Metal Releases with "13/Thirteen"
6/29/2013 4:45:49 PM by Eric

Pioneers Black Sabbath just released their comeback album "13". The title is rather simplistic in nature and references the thirteenth studio album from the English act tied into the ominous superstition of the number (triskaidekaphobia). It is interesting how many times thirteen is referenced in metal. It seems to be the chosen gimmick right now much like "Resurrection" was saturated in metal in the late 90s.

I've taken the liberty of just noting a few of the bigger metal references to the number 13 or the word thirteen below...

•  Megadeth – "Th1rt3en" (their thirteenth album)

•  Anvil – "This Is Thirteen" (their thirteenth album)

•  Suicidal Tendencies - "13" (their ninth album)

•  Danzig – "Thirteen" (appeared on Danzig's sixth album, covered by Johnny Cash)

•  Overkill - "Killbox 13"

•  Deceased – "The Thirteen Frightened Souls" (their second album)

•  Mercyful Fate – "Thirteen Invitations" (appeared on 1991's "In The Shadows" album)

•  Six Feet Under - "13" is the sixth studio album by death metal band SFU.

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