Back in the Saddle Again!
10/7/2013 1:33:58 PM by Frank

After a server crash and backup corruption, we were down for about a solid week. Some of you probably didn't even notice! Fortunately, all the site files--features, reviews, interviews, galleries--are back up and in their comfy places.

Unfortunately, ALL emails I had saved were lost--hundreds of promo requests from labels, bands, managers, etc.; saved correspondence with industry folk...all gone into the ether like a misfiring transporter. But, one week down in ten years is a pretty good track run, so all I can do is sing "That's life!" and build back up from here. Lesson to be had: Always keep a local copy of your website.

Look for new reviews, a write-up on Jason Becker, show reviews on Anathema, Esoteric, Katatonia and Cult of Luna, and an interview with Monster Magnet soon!

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Bathory Cathedral
Hate Eternal Mudvayne
Steel Prophet Tiamat
Deceased Anthrax
Circle II Circle Ring of Fire
Vaginal Carnage Advent
Powergod Led Zeppelin
Paragon Runemagick
Steel Preacher Malstrom
Rob Rock Duke
Drillpoint Hypocrisy
Pink Cream 69 Whitesnake
Edguy Primal Fear
Deivos Three Inches of Blood
TNA Drowning Pool
Killik Cryonic Temple
Scala Mercalli Leash Law
Deep Purple David Shankle Group
Icon And The Black Roses Skyfire
Edge Of Forever Gamma Ray
Metalium Highlord
Gary Moore Cyst
Ungodly Joey Belladonna
Vox Tempus Unleashed
Lilitu Images of Eden
Nashville Pussy Otep
Katagory V Annihilator
Scavenger Marshall Law
Slowlife Dark Ruin
Incantation Haunted By Angels
Anger Seventh One
Tristania Of Infinity
Code Black Motley Crue
Bloody Sign The New Breed
Audiovision Crionics
Seige of Hate Labyrinth
Vicious Circle Strikelight
Soulscar Nevermore
Backyard Babies Crimson Moonlight
Chaoswave Boomerang
Frantic Bleep Soul SirkUS
Ignitor Biss
Rudra Brand New Sin
Dark Funeral Unchained
Gemini 5 Frameless Scar
Fates Warning Devil Lee Rot
Resurrecturis Loits
Peccatum Redemption
Eternal Reign Russell Allen
Dirty Americans Savage Circus
Balatonizer Dechrist
Doomfoxx Vile
Wolfmother Absu
End of Level Boss Enforsaken
Totalisti Across Tundras
Intronaut Thyrane
Firehouse Phoenix Mourning
The Smashup Dream Or Nightmare
The Sword Non-Human Level
Black Crucifixion Suzukiton
Hydrogyn Nachtmystium
Amon Amarth Sahg
Skid Row From the Grave
Pretty Maids Enochian Crescent
Wastefall Thy Majestie
Eyes of Ligeia Lupara
Escape The Fate Deicide
Phazm Blood Tsunami
Threat Signal Dream Theater
Manticore Crescent Shield
Mithras Trenchfoot
Glorior Belli The Wonderfools
Ensiferum Pathosray
Diamond Dogs Distorted
I Shalt Become Cockpit
Deceiver Trivium
Alestorm Coffins
Uli Jon Roth