Blind Guardian: Unboxing of Collectors Set: "A Travelers Guide To Space And Time"
5/17/2013 6:37:19 PM by Eric

Most metal ilk have deemed Blind Guardian iconic as purveyors of power metal authority. The band have been running and ruling the sub-genre for three decades with the sales to prove it. The Germans have firmly stayed intact with Virgin Records and/or Century Media for their entire career and have enjoyed success worldwide. With that being said the obligatory box set was sure to rear its head at some point.

If you are one of those avid collectors then "A Travelers Guide To Space And Time" is your shrine of worship. This is a collection of the Blind Guardian career thus far minus the last two albums. It's fifteen discs of power metal overload, packaged in prestige crisp fantasy art with a book chronicling the band's story thus far. The price of $200 will deter casual fans but this thing is built for the mop headed collectors and with that clientele it's a must.

This outer box is about the size of a record and compares to Zeppelin's "crop circle" box from the 90s. Inside is a glossy book about the same size as the outer box with same artwork as the outer shell. The book is about thirty pages or so and is loaded with photos of the band's career and a synopsis of different eras of their output. A Blind Guardian guitar pick is included as well in the top layer. Under the book is a "lithograph" styled piece of exclusive fantasy artwork which mirrors the same overall medieval theme the band has utilized throughout their lifespan. On this lithograph is a "typed number" showing what number your box set is out of 8,000.

The reason you own this is the discs and there are a ton of them here. In four square recessed holders are stacks of digital goodness. Fifteen discs housed in thirteen digipaks. We get every album from "Battalions of Fear" through "Night At The Opera" remastered with some live recordings and an album of demos and unreleased tracks. Interesting enough is the full version of "Nightfall In Middle Earth" complete with all of the interludes and spoken word drama as well as a "special edition" version that has the interludes removed.

Overall this is grand eye candy and a collectors dream. Who knew this German speed metal band from the early 90s would excite and influence a sub-genre of metal to the extremes we've seen in the last two decades. This box set not only provides a companion piece to the band's marvelous work but also a retrospective history that champions Blind Guardian as a pioneer and innovator. Somewhere far beyond indeed.

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Bathory Immolation
Disturbed Perzonal War
Grave Digger Impellitteri
Cradle of Filth December
Machine Head Kataklysm
Commit Suicide Helloween
Seether Usurper
Vaginal Carnage Manowar
Cage Alchemy X
Vyndykator Conquest
Johnny Lokke Saint
Catch 22 Biomechanical
Sevendust The Graveyard Boulevard
Morbid Angel Victory
Sludge! Sinergy
Thunderstone Attacker
Pharaoh Fairyland
Three Inches of Blood TNA
Killik Cryonic Temple
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Bang The Union
Freakhouse Outworld
Donnerkopf Gamma Ray
U.D.O. Cyst
Joe Stump Chapter VIII
Ungodly Goatsnake
Lilitu Saxon
Rhapsody of Fire Final Dawn
Annihilator Tartharia
Mine The Project Hate
Arch Enemy Haunted By Angels
Within Temptation Silent Force
The Lizards Agnostic Front
The 7 Method Sonata Arctica
John Oliva's Pain Feared Creation
Paradise Lost Scenteria
Entombed Miles Beyond
Blood Red Throne Carbomb
Cemetary Omegalord
Axis Of Perdition Drunkard
Gizmachi Babylon
Nightrage Communic
Sentenced Nuse
Frameless Scar Cannon
Havochate Agents Of The Sun
Octavia Sperati To The Bone
Loits Orphaned Land
Dirty Americans Penetrator
Overloaded Casus Belli
Paths Of Possession Dechrist
Akercocke Crystal Ball
Ram-Zet Vile
Wolfmother Celebratum
Torture Killer Gorefest
Absu Pile of Heads
Naked Beggars Tandjent
Blackmore's Night Vore
Manngard 8th Sin
Apiary Spawn of Possession
Cult of Luna Jotunspor
Destruction Warface
I Wednesday 13
Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers Anata
Belphegor Enochian Crescent
Amputated Biolich
Obtest Audrey Horne
Darkness Eternal Middian
Phazm Stonegard
Throne of Katarsis Static-X
Merciless Death Divine Empire
Throneum Nation Beyond
Mongrel Distorted
Alkemyst Rosetta
Mortiis Aetherius Obscuritas
Witchfinder General Vulture Industries
Intolerant Mar De Grises
Iron Fire Kiuas
Caliban Giant Squid