New Esoteric, Velnias Road Report
11/1/2013 3:37:07 PM by Etiam

A full quarter of 2013 may be left, but there's already no doubt which concert of the year will have been best suited to its weather: after September 28th at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago, that award unequivocally goes to Esoteric, Velnias, and Saturnalia Temple. Chill winds swept in bracingly from Lake Michigan, the waning crescent moon was obscured by clouds full of stinging rain, a congregation gathered deep into the night, and the first rites began only during the witching hour. In other words: a stormy night, doors opening at 11:30 PM, and the warm-up acts only starting at midnight. Downright gloomy.

For all three bands the tour began out on the West Coast at the Stella Natura Festival in California—a three-day quasi-mystical bacchanal of neo-folk, experimental, gothic, black, doom, and dark metals set in the untrammeled expanse of Tahoe National Forest. Once it was through, each band packaged up some of that mysticism along with their rigs and brought it along to the Midwest.

Link: [Full Road Report]

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