Made in Japan 5 - Crossfaith!
7/23/2013 5:23:26 PM by Greg Watson

Even though I'm not as familiar with Japan's underground metal scene as our other writer Grim Gaijin is, I have stumbled across a few Japanese bands that I feel don't get the due publicity that they deserve. One of those bands is Osaka based Crossfaith.

Melding Slipknot style riffs with a bit of dubstep and dance music similar to The Prodigy, Crossfaith delivers jaw dropping metalcore with precision and power. Vocalist Kenta Koie has honed his voice and his stage presence is second to none. I had heard this band was one of the best live bands out there so I looked up a few videos on YouTube and I was in awe. The band has a new release coming out in September here in the States called "Apocalyze", and is currently on the Vans Warped Tour.

To catch a glimpse of what sorts of madness you are in store for seeing this band live, I've included a video of their song "Monolith", which is my favorite song of theirs by far, from their stint on the Warped Tour this year. Those of you metal heads that aren't familiar with this group, you need to check them out and give them a listen. They are an amazing band and you won't be sorry you checked these guys out! -- \m/ ChaosLord

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