New Interview with Whitesnake and Dio Axe Legend Doug Aldrich!
5/31/2013 6:12:51 PM by Kim Thore

Doug Aldrich of: Whitesnake, Dio, Hurricane, Burning Rain, Lion, House of Lords, Bad Moon Rising

Axeman extraordinaire. Veritable Virtuoso. Flaxen haired guitar God. The adjectives are many but the owner is the one and only Doug Aldrich.

Tapped by legendary front men like Dio and Coverdale, Aldrich has shared the world stage with some of rock's biggest legends while creating his own fairytale simultaneously. Picking up a guitar at age 11 proved to be a pivotal point that would launch an enviable career in Los Angeles just seven years later...and Aldrich hasn't stopped since. We recently had the chance to pull Doug Aldrich out of the studio in Lake Tahoe to talk about his career and his new release with Burning Rain--"Epic Obsession" proving that the best years are ahead and we've got what you need. --Strutter

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