all new videos!

EC went through some newer releases and added a bunch recently--classic bands Iced Earth, Annihilator, and Stryper...neck-snapping thrash from Deficiency and Havok...the death touch of Carcass...power rock from Primitai and plenty of hard rock. Just click the YT icon at the top of the screen to view them all and more!

. Stryper - No More Hell To Pay
. Iced Earth - Plagues Of Babylon
. Redlight King - Born To Rise
. Primitai - Scream When You See Us
. Calabrese - Born With A Scorpion's Touch
. Annihilator - No Way Out
. Deficiency - Unfinished
. Havok - Give Me Liberty...Or Give Me Death
. Carcass - Captive Bolt Pistol
. Baby Snakes - Judgement Day
. Bobaflex - Bad Man
. Hatchet - Signals Of Infection
. Vengeance - Back To Square One
. Shadowmind - Yodo
. I See Stars - Murder Mitten

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The Kovenant White Skull
Vicious Mary Grave Digger
Stratovarius Cradle of Filth
Twisted Tower Dire Seven Witches
Seether Usurper
Steel Attack Legend
Angel Dust Valley's Eve
Alchemy X Exawatt
Black Sabbath Curriculum Mortis
Runemagick Evanesce
Savatage Thunderstone
Whitesnake Edguy
Krisiun Fraise
Body Count Doro
Dew Scented F5
Volbeat TNA
Celesty Exodus
Babylon Mystery Orchestra W.A.S.P.
Epica David Shankle Group
U.D.O. Marillion
De Lirium's Order Destructor
Acrid Joe Lynn Turner
Fireaxe Insomnium
Chapter VIII Bonfire
Vox Tempus Unleashed
Medusa Theocracy
Megadeth Chris Caffery
Jamie. St. James Mine
The Project Hate Arch Enemy
Haunted By Angels Acheron
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tsjuder
Cryme Twisted Sister
Triumph Milkweed
Kinetic Paradise Lost
Gods Of Fire Tarot
Darkthrone Marduk
Boomerang Bleed The Sky
Drunkard Kryoburn
Thunderblast Hatesphere
Blind Stare Dark Funeral
Unchained Nuse
Sebastian Bach Love Forsaken
Illuminatus Dirty Americans
Blood Thirsty Demons Overloaded
1349 Ewigkeit
Damnation Mistress
Crystal Ball Infliction
Asrai Midnight Idols
Zero Down Beecher
Machina From This Day
Sodom Nobody's Fool
Across Tundras Powerglove
The Berzerker Degree Absolute
The Ocean Valhalla
Ampast Vreid
Speed/Kill/Hate Dreams of Damnation
Apiary Non-Human Level
Black Crucifixion Smohalla
Destruction Swashbuckle
Hydrogyn Nachtmystium
War Within Skid Row
Warface Pump
Belphegor The Finals
Obtest Audrey Horne
Panzerchrist Darkness Eternal
Celtic Frost Urkraft
Gaza Handful of Hate
Hardcore Superstar Lord Belial
White Willow Passion
Pantera Nominon
Keep of Kalessin Destynation
Heresi Mass Extinction
Dantesco Glenn Hughes
Shining Star Cockpit
Burzum Armory
Intolerant Celestia
The More I See Sin
Luna Mortis Coffins
Battleroar Mustasch
Suffocation Dark Castle