New Review and Interview with Earthrise!
5/10/2013 3:53:54 PM by David L

I was lucky to find you guys on Bandcamp one night...with today's DIY approach to releasing music, do you feel you have an advantage over bands say 20 years ago?

Tom: Bandcamp (http://www.earthrisemn.bandcamp.com) is an incredible tool for bands, especially ones who are just starting out. We owe a lot of our success to that site, and the wide array of people it has allowed us to reach. We have reached more people than we ever expected by having our album available for free. Or, if you're a really kind, attractive, and intelligent person, the price of your choosing!

The music industry is a vastly different place than it was 20 years ago. You weren't able to teleport music electronically across the globe. People had to have it in a physical format, or hear it on the radio. That definitely limits the ease of access people have to finding out about your band compared to today. The internet has gotten so fast and so immense that now we can have any album we want in a matter of seconds. Shows and events can be promoted to thousands of people through a wide variety of social media. The outlets to get your name out there are endless these days.

Is this necessarily an advantage? That's debatable for a lot of reasons. As amazing as the internet is, it has also created a giant sea of music that is pretty daunting. This means you have to work extra hard to make your name and music stand out. Attention spans nowadays are extremely thin. Marketing your band strategically has become even more important if you hope to break through and be discovered in the mountain of bands that exist.

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