New Interview with the "Space Lord"--Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet!
10/18/2013 3:29:32 PM by Kim Thore

"Influences are weird and aren't always welcome...I'm a fan of what is considered really bad music because it's so gloriously horrible, you know? There's that...I hope I don't ride off the rails too much but that's an example of how influences can be. Kind of like me walking around saying, "have you ever listened to Rick Wakeman's, "Journey to the Center of the Earth" it's like this overplayed album of Prog rock and excellently played but overall awful and it's in my head and I can't get rid of it, so I write it.

But modern influences? It could be anything from Rihanna to the 13th Floor Elevators to Tori Amos, Brian Eno. There are so many great songs, not just artists but songs. I mean that's what makes music so great because there is this big pool for you to dive in. For your enjoyment, your personal inspiration, for lift, stealing, you can steal it (laughing)...There's almost no control on what influences me until that record button is pushed. It's always a matter of omission--I move this influence out so this one can come forward. In that respect it's the most fun in the world, it seems to me to be never ending. Musically, there's stuff that made me happy as a kid—chords—there's a set of chords that everybody has in their brain that makes them go "ahhh huh huh"- There's the kind of stuff that makes you horny, makes you sad, it's amazing--music really is human magic."

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